The 4 America-Betraying Treaties Obama is Poised to Sign

Gulag Bulletin 4/29/2012: See the Sovereignty Campaign, Exploratory Committee (@SovCam) for a new initiative to protect our national sovereignty by vetting candidates for the US Sentate and House of Representatives. Nice Deb Republished with thanks, by permission, from February, 3, 2012 Could Obama really be on the verge of making our worst conspiracy theory nightmares about a “new world order” come … [Read more...]

Feds Say Global Governance at ‘Critical Juncture’

Listen to this column online Pundits and politicians who giggle and point fingers at people who dare refer to global governance display their ignorance, or their duplicity. The U.S. National Intelligence Council, and the European Union's Institute for Security Studies has just released a report called: Global Governance 2025: At a Critical Juncture. This 82-page document discusses quite openly the current … [Read more...]

‘Global Governance 2025’ by US & EU Intelligence Agencies

Edit, June 11, 2013: It has just come to our attention that this document is no longer available at the site. We have stored it here and suggest the reader and researcher download it for safe keeping. Further, we are looking into this CIA document, found during the search for the prior, "Proposal for the Creation of a World Congress for Freedom and Democracy." (Note the appealing language, "for Freedom and … [Read more...]