Republicans Raise Money for Gay Agenda

— Palin says she wanted to talk to The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. However, “from the beginning, Nicolle pushed for Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News.” For some reason, Palin went on to say, “Nicolle seemed compelled to get me on the Katie bandwagon.” —

The civil war in the Republican Party takes another turn on Wednesday night when Sarah Palin basher Nicolle Wallace lends her name to a fundraiser for a pro-homosexual group called American Foundation for Equal Rights. Wallace, an adviser to the 2008 McCain for President campaign, figures prominently in Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue, as someone determined to get her on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric so that she could be sandbagged by the left-wing anchorwoman.

American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) supports the “right” of a homosexual judge in California to unilaterally overturn the state’s ban on homosexual marriage.

Meanwhile, with Senator John McCain adamantly opposed, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has scheduled a vote Tuesday on legislation to repeal the 1993 law against open homosexuals serving in the military. Repeal has already passed the House.

Palin, whose selection as the vice presidential nominee gave McCain some hope of winning the 2008 presidential election, has since been actively supporting conservatives for public office who believe in traditional values. She even campaigned for McCain in the Arizona Republican Senate primary.

Nicolle Wallace, fm. Reid Report blog

The emergence of former McCain aide Nicolle Wallace in the pro-gay movement has raised questions about whether Palin’s charges against her, made in her best-selling book, were true.

Palin’s sabotage accusations, a subject of some controversy when her book came out, seem to find confirmation in the fact that Nicolle Wallace and her husband Mark are among the liberal Republicans listed as sponsors of a September 22 “cocktail reception” to raise money for the pro-gay organization.

The Palin book had called the Katie Couric interview a trap and she blamed Wallace for the debacle and questioned Wallace’s Republican credentials. Wallace, who insisted that Palin’s charges against her were false, had been a CBS political analyst after serving in the Bush-Cheney White House as an associate of Karl Rove. She has recently been promoting a novel, Eighteen Acres, about a White House sex scandal.

But the real-life scandal seems to be how many secret homosexuals and homosexual sympathizers have assumed positions of prominence in the Republican Party. In this regard, it is noteworthy that the heads of Republican congressional campaign committees, Senator John Cornyn and Rep. Pete Sessions, are scheduled to attend a national fundraising dinner of the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans on the same night, September 22.

Grover Norquist at CPAC, 2/2010

The Log Cabin group, which filed suit against the Pentagon’s homosexual exclusion policy and advocates its repeal, has issued a statement hailing the participation of Cornyn and Sessions in their event. They are also giving an award to Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform.

Nicolle Wallace’s emergence on behalf of the gay rights cause is significant in view of her Republican credentials. Her bio says that, in addition to being a senior adviser to the McCain-Palin campaign from May to November 2008, “She served President George W. Bush as an assistant to the president and director of communications for the White House, as well as communications director for President Bush’s 2004 campaign.”

The hosts of the gay rights fundraiser she supports include hedge fund managers and Republican financial contributors Paul Singer and Peter Thiel. A billionaire, Thiel is a homosexual activist who co-founded the PayPal company and has links to libertarian think tanks such as the Cato Institute.

Thiel runs Clarium Capital Management, a $2 billion hedge fund, and Singer runs Elliott Management, a $17 billion hedge fund. Both are members of the powerful Managed Funds Association that also includes George Soros.

Ken Mehlman, fm. Lazy Circles blog

Another host is former Republican chairman Kenneth B. Mehlman, the Bush campaign manager in 2004 who recently admitted being a secret homosexual during the time he worked for the party. Publicly, Mehlman had lied, insisting he wasn’t a homosexual.

But the event is hardly a Republicans-only affair. Other sponsors include John Podesta, former Clinton chief of staff and president of the George Soros-funded Center for American Progress, and Democratic Party strategist Steve Elmendorf.

The co-chairs of AFER are Podesta and Robert A. Levy, chairman of the Cato Institute.

While Karl Rove is not listed as a sponsor of the homosexual fundraiser, his criticism of Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is seen by some conservatives as based largely on her strong stand in favor of pro-family policies and not any personal problems she may have had in her distant past. A staunch Catholic, O’Donnell accepts church teachings about sexuality and opposes gay rights.

GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell & former White House adviser Karl Rove (Credit... CBS)

Palin, who supported O’Donnell, reveals in her book that during the 2008 campaign she discussed homosexual issues with the McCain advisers and made it clear that she opposed gay marriage. After McCain went down to defeat, McCain senior campaign adviser Steve Schmidt gave a speech to the Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual group, endorsing gay marriage. Schmidt was a close associate of Karl Rove and his name also appears on the list of AFER sponsors.

In her book, Palin says that Wallace convinced her to do the interview with Couric by claiming that “Katie really needed a career boost” and that Palin could provide it by sitting down for an interview. “Katie really likes you,” Wallace told Palin. “She’s a working mom and admires you as a working mom. She has teenage daughters like you. She just relates to you.”

Palin says she wanted to talk to The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. However, “from the beginning, Nicolle pushed for Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News.” For some reason, Palin went on to say, “Nicolle seemed compelled to get me on the Katie bandwagon.”

Palin writes that Wallace had a “peculiar” attitude and “didn’t have much to say that was positive” about working for a Republican president.

This could very well be explained by the fact that Wallace and other liberal Republicans were secretly opposed to the Bush campaign stance in favor of traditional marriage between a man and a woman. Bush’s re-election in 2004 has frequently been attributed to his stand in favor of marriage between a man and a woman and the fact that pro-traditional marriage amendments were on the ballots in 11 states and helped increase turnout for the Republican ticket.

Earlier this year, however, Bush’s wife Laura said she now accepts gay marriage.

Other sponsors of the gay rights fundraiser include Fox News contributor Margaret Hoover; Mary Cheney, the lesbian daughter of former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney; and Benjamin Ginsberg, who served as national counsel to the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign.

Speaking for conservatives, Rep. Mike Pence told the Values Voter Summit in Washington over the weekend that Republicans should continue to oppose the homosexual agenda.

On the issue of a strong national defense, he said, “It means defending those who defend us from being used to advance a liberal domestic agenda. For our soldiers, their families, for readiness, recruitment and unit cohesion, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell must remain the policy of the United States Armed Forces.”

He said, “Finally, a vision for a better America must recognize that our present crisis is not merely economic and political, but moral in nature…We will not restore this nation with public policy alone. It will require public virtue, and that emanates from the traditional institutions of our nation—life, family and religion.

“Now I know some say that Republicans should stay away from such issues this year—that the American people are focused on jobs and spending and our movement would do well to stand aside, bank the win and return to fight after this fiscal and economic crisis has passed.

“But we do not live in a world where an American leader can just focus on our financial ledger. A political party that would govern this great nation must be able to handle more than one issue at a time. We must focus on our fiscal crisis and support our troops. We must work to create jobs and protect innocent human life, defend traditional marriage and secure religious liberty.

“To those who say that marriage is not relevant to our budget crisis, I say, ‘you would not be able to print enough money in a thousand years to pay for the government you would need if the traditional family continues to collapse.’”

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