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‘Global Governance 2025’ by US & EU Intelligence Agencies

Edit, June 11, 2013: It has just come to our attention that this document is no longer available at the site. We have stored it here and suggest the reader and researcher download it for safe keeping. Further, we are looking into this CIA document, found during the search for the prior, "Proposal for the Creation of a World Congress for Freedom and Democracy." (Note the appealing language, "for Freedom and … [Read more...]

Captain Jim Wilmeth: A New Breed of Constitutional Law Enforcers

Although I and many others wish that it had always been so, if Captain Jim Wilmeth is any indication of the current state of local law enforcement, We-the-People are in good hands.  During a recent conversation with Captain Wilmeth, he expressed to me what he called a growing nationwide movement within many Sheriff’s departments; a movement away from viewing citizens and merely ‘potential lawbreakers’ and back toward … [Read more...]

New Black Panther Civil Rights Panel to Reconvene

Breaking From PJTV: Bombshell: Defying DOJ Instructions, Christopher Coates Will Testify Friday on New Black Panther Case Told by the Department of Justice to ignore a subpoena from the Civil Rights Commission, former Voting Section Chief Coates has instead chosen to comply. His testimony Friday morning is likely to be incredibly damaging to DOJ leadership and the Obama administration. (Click here to read … [Read more...]

The Failed State Strategy for ‘Progressive’ America – Musing ‘Dems Sabotage…’ in the Washington Times

That 56-43 vote on Tuesday's Defense Authorization Bill troubled me.  Four votes down, the senate Democrats must have known this motion for cloture would not succeed.  And if so, they would have essentially intended it to fail, by loading it with all its perverse, non-defense provisions: adding taxpayer funded abortion on military bases to its nightmarish DREAM proposal, to repeal of  "don't ask, don't tell."  So … [Read more...]

Update: Reports Indicate Two Meetings in Succession, re: “The Muslim Organizer Obama Just Went to Hear at ‘Church'”

Update: According to Scott Baker, of The Blaze, citing a Chicago Sun-Times report by Lynn Sweet, Obama left this church before Ziad Asali spoke.  That does not tell the entire story.  It does not indicate that the presence of one had nothing to do with that of the other, nor that they did not choose this time and place for a planned visit. Furthermore, such a rare blessing of an Obama visitation to St. John's … [Read more...]

Call to Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion & DREAM – the Senate is to Vote 2:15pm ET – Updated

From The Freedomist, this morning: Defense Spending Bill To Allow Tax-Payer Funded Abortion... Barack Obama and the culture of death he supports in Congress is attempting to insert language into the Defense Spending Bill that will allow tax dollars to pay for abortions on military bases.  The language comes in the form of an amendment slipped into the Defense Spending Bill at the dead of the night by the … [Read more...]

Chris Coons, Senate Candidate (DE-D): How a Marxist Is Created

Candidate background on Chris Coons follows, culled from a May 2010 article in Politico by Alex Isenstadt, "Coons Took 'Bearded Marxist' Turn": An article Democrat Chris Coons wrote for his college newspaper may not go over so well in corporation-friendly Delaware, where he already faces an uphill battle for Vice President Joe Biden’s old Senate seat. The title? “Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded … [Read more...]

Republicans Raise Money for Gay Agenda

--- Palin says she wanted to talk to The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. However, “from the beginning, Nicolle pushed for Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News.” For some reason, Palin went on to say, “Nicolle seemed compelled to get me on the Katie bandwagon.” --- The civil war in the Republican Party takes another turn on Wednesday night when Sarah Palin basher Nicolle Wallace lends her name to a fundraiser … [Read more...]

Dabbling into Witchcraft (& Manufacturing Marxist Revolution) in the White House, Updated

Dabble, dabble... Marxist babble... demolish the country... to rubble and rabble.... Remember Barack Obama's mother in law? (link) (link) Remember Hillary Clinton and her personal seances? (link) Apparently, with familiar spirits and the persona of Eleanor Roosevelt? (link) If you're into more dabbling, you can see "Great Dabblers Throughout History," from Doug Ross. E.g.: Then again, it could be said that … [Read more...]

Third of Three in Pravda on Constitution & Documentation vs. Obama

Sam Sewell's Pravda Online trilogy is now complete with "What We Know  for Sure that Makes AKA Obama Ineligible." From it, here is the "Catch-22" that undercuts the arguments in favor of his eligibility: 10. PAY ATTENTION TO THIS NEXT QUOTED PARAGRAPH: "Don't be distracted by the birth certificate and Indonesian issues. They are irrelevant to Senator Obama's ineligibility to be President. Since Barack Obama's … [Read more...]

Obama’s Documentation Problem Makes Pravda Online

The issue that will not go away.  From Pravda Online, by Sam Sewell, in two articles: "AKA Obama fans: All together now – say OMG!!" and "No evidence of Hawaiian birth for AKA Obama. What about Kenya?" Mr. Sewell, also of his blog, The Steady Drip, relating information collated in The Obama File: There is a long list of vulnerability points for leaks, and there is a story behind every one of them. This list … [Read more...]

Dueling Demonstrations: Socialist Rally in DC 10/2 vs. Restoring Honor

Listen to this column online The progressive world was shocked by the throngs of people who gathered at the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28 in response to Glenn Beck's call to attend his "Restoring Honor" rally. Crowd estimates ranged from 87,000 to more than 500,000, which liberal media talking heads discounted as little more than the number of tourists in Washington on any given day. Across town, Rev. Al Sharpton … [Read more...]

Fan The Fire with CJ and Tallulah ~ Phil Berg Rally~ Usama Dakdok Revealing The Truth about Obama

09/18/10 Show Times 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm ET 11:00 pm to 1:00 am ET Call-in (347) 215-6929 Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States has an invitation for you: This is an invitation to all ‘Tea Party’ individuals to join with him … [Read more...]

Why an Assassination Attempt Goes Unreported – Casey Brezik

On Tuesday of this week, 22 year-old Casey Brezik waited in the computer lab of Penn Valley Community College in Kansa City where Missouri governor, Jay Nixon, was scheduled to speak. At some point, as various dignitaries gathered outside the lab, an anxious Brezik, wearing black clothes and a bullet-proof vest, bolted out of the lab, knife in hand. Brezik approached Associate Vice Chancellor Tom Vansaghi, a … [Read more...]

Obama and Minions call Constitutionalists ‘Extremists’ and ‘Crazy’

So,  [Murkowski] came out viciously against the people who elected Miller and called the TEA Party “an outside extremist group.”  Guess she meant outside of Europe or the old USSR. Taking the lead from other despotic totalitarian leaders, their lackeys and adherents, The Obama and his minions have launched an all-out battle campaign against any--the majority of us--Americans (soon to be known and “Obama-ians” if … [Read more...]

Field Trips to Mosques and Toys Praising Allah

What will it take for America to wake-up? The Marxstream media is not reporting what is going on in America and paints anyone who speaks against Islam as Islamaphobic. It is up to us to make the truth known to even those who do not want to hear it. I believe some will change their minds when they are shown the covert attacks on our children. This is a war for the hearts and minds of our most valued treasure. We must … [Read more...]

Happy Constitution Day?

Well, it is Constitution Day. Here's Henry Lamb on the subject: Celebrate Constitution Day September 4, 2010, 12:03pm By Henry Lamb Leave a Comment (Edit) Listen to this column online On Sept. 17, 1787, the Constitution Convention meeting in Philadelphia adopted the greatest document on self-governance ever written: the Constitution for the United States of America. For the first time in history, … [Read more...]

Obama Endorses Global Taxes on Eve of U.N. Summit

In a classic case of misdirection, while the media are preoccupied with the fate of the Bush tax cuts, President Obama is preparing to attend a United Nations summit next week to endorse “innovative finance mechanisms”—global taxes—to drain even more wealth out of the U.S. economy. A draft “outcome document” produced in advance of the September 20-22 U.N. Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) commits … [Read more...]

What D’Souza Doesn’t Get Quite Right

Dinesh D’Souza has long been one of America’s shrewdest and bravest political observers. His much discussed Forbes article, “How Obama Thinks,” a prelude to his forthcoming book, The Roots of Obama's Rage, burnishes that reputation. Indeed, Newt Gingrich describes D’Souza’s thesis as the “most profound insight I have read in the last six years about Barack Obama.” In the article, D’Souza argues that President … [Read more...]

Casa de Maryland: How to Use Tax Dollars to Skirt Immigration Laws

Tuesday, September 14th is primary day here in Maryland. Campaign signs litter roadways and volunteers greet commuters as they idle at traffic lights in Prince George’s County. One hot button issue that should be on the mind of Maryland voters is immigration. As the number of illegal immigrants continue to rise in Maryland and the economy further spirals downward, voters in Maryland face tough … [Read more...]

James Simpson’s Original Cloward-Piven Article Series

Visit James' DC Independent Examiner site, to see the list The Complete Manufactured Crisis Series Provided below are links to the series on the Cloward-Piven Strategy of Manufactured Crisis. These articles span three years and provide a wealth of information regarding how the Left have used this strategy and how it is being implemented today by the Obama administration. These articles were used as the basis … [Read more...]

Obama & Co Speeding its Implementation of Collapsing America

Maintaining his corrupt policy of “say one thing to the American people and then do the opposite,” Dictator-in-Chief Obama remains true to his primary mission--collapse and destroy the USA and her people. Applying the directives of Saul Alinsky, the Cloward-Piven Strategy and--of course--Karl Marx, Obama and his merry band of demolishers are working feverishly to destroy the USA before a potentially new and more … [Read more...]

Progressive Politics and Marxist Class Warfare

With Andrew Young’s book, The Politician, now out in paperback, it doesn’t cost as much to get an inside account of how “progressive” politics involving rhetoric about the rich and poor is an absolute fraud. The current White House-generated controversy about tax cuts “for the rich” is an extension of what former Democratic senator and failed presidential candidate John Edwards had tried to master. It is one of the … [Read more...]

Investigating Obama & Holder’s Unequal Voting Rights Enforcement over New Black Panthers: Inspector General Glenn Fine

From Document drop: Breaking: DOJ Inspector General will investigate Obama Voting Rights Record By Michelle Malkin  •  September 13, 2010 04:27 PM Just obtained this letter from Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine to members of Congress informing them that he will open up a review of the Obama administration’s selective enforcement of civil rights laws by the Voting Section … [Read more...]

Jack Cashill on the Radio

From the inbox: I'm filling in for Chris Stigall this Tuesday AM, 5-9 (Central), 710 KCMO. Will also be filling in for Kobach most Sundays before election.  If you have a topic let me know. Wherever you are, listen Live to KCMO 710 Talk Radio in Kansas City! : Jack … [Read more...]

Red Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters is a far left Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing the 35th district of California. In the news recently over allegations of corruption, Maxine Waters, if the media was doing its job, should be equally well known for her socialist connections. Waters has consistently attempted to present herself as a mainstream politician. However the facts tell a different … [Read more...]

Interview with Author and Journalist Erik Rush

Recently AIM talked to Erik Rush about his controversial new book, Negrophilia. It was Erik Rush whose work put Jeremiah Wright, President Obama’s pastor of 20 years, into the forefront of media debate during the 2008 Presidential elections. Erik writes for WorldNetDaily, along with other print and online publications, and is the author of four books. Erik was born in New York, the first child of a white father … [Read more...]

Alert: Livable Communities Act (SB 1619) – Agenda 21 Authoritarianism Down our Throats?

Gulag Bound will be sounding this out.  If you have further information, please comment below, or email to From Personal Liberty Digest Social Engineering Bill In Senate Will Force You Into City September 10, 2010 by Bob Livingston A social engineering bill to restrict residence in the suburbs and rural areas and force Americans into city centers has passed the United States … [Read more...]

Attacks on Americanist Citizen Journalists & Whistleblowers Continue: Aaron Proctor

From Philadelphis Libertarian Examiner and net-radio host, Aaron Proctor AGAS: An International Scam in your Backyard September 9th, 2010 9:28 am ET There's an international scam running out of the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. At the non-descript corner of Tioga & Salmon Sts., leasing warehouse space, is a company known as AGAS Manufacturing. This writer was part of that scam for the past 16 … [Read more...]

Five Half-Honest Americans on the Supreme Court? Will they Ever Put Out for The Sovereign People?

Conservative Examiner, Anthony Martin thinks they might. Sources Say Smackdown of Obama by Supreme Court may be Inevitable July 9th, 2010 2:03 pm ET According to sources who watch the inner workings of the federal government, a smackdown of Barack Obama by the U.S. Supreme Court may be inevitable. Ever since Obama assumed the office of President, critics have hammered him on a number of … [Read more...]