Attacks on Americanist Citizen Journalists & Whistleblowers Continue: Aaron Proctor

From Philadelphis Libertarian Examiner and net-radio host, Aaron Proctor

AGAS: An International Scam in your Backyard

September 9th, 2010 9:28 am ET

There’s an international scam running out of the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. At the non-descript corner of Tioga & Salmon Sts., leasing warehouse space, is a company known as AGAS Manufacturing. This writer was part of that scam for the past 16 months until being fired yesterday under questionable and perhaps even wrongful circumstances.

Let’s explain who AGAS is and what they do, first. AGAS Manufacturing, specializing in custom flags, banners, streamers and other promotional products as well as US flags, is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. This normally wouldn’t be a problem with most people who read these articles but the problem is that they pretend to have offices and “plants” all over the US. Account managers there are instructed by the management in Tel Aviv to not mention that the company isn’t located in US.

AGAS also manufactures most of its products in China and Vietnam, ships it to the United States, and puts everything into boxes that allude to being manufactured in the United States. Again, account managers – the few that there are State-side – are instructed to not mention this at all costs, although there is more leeway on the international manufacturing than there is given on mentions of Israel.

AGAS also maintains an attitude that Americans are stupid and know less than their Middle Eastern counterparts and, therefore, are easily fooled. At one point, this writer had taken the management to task for being so dishonest to customers. This writer was then given a week off, told it was paid, and then not paid for that week. When this writer made noise about that, this writer was dismissed from his duties – not because of this – but due to the higher-ups in Israel “finding out about ‘The Aaron Proctor Show‘” and “upsetting a Muslim employee” in the Tel Aviv office with “your anti-Muslim views” pertaining to the Mosque at Ground Zero.

Having no longer any financial ties to this firm, it is very much apparent that the public be informed what is going on here.

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