Call to Stop Taxpayer Funded Abortion & DREAM – the Senate is to Vote 2:15pm ET – Updated

From The Freedomist, this morning:

Defense Spending Bill To Allow Tax-Payer Funded Abortion…

Barack Obama and the culture of death he supports in Congress is attempting to insert language into the Defense Spending Bill that will allow tax dollars to pay for abortions on military bases.  The language comes in the form of an amendment slipped into the Defense Spending Bill at the dead of the night by the progressive proponents of abortion.  This amendment will allow ‘prepaid’ abortions to occur on U.S. Military Bases.  There is no way around the fact that this amendment would allow for the further use of American tax dollars to fund the murder of the unborn.


Contact your U.S. Senators through this link.

Original DI 6:00am CT, Tallulah Starr: Sneaky Sen. Harry Reid, (NV-D) has scheduled a 2:15pm ET vote for DREAM, ironically attached like an undocumented alien to America’s Defense Spending Bill (Orwellian “doublethink” in action). In short, the bill, now amendment, is another attempt at back door amnesty at a time when Americans are overwhelmingly against any increased spending.

If passed, DREAM  will force an unbelievable financial burden on states already collapsing under the weight of out-of-control social programs—and create educational and social entitlements for illegals up to the age of 35.

Call your Senators and tell them “No.” While you’re at it, call them all!

Eric Odom has provided a list of Senators, including their DC and district phone numbers. Check the list and call:

Don’t let this bill pass!

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