Dabbling into Witchcraft (& Manufacturing Marxist Revolution) in the White House, Updated

Dabble, dabble… Marxist babble… demolish the country… to rubble and rabble….

Remember Barack Obama’s mother in law? (link) (link)

Remember Hillary Clinton and her personal seances? (link) Apparently, with familiar spirits and the persona of Eleanor Roosevelt? (link)

If you’re into more dabbling, you can see “Great Dabblers Throughout History,” from Doug Ross. E.g.:

Then again, it could be said that intentionally destroying America’s economy and culture, by the plans of Alinsky, Cloward-Piven, Frank Marshall Davis, etc.  could be, as Tweeters are saying, #WorseThanWitchcraft.

See James Simpson’s original Manufactured Crisis, Cloward-Piven articles, for more on that.  (Don’t just hear about it from more famous people on talk radio and Fox News, and the authors of books, who draw from his hard and excellent work, without demonstrating the intellectual integrity of properly citing their source.)

Evening Update: Bill O’Reilly to Juan Williams: “Who ya gonna vote for? I’d rather have the witch than the Marxist!” #worsethanwitchcraft #IMGB

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