See a Cheney, Romney, etc. Globalist Sheepherding Fundraiser? Give Elsewhere!

UPDATE Saturday, June 21: Just got I believe my eighth email from this bastardized, Cheney-tainted operation thus so very beaconing, “False Flag CFR-style neo-con Globalist… False Flag CFR-style neo-con Globalist….” What was it he told his counterpart, Patrick Leahy, of the left side of the complex, to go do to himself? Mr. Cheney, examine your own priorities.


Cheney-ad(June 19, 2014, 1:38pm) Have you seen this in your email? I’ve gotten maybe five of them in the last couple days. The one by former Director of the Council on Foreign Relations (and they call it “Director” for a reason) and Rockefeller sidekick, Dick Cheney?

I’ve also gotten an National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) email allegedly by the infamous Mr. “#RNCrulesgrab,” 2012’s grand globalist RINO himself, Mitt Romney.

Now that Tea Party hating Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell has won his Kentucky primary and there are huge calamities in the Obama administration for all the world to see, look for the FKA-Illumanati’s shape shifters and false shepherds of the “right,” to come out of the woodwork.

They want America to lead an increasingly one-world state, Star-Trek-style, which is really Tower-of-Babel-style. Such people have been dealt blows by the term “Rockefeller Republican,” (actually euphemistic) and have become much more elaborate in efforts to appear as conservatives, whatever that means anymore. It sort of depends on what one wants to conserve, now doesn’t it? The founders’ full intents? Or playing some of them grandly, in order to subvert purposeful Americans into preserving what such deceivers wish to preserve, as they continue to re-shape our nation and others virtually out of their very nationhoods? (I know, I know, Mitt Romney wasn’t adept at that posing at all and had to resort he felt, to lying about his own record.)

They believe that once you give them your dollars, they have your mind and heart.

Such fundraising is our cue to give to those legitimate organizations that would instead reinstill our truly empowered popular sovereignty under none other than God, Himself, with state and national sovereignty to guard it — and allow the same for other nations.

And ‘merica… “Stay out de Bushes!” too!

I may update this post or even create a storify about this subject. In the meantime, I invite readers to the “tags” beneath this article in Gulag Bound. Mr. Cheney is addressed extensively here: “Dick Cheney’s Demeaning of Sarah Palin, ‘Adequately Explained.’

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