The Reasonableness of Bill O’Reilly

NoisyRoom I tuned into Fox News this morning just in time to catch Bill O'Reilly calling the Tea Party and Constitutional Conservatives "unreasonable" for not striking a compromise with the Left over the debt ceiling. Really Bill? You really want to go there, fine... Let's dance. How is it 'unreasonable' to want to Cut, Cap and Balance? You say you are for reducing our debt and lowering the income tax … [Read more...]

Your Call to Action on Federal Budget

New 7/21 -- See Jim's fuller article on this subject: Gang of Six Budget Plan Shows Nothing but GOP Stupidity   7/20/2011, 10:45am Here is where you can have a huge impact. Two minutes of your time today, MAX! Call Senator Mitch McConnell’s office and tell him you are adamantly opposed to the “Gang of Six” deficit “reduction” plan. It contains huge hidden taxes and as usual with things like this, … [Read more...]

Dems Continue to Pound Final Nails into USA Coffin

In the last few days of the lame duck Congress--sadly the duck isn’t even the slightest bit lame--with the assistance of a few RINOs the US Marxist/Leninist Democrats is destroying as much left of the once great United States of America as it can. The repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”--so that Gays can serve as openly-gay in the US military--was passed with the help of 8 RINOs, including consistent Marxist/Democrat … [Read more...]

‘Corrupt Bastards!’ & CNN: Lisa Murkowski Says Alaska Republicans Can’t Count on Her to be with Them

From CNN's Dana Bash via her Twitter account, @danabashcnn Woah. Lisa murkowski just made really clear to our drew griffin in alaska republicans can't count on her to be w them. ...via ÜberTwitter h/t: CedarDave, youngin Meanwhile, GOP U.S. Senate candidate, Joe Miller features a captured audio track on his site, where local a CBS reporting team discusses ways that he and his supporters may be smeared: … [Read more...]

Baseball, Politics & the New Team in Teaparty Town

The Home Run As the fast approaching World’s Series of American politics looms less than a month away, Sharon Angle has hit one out of the park and the Teaparty home town fans rise as one body to cheer! Angle said: The Republicans have lost their standards, they’ve lost their principles.... Really that’s why the machine in the Republican Party is fighting against me.... They have never really gone along with … [Read more...]

Republicans Raise Money for Gay Agenda

--- Palin says she wanted to talk to The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. However, “from the beginning, Nicolle pushed for Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News.” For some reason, Palin went on to say, “Nicolle seemed compelled to get me on the Katie bandwagon.” --- The civil war in the Republican Party takes another turn on Wednesday night when Sarah Palin basher Nicolle Wallace lends her name to a fundraiser … [Read more...]

Obama and Minions call Constitutionalists ‘Extremists’ and ‘Crazy’

So,  [Murkowski] came out viciously against the people who elected Miller and called the TEA Party “an outside extremist group.”  Guess she meant outside of Europe or the old USSR. Taking the lead from other despotic totalitarian leaders, their lackeys and adherents, The Obama and his minions have launched an all-out battle campaign against any--the majority of us--Americans (soon to be known and “Obama-ians” if … [Read more...]