Americans’ Net Worth Drops 40% in 3 Years; Soros & Strong’s ‘Velvet Revolution’ in Process

1. The article in the Washington Post with excerpt: Fed: Americans’ wealth dropped 40 percent The biggest drops occurred among middle-income Americans, whose wealth was inextricably linked to the housing market boom and bust. 2. The goal as expressed at the 1992 Rio Summit for Agenda 21 by Maurice Strong, funded in turn by Edmund Leopold de Rothschild: Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized … [Read more...]

Global Currency Pushed by Marxist Bankster, Stiglitz; Warned of by Ron Paul

Updated with different Ron Paul video than first published on 1/15/2012, also very telling. (The first video became unavailable.) Two videos, one by a snake, the other by a snake hunter. From April during the 2011 Bankster Spring INET and IMF planning sessions, Joseph Stiglitz is interviewed by anti-American, Russia Today: Video, "Joseph Stiglitz slams US dollar" Ron Paul describes the plan to use the … [Read more...]

George Soros: ‘Isn’t… much Difference,’ Romney vs. Obama

Updated below January 28, 2012 George Soros: "If it's between Obama and Romney there isn't all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them." Video, "There isn't a bit of Difference Between Romney And Obama" uploaded 1/27/2012  This should be "all anyone needs to know," as a reminder to do one's civic duty, to make sure Mitt Romney does not become United States … [Read more...]

Worship the Cash Cow Do We?

Tea Party "leaders" always pull their followers' faces to the focus of spending, debt, and taxes... spending, debt, and taxes... spending, debt, and taxes.... But is money really the biggest political and social problem in America, right now? Has it been, really? What if we reduced government spending and balanced the budget every year, and still continued to give away our Popular Sovereignty, while selling … [Read more...]

How Many Reports of Imminent Economic Collapse Would We Like to Have?

Have you caught any analyses lately, indicating that America is soon likely to suffer severely from worldwide economic insolvency? An insolvency fomented by vast, monstrous, and interwoven layers of debt to a very corrupt (nonantisemitic term coming) cabal of superwealthy, extremely manipulative, and one would have to say, evil not very nice, central bankers? You may find some of these communiqués below, … [Read more...]

Eco-Scam & the United Nations; A Twenty Year Old Video Warning

This clip is being circulated lately and we are also finding a home for it in the Gulag.  Why?  Because some twenty years ago, it describes the kind of scenario that were are nearing, now. "Eco-Scam Clip, circa 1990, United Nations & the Rich Men of the Earth" Do you remember the massive, unprecedented scale of criminality of in the attempt to generate the Chicago Climate Exchange, just one year ago?  Do you … [Read more...]

Obama: The Rights of the Many Denied by the Tyranny of the Few

While We-the-People of this formerly-and-to-be-again great nation every once in awhile need to take a break and a few hours rest from our mission of saving our country and defeating the enemies already firmly planted within our gates, Obama & Co continue legislation and executive fiats designed to destroy it.  Disastrously, evil never sleeps. Since the 2010 elections, Obama & Co have actually picked up the … [Read more...]

William Daley: Another Fannie Mae Cabalist

The following is from Gulag Bound does not generally post items from political parties.  We do however, post information on those who participate in the "Cloward-Piven" insurrection, bent on destroying the authentic, prosperous, and free America, in what the Gulag is now calling the failed state strategy. G u l a g   B o u n d Obama Continues To Recruit From Pool Of Failed Fannie Mae … [Read more...]

Obama Won’t Run… His Work Is Done

by Joan Swirsky . The drivel the media are blathering about Obama’s 2012 race for reelection is absolute baloney! All those talking heads and print [so-called] journalists should be ashamed of themselves for prattling on about this unserious subject while studiously avoiding the urgent issues that threaten the very life of our country. These are issues that a maniacal Nancy Pelosi, as House Minority Leader in … [Read more...]

Ulsterman Update: Is Barack Obama ‘Losing it?’ (And what is ‘it?’)

UPDATE FROM ULSTERMAN VIA ANTHONY MARTIN: 11/17/10 Breaking...Deep Throat Warns Reporter of Danger Ahead Zilch.  Nada.  Naught.  Nothing.   So far this is all we are getting from the mainstream media on the explosive news of a monumental scandal at the Holder Department of Justice involving the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, abject racism, and a blatant cover-up by the Obama … [Read more...]

Quantitative Easing Explained

11/11/2010 video, "Quantitative Easing Explained" for our perspective, see categories and tag h/t: btrim Epilogue: "Secret Walmart Survey Shows Inflation Already Here" Complete article appears at CNBC . … [Read more...]

The Fed’s ‘War on Wealth’ and the Risk of Default

Charles Ortel, managing director of Newport Value Partners, tells Accuracy in Media in an exclusive interview that the Federal Reserve plan to buy $600 billion of U.S. Government securities “borders on the criminal” because the impact will be the devaluation of the dollar by 20 percent and the destruction of $10 trillion of household net worth. “Any potential benefit to GDP and incomes [from the Fed’s action] … [Read more...]

The Failed State Strategy for ‘Progressive’ America – Musing ‘Dems Sabotage…’ in the Washington Times

That 56-43 vote on Tuesday's Defense Authorization Bill troubled me.  Four votes down, the senate Democrats must have known this motion for cloture would not succeed.  And if so, they would have essentially intended it to fail, by loading it with all its perverse, non-defense provisions: adding taxpayer funded abortion on military bases to its nightmarish DREAM proposal, to repeal of  "don't ask, don't tell."  So … [Read more...]

Dabbling into Witchcraft (& Manufacturing Marxist Revolution) in the White House, Updated

Dabble, dabble... Marxist babble... demolish the country... to rubble and rabble.... Remember Barack Obama's mother in law? (link) (link) Remember Hillary Clinton and her personal seances? (link) Apparently, with familiar spirits and the persona of Eleanor Roosevelt? (link) If you're into more dabbling, you can see "Great Dabblers Throughout History," from Doug Ross. E.g.: Then again, it could be said that … [Read more...]