Obama & Co Speeding its Implementation of Collapsing America

From the Sept. 2008 article "Barack Obama & the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis," by James Simpson

Maintaining his corrupt policy of “say one thing to the American people and then do the opposite,” Dictator-in-Chief Obama remains true to his primary mission–collapse and destroy the USA and her people. Applying the directives of Saul Alinsky, the Cloward-Piven Strategy and–of course–Karl Marx, Obama and his merry band of demolishers are working feverishly to destroy the USA before a potentially new and more conservative-run House of Representatives takes the majority.

As a review of the anti-American people programs The Obama has already implemented, we have:

1. ObamaCare that collapses the US healthcare system. Despite the majority of the American people’s protests against it, Obama smiled and said he and his Marxist Dems don’t care what We-the-People think–as we are no longer important or necessary to their arrogant and increasingly demonic purpose. While laughing at us, Obama signed his suppressive anti-human bill. Note: After well over a year of lying about its reducing healthcare costs, ObamaCare is already forcing them to go up. And they will go up exponentially, as Obama & Co implements its plan for government to completely take over from private insurers; effectively forcing them out of the marketplace–entirely.

2. Knowing that his planned-to-collapse-energy-in-the-USA via Cap & Trade (aka Cap & Tax or “The American Clean Energy and Security Act” or “the pollution reduction bill”) is extremely unpopular with the American people, the tyrant Obama has already hedged his bets by giving power to his EPA to control companies carbon emissions. Note: One way or another, Obama plans to win his war against We-the-People of the United States of America.

3. Although not yet an absolute reality, the Obama’s plan to collapse the US Constitution’s First Amendment is well on its way to being approved by the currently almost completely corrupt US Congress. The “Internet kill switch” bill is designed to provide Dictator-in-Chief Obama with total control of the USA’s Internet and will allow him total censorship of opposition viewpoints.

4. On his way to completely collapsing the now wide-open-to-anyone Southern border, Obama’s now wholly-controlled ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) announced that it will no longer prosecute or deport illegals. Note: This, of course, will give The Obama and the Democrats a huge new voting bloc of illegals. He has effectively provided Amnesty without having to go through a pesky Congress and has, again, smilingly thwarted We-the-People.

5. Collapsing the economy, the US free market system and the US middle class by destroying its jobs (which Alinsky said would have to be done in this way) is actually the Crown Jewel of the Obama regime’s accomplishments, thus far. And The Obama, his masters and minions are justifiably proud of themselves! In less than two years in office, Obama has almost destroyed our entire country. Note: In several of my columns before The Obama “won” the leadership position of the USA, I warned it wouldn’t take him long. I also warned that he would not leave the White House willingly–even if voted out. We will have to wait and see on that one. I hope I’m wrong.

6. The collapse of any morality by the Obama’s bypassing US law and not only allowing embryonic stem cell research in the USA but, funding abortions abroad is occurring with a chilling regularity. Note: Obama’s stance is clearly and firmly anti-human life.

The above are only a few of what I believe to be the most egregious of the Obama programs. Each and every day, The Obama is working to collapse more of this country’s Republic, while saying he is “saving” it. Does this remind anyone of Taqiyya–the Islamic practice of routinely lying to “infidels?” Note: He may not be a Muslim, but he seems to use some of their methods quite well.

Please remember in November that election fraud will be at its highest in US history to date. Remember in November that the ObamaThugs will be out in force to intimidate non-Democrat voters. Remember in November that all Marxists (Democrats AND RINOs) and anti-US Republic candidates are on their way out. Remember in November that We-the-People MUST turn out to vote in numbers never before seen in our country. But, most of all, remember on 2 November 2010 that this is the date We-the-People begin to take back our country.

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