Mitt Romney Caught Lying on Individual Mandate: Video Disaster

Aside from the overall, Cloward-Piven-style run-up of the national debt, this has only been the biggest, most inflammatory issue of the Obama regime, to date. So, why should it be important now, in choosing a Republican challenger, silly?

Why not nominate a GOP candidate who not only instituted the essence of Obamacare in his own state, but then pushed for Obama to do the same fool thing nationally – and then after that, denied it, so Rep. Joe Wilson could just as loudly shout, “You lie!” to him and take the focus off Obama!

On MSNBC tonight (Monday, 3/5) Lawrence O’Donnell showed two video spiels by Mitt Romney:

  1. Romney during a presidential debate, ridiculing Obama for doing the Romneycare individual mandate nationally. In it, he said he would never have suggested this be done. He was being quite derisive about it, Mitt-style.
  2. Romney on Meet the Press in 2009, confidently hawking… the Romneycare individual mandate, for Obama to use.

Clearly, this must be fleshed out immediately, to give Republican primary and caucus voters a chance to see Romney’s Smeagol-like deceit while there is still time for us to prevent his nomination.


For further viewing, the following is one of two three instances of Romney pitching the individual mandate nationally, including the one shown by O’Donnell, featured at, “Mitt Romney Suggested Three Times In 2009 That Obama Imitate Romneycare.


Two of these videos were linked by Erick Erickson at on March 3, in “Further Proof Romney Supported a National Individual Mandate In 2009.” Erickson’s summary ended, “…skipping the diplomatic phrasing of some, Mitt Romney lies each time he says he never supported a national individual mandate.”


More , habitual, tactical lies:

Edit: Fuller presentation of Romney’s June 28, 2009 interview on Meet the Press, in which he endorses Wyden-Bennett and its national, individual health insurance mandate, essentially demand side collectivism.

 Permission granted to copy with backlink.

h/t: @Jenevalynne, Deb Lynne Stephansen



  1. We the People demand a full scale investigation on The Presidents eligability requirement. Let Petition2Congress send a letter to your elected Senators and Representatives for you.

  2. 2009 Romney glad to hear Obama copying RomneyCare

    2009: Romney begs Obama: Embrace the Individual Mandate

    Romney: “I am big believer in getting money where the money is. The money is in Washington.”

  3. I can’t believe how many Americans are eating this guy up . . . do people not want to learn the truth or are they just happy being ignorant?

  4. You all best be careful with Laurence O’Donnell,

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