The Phony Right-Wing, Part 5: James Richard ‘Rick’ Perry

A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.
– Bertrand de Jouvenel des Ursins
, usually known only as Bertrand de Jouvenel (31 October 1903,
Paris – 1 March 1987) was a French philosopher, political economist, and futurist.

G u l a g    B o u n d

Video, “Gov. Rick Perry’s amazing speech to RLC 2011” at

James Richard “Rick” Perry assumed the governorship of Texas in 2000 when he took over from George W. Bush, who resigned to take the oath of office of President.  He holds all records for Texas gubernatorial tenure.   Perry has the distinction of being the only governor in modern Texas history to have appointed at least one person to every possible state office, board, or commission position which requires gubernatorial appointment (as well as to several elected offices to which the governor can appoint someone to fill an unexpired term, such as six of the nine current members of the Texas Supreme Court).

Perry was born in 1950 in West Texas to rancher parents. His father was a Democrat on the school board of Haskell County and was also a commissioner.  Rick Perry graduated in 1972 from Texas A & M with a degree in animal science.  After graduation, he was commissioned in the United States Air Force, completed pilot training and flew C-130 tactical airlift in the United States, the Middle East, and Europe until 1977. He left the Air Force with the rank of captain, returned to Texas and went into business farming cotton with his father.  Sounds good so far, doesn’t he?

Perry said that his interest in politics probably began in November 1961, when his father took him to the funeral of Sam Rayburn, (Mr. Democrat) who during his long public career served as speaker of the Texas House and the U.S. House of Representatives.   In 1984, Perry was elected to the Texas House of Representatives as a Democrat from a district that included his home county of Haskell.  He served three two-year terms in office. He befriended fellow freshman state representative Lena Guerrero of Austin, a staunch liberal Democrat who endorsed Perry’s reelection bid in 2006 on personal, rather than philosophical grounds.

Perry supported Al Gore in the 1988 Democratic presidential primaries and was chairman of the Gore campaign in Texas.  In 1989, Perry announced he was joining the Republican Party.  Perry is a member of the National Governors Association (NGA).  Bill Clinton is the only member of the NGA who ever became president of the United States.

The Bilderberg Conference

In 2007, Rick Perry attended the Istanbul, Turkey Bilderberg Conference. Link Link In “What You Don’t Know about the Bilderberg Group,” by Thierry Meyssan, he states, “The Bilderberg Group is a creation of NATO. It aims to influence key leaders on a global scale and through them, to manipulate public opinion to get it to embrace the ideas and actions of the Northern Atlantic Alliance.” Link The Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, and Council on Foreign Relations, along with many other organizations are the groups implementing the New World Order.

Tort Reform

As Governor, Perry supported tort reform to limit malpractice lawsuits against doctors, and as lieutenant governor he had tried and failed to limit class action awards and allowing plaintiffs to allocate liability awards among several defendants. In 2003, Perry sponsored a controversial state constitutional amendment to cap medical malpractice awards, which was narrowly approved by voters.  This legislation has resulted in a 30 percent decrease in malpractice insurance rates and a significant increase in the number of doctors seeking to practice in the state.  Tort reform is heavily pushed by the insurance industry.  Link Many states have passed variable limited amounts in their tort reform.  Obviously the majority of thinking Americans are against frivolous lawsuits.  However, there are countless cases of not only physician error/negligence, but also of hospital error/negligence.  What is the life worth of your child, husband, wife, or anyone you love?  Would tort reform increase negligence and erase patients’ rights? Link Link

Big Government and Fiscal Conservatism

In 2000, when Perry took office as governor, total spending by the state of Texas was $49 billion.  At the end of 2010, it had almost doubled to $90 billion.  Perry campaigns on his fiscal conservatism and small government, but he has enlarged the government and budget of Texas and now the state has some severe debt problems since he took office.  Although he’s not raised the sales tax in Texas nor implemented a state income tax, he has raised about every other fee and tax he could think of including a surcharge on traffic violations. (As an aside, Georgia now has fees along with fines on traffic violations and they are as high as $800.00.  Fines have set limits, but fees do not, so the state has found new ways to tax the people with high fees.)  He also raised the franchise taxes on Texas’s small businesses.  As anticipated, Texas businesses paid more in franchise taxes after the overhaul than they did before.  In 2006 and 2007, franchise tax revenue was $5.75 billion.  In 2008 and 2009, the first two years of the revised tax, total revenue rose to $8.7 billion. Link

Perry has borrowed money for many projects in Texas which has created difficult debt situations. Link Here is the Texas debt clock, Link.

The Sordid Details of the Trans Texas Corridor Scandal

Gov. Rick Perry may not be the spider, but he certainly has become one of the strands in the web of international conspiracy for those who see a stealth plan to merge the United States with Canada and Mexico.

A key element of that alleged plan is Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor, specifically the 1,200-foot wide toll road that is proposed from Laredo to the Oklahoma border — a toll road likely to be built by a consortium headed by Spanish Cintra S.A. and Zachry Construction Co. of San Antonio.  The first step to creating a North American Union is merging the nations’ transportation systems and the Trans-Texas Corridor is the first step.   Link

Perry seemed to have his own plans for farm and ranch lands of Texas all along. Rick Perry wanted to build 4,000 miles of mega-highway over a million and half acres of prime, productive Texas farmland.  Over a million people would have been kicked out of their homes, ranches & businesses.  Behind closed doors, a contract worth billions was signed with a Cintra S.A. to pave clear across the state and collect tolls for the next 50 years.  After he pushed this through, Perry’s war chest swelled with millions from big business buddies who stood to grow even richer off the deal.  But citizens revolted against this outrage of cronyism and government overreach. The legislature tried to stand up for Texas families by passing a law to protect homes and farms, but Perry vetoed it.  Only days after he won his primary, transportation officials announced a proposal to extend a major toll road in Austin (SH-130) north towards the Waco area – following the same route as Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor!

In 2009, TXDOT decided to phase out the all-in-one corridor concept in favor of developing separate rights-of-way for road, rail, and other infrastructure using more traditional corridor widths for those modes.  In 2010, an official decision of “no action” was issued by the Federal Highway Administration, formally ending the project.  The action eliminated the study area and canceled the agreement between TXDOT and Cintra Zachry.  In 2011, the Texas Legislature formally canceled the Trans-Texas Corridor because of the outrage of Texas citizens.

“Trans-Texas Corridor” from

Backdoor Toll Roads

In October of 2009, Perry removed the Superintendent of Schools in Dallas who was chair of the board that oversees the $88 billion Teacher Retirement System.  He replaced him with a member of his own campaign finance team.  This came shortly after the death of the Trans Texas Corridor.  The new man in charge is to urge the Teacher Retirement System to invest in Perry’s risky toll road schemes as a means to funnel money into the TXDOT (Texas Dept. of Transportation).  So Perry hasn’t given up on his plans. Link

Rick Perry’s toll roads are a gargantuan tax increase of tens of billions of dollars, debt time-bombs putting Texans at risk for financial explosion, and an attack on property rights.

Terri Hall explains it well in her June 25, 2011 article on her website.

“Agenda 21’s stated goals are to abolish private property and restrict mobility in individual cars (i.e. – herd people into the cities and make them dependent on mass transit). Public private partnerships are a primary means to accomplish these goals, which is the sale of our public roads to private, even foreign corporations which not only mean toll rates as high as 75-80 cents per mile, it also restricts the expansion of free lanes and allows the government to abuse its eminent domain powers to steal your land and give it to another private interest for profit.”

“Check out Glenn Beck’s expose’ on YouTube. Here is an example of the sort of propaganda sustainable development proponents produce in order to make it “cool” and “green” to give up your property rights and freedom to travel. Link.”

Freight traffic, through Mexico & Texas, U.S. Dept. Transportation, July 2005

Perry Lies About Foreign Creditors

Terri Hall writes, “By selling off Texas’ public buildings (including the capitol buildings owned by the people) and roads to foreign corporations like Cintra and Balfour Beatty, Perry and the Legislature are clearly making future generations of Texans pay for a bailout of lawmakers for their chronic underfunding of and raiding of highway funds. Entering into public private partnerships (PPPs) for every sort of infrastructure is the flavor of the month that lawmakers turn to in order to hawk-up our public ‘assets’ (like taking out a second mortgage) to get quick cash rather than match spending with revenues or end gas tax diversions for non-road purposes. In other words, PPPs give politicians a get out of jail card to engage in spending beyond their means, using the same ‘foreign creditors’ that Perry denounced.”  (Remember Arizona sold off all their public buildings, including the Capitol building… still think Brewer is wonderful?)

“For more on the bills passed that allow this, go here. Also, Texas currently has 20 deals in the works with none other than China.”

Rick Perry, Merck, Gardasil, and Parental Rights

On February 2, 2007, Perry issued an executive order that made Texas the first state to require girls entering the sixth grade to receive the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine starting in the fall of school year 2008.  The vaccine was Merck’s Gardasil which had only received FDA approval in June of 2006, for 9 to 26 year old women, so it wasn’t even a year old.  The cost was $360 per shot in Texas and Merck was lobbying to get the rest of the states on board with the mandatory vaccine.  Two of Perry’s former Chiefs of Staff worked for Merck, and the mother of one of them was involved in lobbying for Texas state law to inoculate young girls.  His former chief of staff was paid $250,000 by Merck to lobby for this.  A Texas state legislator (Diane White Delisi) was pushing for it and working with Merck and her daughter-in-law was the current chief of staff.  Merck had doubled its lobbying budget in Texas and funneled money through an organization called Women in Government, to which Perry has a number of personal ties.  Perry also received $6000 from Merck’s political action committee during his re-election campaign.

Gardasil allegedly only protects from one to three of the hundred or so forms of HPV and the side effects are devastating, including death.  Link and Link

Girls were allowed to refuse the vaccine if their parents filed an objection on religious or other philosophical grounds.  However, what is to prevent the school from vaccinating that child before the parent even is aware of when it will take place?  I personally have no desire to receive any government or state mandated vaccine.

Parents sued the state on moral and safety concerns and on May 9, 2007, Perry allowed a bill to go into law that would undo his executive order.

Interestingly enough, Perry asked for federal assistance in fighting the non-existent 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.


Texas has the second highest number of enrollments in Charter Schools which Governor Perry backs and seemingly are pushed in every state by the Heritage Foundation.  See The Rockefeller/Heritage connection and Saving the Republic? Part 2.

“The significance of the charter school/school choice issue is NOT related strictly to educational choice. It is related to acceptance of a communist system of governance where decisions are made by appointed, not elected officials. Appointed officials cannot be removed from office by voters/taxpayers.”  For a thorough overview of the Charter School Trap see Charlotte Iserbyt’s article and ask yourself why all these so-called conservative Republicans are backing Obama’s push for charter schools.

Perry also backed No Child Left Behind which became law through the efforts of both John Boehner and Ted Kennedy for President George W. Bush.  “It is basically the United Nations Lifelong Learning-Brainwashing Agenda under the umbrella of what will eventually be “unelected” school and community councils (council is defined as “soviet” in many dictionaries) which will make all decisions for us at the local level.”  Link

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) & a nunThe Anti-TSA Bill

Oh how all the nation would have loved to have Governor Rick Perry sign into Texas law the anti-TSA law preventing groping or fricasseeing in airports.  There were actually two bills, HB1937 and HB1938.  Texas State Rep. David Simpson, offered the bill that civilly penalizes TSA agents who use full body scanning machines at airport security check points, and also offered a second bill penalizing TSA officials who do enhanced pat downs.

Representative Simpson and his supporters, who are of considerable number and come from both sides of the aisle, believe that they are on firm, Constitutional ground. The Fourth Amendment protects American citizens from “unreasonable search and seizure.” The 10th Amendment suggests that the operation of airports is a state and not a federal function.

So what happened?  Why didn’t it pass and get signed into law?  After passing in the house, it stalled in the Senate.  The U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas, said the Transportation and Security Administration would ground flights “for which it could not ensure the safety of passengers and crew.”  Great excuse for killing the bills.

Originally there was support for Simpson’s bills, but then when the Justice Department wrote a scathing memo against the bill, which threatened legal action against the state, the measure became enmeshed in Senate politics.  Perry stated at the outset there wasn’t enough support for the bill and he didn’t push it, but it garnered him positive publicity.  The Tea Party activists and other enraged citizens pressured the governor’s office wherein he finally added the bill to the special-session agenda after at least 200 other special sessions’ bills were introduced. The special-session runs until June 29.  Is there a chance it will become law?  Highly doubtful.  Link Link

Supreme Court Justice Steven Wayne Smith

Perry has made numerous appointments to the Texas courts, to commissions, to boards, etc. in his tenure as I mentioned above.  One of Perry’s first selections was the appointment of Xavier Rodriguez to succeed Greg Abbott on the Texas Supreme Court. Rodriguez, a self-proclaimed moderate (progressive republican) was unseated in the 2002 Republican primary by a truly constitutional conservative Steven Wayne Smith, the attorney in the Hopwood v. Texas suit in 1996, which successfully challenged affirmative action at the University of Texas Law School. Smith was elected by a comfortable margin over Democratic opposition in the 2002 general election.  After his defeat, Rodriguez returned to private practice briefly before being appointed to the Federal District Court for the Western District of Texas in San Antonio by President George W. Bush.

Perry objected to Smith’s tenure on the court and refused to meet with the new justice when Smith attempted to mend fences with the governor.  (What does this tell you about Perry?)  Perry encouraged Judge Paul Green to challenge Smith in the 2004 Republican primary. Green defeated Smith in the primary and was elected without opposition in the general election. Smith attempted a comeback in the 2006 Republican primary by challenging Justice Don Willett, another Perry appointee who was considered a conservative on the court. Smith polled 49.5 percent of the primary vote, but Willett narrowly prevailed.

According to many Texans, Steven Wayne Smith was the Robert Bork of Texas and the best Supreme Court judge they had in 50 years.

Eminent Domain

Rick Perry vetoed the Eminent Domain bill that would have helped landowners in Texas.  He claimed the compensation was too high, but in reality it strengthened the protection of privately held land from being grabbed by Texas legislators.  “With this veto, Governor Perry has left every home, farm, ranch and small business owner vulnerable to the abuse of eminent domain,” said Steven Anderson, director of the Institute for Justice’s Castle Coalition, a national grassroots advocacy group committed to ending the private-to-private transfer of property using eminent domain.  Link

Perry Signs Hate Crime Bill

Signing the Hate Crime Bill was one of the first things Perry did as governor.  Hate Crime laws are laws that make some crimes worse than others because of a person’s perceived bias to some class or group. In reality these laws are thought crime laws and murder is murder and should be punished accordingly, no matter the person or group. The Texas law, which received final legislative approval on in 2001 (signed by Rick Perry) strengthens penalties for crimes motivated by a victim’s race, religion, color, sex, disability, sexual preference, age or national origin.  Link


Rick Perry often gives speeches about illegal immigration, but when you look at the facts, he has been incredibly soft on the issue.  Eric Holder is soft on immigration and against SB 1070. So is Perry. Eric Holder talks a tough game while loosening enforcement. So does Perry. A little ritual troop marching on the border does not block illegals from jobs and entitlements. Perry is working on watered down laws to please his Latino constituency.  If Rick Perry does not plan to secure the border, then he should not be president, because illegal immigration is absolutely devastating many areas of the southwest United States.  Governor Rick Perry supports in-state tuition for illegal aliens, opposes the border fence, supports the Trans-Texas Corridor, and has refused to crack down on services to illegal aliens. He has even stated openly in the past that he has a moderate record on immigration.  Link

photo, Gage Skidmore, wikimedia


Perry is a globalist not much different than Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, or Herman Cain.  There is so much more I could write about Perry’s governorship, but it would take a book.  Texan Robert Morrow states, “Rick Perry is a Trojan Horse of statism cloaked in Tea Party rhetoric and Bible Buzzwords.”

Muslim convert Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform has delayed a planned GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas, NV, in order to first allow Rick Perry to throw his ten gallon hat into the ring.  Secret Council for National Policy member Norquist is the perfect model of the fatal co-opting of the conservative and Tea Party movements by corrupt transnationalists. If you wish to see just how, read Gulag Bound’s February article, “The Trouble at CPAC & the Real Dividing Line for Conserving America.”

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Ephesians 6:12.

Pray without ceasing for our nation for our only hope is in God.

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August 6, 2011 by 

Kelleigh Nelson  has been a sentinel researching the Christian right and operations designed to co-opt it, since 1975.  Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. E-Mail:


  1. Google “Rick Perry Adultery” and also google “Why Anita Perry Never Smiles.”

    Rick Perry- his Adultery, Cheating on Anita, his Prostitutes – YET ANOTHER “family values” hypocrite, “Christian buzzwords talking,” Whore-mongering LIAR and FRAUD

    From Robert Morrow Austin, TX 512-306-1510 email =

    I am a 3 time delegate to the Texas state Republican convention (2006, 2008, 2010). I am also a patron of Austin’s strip clubs. My excellent and credible sources (plural) in Austin’s strip clubs tell me that Adulterer Rick Perry, a la Bill Clinton, has an enabling entourage that gets him “young hotties” to have sex with both here in Austin and especially when he is on the road. As it was described to me, Rick Perry acts like he is in a porno video when he is on the road, having orgies with his entourage.

    Christian “family values” hypocrite and adulterer Rick Perry is sitting on a keg of slut-fueled nitroglycerine that if it exploded it would make Anthony Weiner look like a mere pimple popping. That is why adulterer Rick is being such a tease about running for president. Capiche?

    One of my sources even said that Adulterer Rick appeared to be on drugs (coke)

    • Robert Morrow, you are a known kook and I am not for Perry but you are still wining and trying to screw PERRY IN EVERY WAY give it a rest and see what will happen he will not win ok. But I do not know anyone that beleives all that BS on Perry many people researched your crap and yes, it is crap and you could be sued by the governement for defamation of character. Can’t beleive you posted that crap and sent it to my religious mother and she is 83 years old …how crazy and nuts are you Morrow. You do it again and you will be taught a serious lesson to stop your pornography potty verbage on e-mails.Many people are thinking of suing you beware.

  2. Rick Perry’s record (when he is not cheating on his wife with strippers, prostitutes, “young hotties” etc:

    • Toll Roads and Trans Texas Corridor – Is it socialism, fascism or communism? It’s a Keeps trying to ram Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) down Texans throats. Massive land grab. Toll roads are gargantuan TAX INCREASES, debt time bombs and an attack on property rights. Rick Perry has instituted a huge tax increase in Texas in the form of toll roads; going from zero debt on roads to $30 billion in toll road debt in 10 years as Perry sells off Texas’ public infrastructure. They will financially blow up later, just like real estate market did, because of the high leverage. (2003-2011). For more info: email Terri Hall at . Also,, the anti-toll road group. Contact Linda Curtis – of IndyTexans at; she can tell you how Perry is controlled by monopolistic corporations. Here is her case for impeaching Perry as governor:
    • Business Margins Tax – backdoor state income tax (2006)
    • Cheats on Anita – has sex with hookers and sluts, while spouting Christian buzzwords. Google “Why Anita Perry Never Smiles,” Google “Rick Perry Adultery.”
    • HPV vaccine mandate – Attack on parental rights. Tried to make every 12 year old girl in Texas be forced to take Gardisil shots because his former Chief of Staff Mike Toomey is a lobbyist for Merck. Perry literally tried to mandate this by executive decree as if he were a Hillary Clinton dictator until the Lege crushed it overwhelmingly. (2007)
    • FLDS El Dorado raid (2008) – Another massive attack on parental rights and home schoolers; Religious Oppression. 438 children ripped away from parents and traumatized for months. Out of control Child Protective Services goons raid, approved by Rick Perry, and based on a crank phone call; breaks up dozens of families. Of ALL the outrageous things Perry has done, this may be the WORST as he traumatized and endangered dozens of peaceful families. (2008)
    • Was Democrat Al Gore’s campaign chairman 1988 – for Texas. Then Karl Rove recruited Perry to switch parties so Perry could win Agricultural Commissioner as a Republican. Rick Perry is a Trojan Horse for statism cloaked in Tea Party rhetoric and Christian Bible talk buzzwords. Very cynical. (1988)
    • Defeats Steven Wayne Smith – makes robo phone calls against most conservative Supreme Court judge in modern Texas history. Smith was the equivalent of Robert Bork, probably the best judge we had in Texas in 50 years. His crime was beating RINO, Xavier Rodriguez, appointee of Rick Perry in a primary. Perry got in a funk and vowed to bring down Smith next time and he did. Rodriguez also made some pro-abortion rulings. (2004)
    • Supports No Child Left Behind Act and Dept. of Education (Hey, is the federal government running your local school in the Constitution? Fine with Rick Perry.)
    • Instituted state CHIP program for Texas!, a widely abused program and one more step to socialized medicine, more taxes and rationed healthcare. (Hey, is CHIP in the 10th Amendment?)
    • Supports Sobriety Check Points! Unconstitutional trashing of YOUR 4th Amendment rights where everyone is pulled over with no probable cause and no reasonable suspicion. (Perry supported SB 298 bill) 2009
    • Supports the Patriot Act – by now folks you should have figured out the Patriot Act is the criminal government nuking your 4th Amendment rights. Fine with Rick.
    • Vetoes Texas Eminent Domain Bill – taking your land for a toll road more important than signing property rights protection overwhelmingly passed by Legislature. (2007)
    • Signs Hate Crimes bill — Attack on free speech and creates thought crimes, includes sexual orientation as a class! (2001)
    • Governor for NINE years, then reads about the 10th Amendment a few years ago. Trying to piggy back on Ron Paul and the Tea Party movement. Completely insincere because for 9 years Perry never said an ill word about federal incroachments, No Child Left Behind, etc. (2009)
    • Endorses liberal cross dresser and gun grabber Rudy Guiliani for President (2008) – tells his good friend Mike Huckabee I love you like a brother, but you can’t win so I am going with gun grabber Rudy Julie Annie, he’s a sure thing! The Bilderbergers said I can be VP if I grovel enough and am for toll roads, globalism, open borders, big government, big pharma and, of course, the Federal Reserve.
    • Globalist bootlicker – Bilderberger toady (2007). For United Nations, NAFTA, CAFTA, Trans Texas Corridor.
    • Token opposition to illegal immigration – probably because the illegals will be building all his toll roads!
    • Does not stand up for elected State Board of Education every time it gets castrated by the liberals in the legislature Throws crumbs to conservatives on SBOE, but when they really need him, hides under desk, sticks fingers in ears. Did not veto SBOE redistricting map which was designed to castrate conservatives. (2011). Contact textbooks legend Donna Garner on this:
    • Texas Enterprise Fund – basically, Rick Perry’s slush fund for politically connected insiders, another WASTE of your tax dollars. Gave $20 Million to Country Wide Financial which went bankrupt. Many company executives who get access to this slush fund are – you guess it – Perry contributors. Rick Perry has a massive cronyism problem.
    • Supports $5 titty bar tax on every patron of a strip club – Wife Anita also supports it. “Wife” Anita on salary for $65,000/year at the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault and titty bar tax is their #1 legislative agenda item. TAASA receives state money already and wants to get grubby hands on titty bar tax. Titty bar tax ruled unconstitutional by lower courts. (2010) Adulterer Rick has sex with strippers/prostitutes on the side and does not pay $5 titty bar tax.
    • Refused to stay the death sentence of Cameron Todd Willingham – Willingham had been convicted of murdering his family via an arson determination that was based on junk science. Even worse, Perry later removed 3 members of board of the Texas Forensic Science Commission that was investigating the case and put political pressure on the head of the panel (2009)
    • Supported whopping $3 Billion Cancer BONDS, the Lance Armstrong cancer tax – more taxing, borrowing and spending. (2007). For Texas borrowing money to go into the cancer research business.
    • Tries to intimidate FEMALE state trooper who pulls him over for speeding while he was lieutenant governor, telling her “Why don’t you just let us get on down the road?” as she was writing him a ticket. (1999)
    • Tells a Houston tv reporter Ted Oberg “Adios, mofo.” (2005)
    • Wants to use Texas Teacher and State Employee Retirement Money on risky TOLL ROADS! ing
    • 14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would be a Really, Really Bad president: –

  3. Arlen Williams says

    Comments, allegations, and citations above are allowed here due to the mutual need for Citizens to investigate officials and candidates. Our disclaimer always applies.

    • Too late. We all know who ‘Texan, Robert Morrow’ is and where the c/p came from. You can thank him personally for my considerably diminished respect for Libertarians. The halftruths and spin were well represented in this article. Artful. Must really sting that Perry keeps getting elected in Texas, in spite of the best efforts of the Libertarian ‘Tea’ Party.

      As another member of the Christian right – I don’t need you to vet for me, Kelleigh. Way ahead of you.

  4. Arlen Williams says

    Personally, I am very much in favor of limiting tort damages in many kinds of law suits. “Tort” payments, by definition are the extra compulsory charges, aside from compensation for damage, meant as the name implies, to punish the party being sued. It becomes something very similar to civil “legislation from the bench,” creating virtual criminal penalties, even where no crime may have been done.

    However, I am in agreement with the overall concerns of this article.

  5. Well done and posted.

  6. no way in hell im going to vote for Perry . i dont trust him . i have an old Army buddy living in Texas . and he told me Perry will give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens . and he told me Perry is two face . says one thing then dose another . thats what we got now . plus Perry hasnt signed THE GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA plege . Perry keeps ducking them . All … go to …. then go to ………………… /oath/ sign up for both . its free . if you cant find it . google it .

  7. Thank you for the whole series. I read it all and I have to agree with you except for the one thing: I do not believe in prayer because I am an atheist. So my alternate solution would be to find a candidate who will completely do away with the UN and invalidate our signature on the Agenda 21. While the democrats make no secrets about their communists and globalization and do away with the USA intentions it is incomprehensible to me how did Agenda21 perpetrate the minds of so many in the GOP – are they even aware of the long term irreversible damage they are paving the road to?
    If not then we have to admit that the stealth Jihad the UN produced is far more effective than anything we came up with so far and therefore the commies and the Islamists truly are smarter and superior to us. While America is exhausting itself leading wars with weapons (trying to install democracy????) they armed themselves with an ideology to which we have hard time finding oponents in political field.
    Given a choice of splitting your head against the wall or submitting…I can see that it must be comforting to say “pray like there is no tomorrow”. I won’t pray but I support ActforAmerica. At least I won’t die just watching the parade, i’ll die kicking.
    Anyway, thanks again and I shared your articles.

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