The Romney Rig: Remember the Maine Caucuses

We have dealt with the overwhelming money thrown into TV (and radio) psyops advertising for Mitt Romney, enough to give him the Republican superficial bloc vote and then some.

We have shown where the money comes from, for this apparent Quisling for Agenda 21 tyranny and the “global governance” into which central banksters and their neo-Marxist minions invest, for their gain.

We have even repeatedly shown George Soros giving Mitt Romney his implicit approval.

Numerous times, we have recalled the Obama campaign’s caucus rigging in 2008.

Now we show by the events of Maine Caucuses: as with Obama in 2008, so with Romney in 2012.

Video, “The 2012 Election Is Being Rigged

h/t: Michael Fawkes

And now we have more and more “conservative” talking-head pundits and the Tea Party’s imposed big money shepherds (e.g., Matt Kibbe) – also Glenn Beck and accomplices – giving Romney cover when they should be exposing him.

Many are driven by fear of another Obama term, but to what end?

To the end of America?

Romney is the GOP complement in the political duopoly run by the power of mammon. And it seems likely he is both the Wall Street foil of the upcoming revolt and the Quisling sell-out to central bankster globalists, after America’s economy collapses.

After all, America will be “too big to fail,” without the mega-bailout and the strings attached, played to the tune of the loss of our sovereignty.

And all our freedoms lay upon Sovereignty, as individuals before God and as a nation.

Not Romney. Not this Winter. Not this Spring. Not this Summer. Not this Fall.


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