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July 29, 2011, 11:05 am CT

“It is a known fact that the policies of the government today, whether Republican or Democrat
 are closer to the 1932 platform of the Communist Party than they are to either of their own party
platforms in that critical year.”
–Walter Trohan (1903-2003) Chicago Tribune reporter (1929-1972) and bureau chief in D.C.

The frustration level from attending tea party meetings is so high that I simply have to walk out the door and go home. If I imbibed, I’d have to have a glass of wine to calm my emotions. It is with grief and melancholy that I am writing this article. Nevertheless it is with the urging of several Tea Parties across our nation who want others to know what is happening and to clean their own Parties of the change agent infiltrators. So with deep humility, here is the final product.

At the tea parties I have attended the most, there are four very knowledgeable people who know there are major problems we should be focusing on at every meeting. Then there are a number who have just awakened to the problems and are not at all educated on the situation we face, but know they love their country and want to do anything they can to save her. The balance of these people are infiltrators and change agents that continually preach the RNC propaganda that has gotten us where we are today. “Compromise” is what they always propose and in my lexicon that’s a dirty word.

The Origins of Today’s Tea Party

The Tea Party movement got its start when CNBC’s Rick Santelli went on a rant against government efforts to protect Americans from home foreclosures and called for “tea parties” as a means to protest against government intervention in the economy. Despite Tea Party folks making it clear in the beginning they were not part of the RNC, it has not stopped the infiltration by the phony rightwing Republicans.

Grover Norquist

Norquist at CPAC, 2010

Grover Norquist

The first nationwide tea parties\ in February of 2009 were co-sponsored by Americans for Tax Reform, whose president, Grover Norquist is a charter member of the secretive Council for National Policy (CNP). Norquist married a Muslim woman in 2005 and has since converted. (Link) Allegedly his donations to Muslim charities also fund Al Qaeda. The association of Norquist and Islamists became known in 1998, when he became the founding chairman of an organization called the Islamic Free Market Institute, better known as the Islamic Institute. Norquist is also a lobbyist for Bill Gates’ Microsoft.

Gulag Note: For more on Grover Norquist as a model of transnationalists’ anti-Sovereignty subversion of conservatism, see “The Trouble at CPAC and the Real Dividing Line for Conserving America,” 2/11/2011

American Spectator

The American Spectator was the other sponsor and their then-managing editor organized the rally near the White House, according to promotional materials and participants. The Spectator was originally funded by Richard Mellon Scaife with $25,000 (Chase Mellon Bank – Rockefeller) and Scaife funds both sides of the aisle. He is also a strong Planned Parenthood pro-abort who recently had a full page article in the WSJ stating why we should support Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars. Emmett Tyrrell, the “Alternative’s” founder (later to be the American Spectator) cultivated the rightwing neo-cons to write for the magazine, including Irving Kristol a member of the Young People’s Socialist League in the 1930s, and whose son Bill Kristol also wrote for the Spectator.

Nelson Rockefeller directly gave Irving Kristol $100,000 through his Commission on Critical Choices for just 15 short essays. Irving’s son, William Kristol did make it big time of course and is a Fox News contributor and commentator. He is also a member of the Bilderberger group. William Kristol is one of the top three strategists of the GOP. He launched a weekly magazine called the Standard and is backed financially by CFR Rupert Murdock. Kristol is assembling the next generation of socialists on behalf of the NWO. The Kristol’s have plotted for several decades under the disarming word, “neoconservative.”

Richard Mellon Scaife continually funded The Spectator as did the widow of the pharmaceutical magnate Eli Lilly. She sent $3,000 and offered to give much more if the magazine could be set up as a charitable foundation, which would make her contributions tax-deductible. This was done and supplied Tyrrell with enough money to live a stylish life.

Other influential writers and board members of the Spectator included, Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick (Former Director of CFR; Ambassador to UN; Trilateral Commission; Co-Director, Empower America; Board Member, American Spectator) and Adrian Karatnycky, President (CFR, Publisher Freedom Review Publisher; Conservative author, American Spectator).

Dick Armey

Dick Armey

Richard “Dick” Armey and FreedomWorks

Former House Republican Leader Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity, which is funded by the Koch family’s oil wealth, also have worked behind the scenes to build the Tea Party movement. Dick Armey is a charter member of the CNP. He is staunchly pro-amnesty, which has cost him some of the tea party allegiance.

In 2003, Armey became co-chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy, which in 2004 merged with Empower America to become FreedomWorks. In 2004, Citizens for a Sound Economy split into two new organizations, with Citizens for a Sound Economy being renamed as FreedomWorks, and Citizens for a Sound Economy Foundation becoming Americans for Prosperity.

In 2008 Freedomworks Foundation Paid Dick Armey $550,000 even before the Tea Parties got going in 2009! So the entire program was planned. Looks to me like some pre-planning of tea party propaganda to infuse the angry grassroots Americans, doesn’t it? Here is FreedomWorks 990 for 2008, see page 7.

Empower America was founded in 1993 by high stakes gambler and former Drug Czar and Education Secretary William Bennett, who was involved with the US-Soviet education exchanges and treaties and implementing the Soviet quota system; former Secretary of HUD Jack Kemp (charter CNP member); former UN Ambassador Jeanne J. Kirkpatrick; and former Representative Vin Weber, CNP member and co-director of the globalist Aspen Institute’s Domestic Strategy Group. (Link) Charlotte Iserbyt exposed Bill Bennett for his purposeful destruction of education since she worked under T. H. Bell in Reagan’s education department. Bennett continued all of Bell’s socialist/communist policies, especially OBE and the Skinner method. Regarding Bennett’s role in U.S./Soviet education agreements, he wasn’t overtly involved, but he, when asked by Malcolm Lawrence about the agreements, responded “I’m not in that loop.”Link

Empower America was largely filled with Council for National Policy members, CFR members, Trilateralist members, as well as Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church members such as Josette Shiner Sheeran, now Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme.

David Koch

David Koch

David Koch and Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity has worked closely with the Tea Party since the movement’s inception. In the weeks before the first Tax Day protests, in April, 2009, Americans for Prosperity hosted a Web site offering supporters “Tea Party Talking Points.” Peggy Venable, State Director for AFP explained that the role of Americans for Prosperity was to help “educate” Tea Party activists on policy details, and to give them “next-step training” after their rallies, so that their political energy could be channeled “more effectively.” And she noted that Americans for Prosperity had provided Tea Party activists with lists of elected officials to target. She said of the Koch’s, “They’re certainly our people. David’s the chairman of our board. I’ve certainly met with them, and I’m very appreciative of what they do.” A Republican campaign consultant who has done research on behalf of Charles and David Koch said of the Tea Party, “The Koch brothers gave the money that founded it.

Tim Phillips is president of AFP for the Koch’s. Phillips was a political veteran who had worked with Council for National Policy member Ralph Reed, the so-called evangelical leader and Republican activist, co-founding Century Strategies, a campaign-consulting company that became notorious for its ties to the disgraced lobbyist and fellow CNP member Jack Abramoff. Century Strategies had many political clients, including Dick Armey. Phillips also has a history of anti-Semitic smear campaigns and lobbying work on behalf of a forced-abortion sweatshop owner.

David Koch and his brother, Charles own Koch Industries, the 2nd largest privately owned company in the country after Cargill. David and Charles are lifelong libertarians and David ran as vice president to Ed Clark on the Libertarian party in the 1980 election funding 2 million of his own dollars into the campaign. Ed Clark told The Nation that libertarians were getting ready to stage “a very big tea party,” because people were “sick to death” of taxes. The Libertarian Party platform called for the abolition of the F.B.I. and the C.I.A., as well as of federal regulatory agencies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Energy. The Party wanted to end Social Security, minimum-wage laws, gun control, and all personal and corporate income taxes; it proposed the legalization of prostitution, recreational drugs, and suicide. William F. Buckley, Jr., CFR and Yale Skull and Bonesman alleged conservative, called the movement “Anarcho-Totalitarianism.”

In 1977, the Koch’s provided the funds to launch the nation’s first libertarian think tank, the Cato Institute. According to the Center for Public Integrity, between 1986 and 1993 the Koch family gave eleven million dollars to the institute. They’ve also heavily funded Heritage Foundation, which is connected to Rockefeller, just as are the Koch brothers. Heritage has fascist, communist, United Nations, and Sun Myung Moon connections. See part 2 of my article, “Saving the RepubliC?“.

David Koch is on the board of Trustees of Rockefeller University. He is also on the board of the globalist new age Aspen Institute formerly headed by new age environmentalist Maurice Strong which I wrote about in More Republican Deception. He is also on the board of Earthwatch Institute, an environmental, sustainability, Agenda 21 group. See this map of Koch’s many connections. David Koch also supports gay marriage and stem-cell research

Council for National Policy

The Council for National Policy was started allegedly to counter the workings of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), yet there were five CFR members on the early membership rosters of the CNP. The CNP was started in 1981 by Nelson Bunker Hunt, Pat Robertson, Tim LaHaye, (who accepted millions from Sun Myung Moon who claims he came to finish what Jesus started) and T. Cullen Davis who helped fund the CNP to get it off the ground. T. Cullen Davis was tried for murder not once, but twice. A book written about the trials is still available entitled, “Blood Will Tell: The Murder Trials of T. Cullen Davis” by Gary Cartwright. For a short synopsis click here.

Many of CNP’s highest-ranking members also belong to the Masonic Knights of Malta and are associated with Fabian socialism and the eugenics movement, not to mention cultists like Sun Myung Moon and Scientology as well as the heretical and cultic Dominionist/Reconstructionist movement. Oil baron and CNP member Nelson Bunker Hunt was a former member of the racist pro-eugenics group called the International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics. The group was heavily involved in the promotion of eugenics and segregation. I know two members who left the CNP stating it was in bed with the left from its inception. One of these former members writes for News With Views.

The Tea Parties: Part 2

Fiddling While Rome Burns

The very first tea party meeting I attended was a few years ago in another county. I got up and left when the speaker who was supposed to be guiding the audience to educational forums told them to go to Third Wave futurist Newt Gingrich’s and Heritage Foundation sites.

America's Choice TeaAbout two months ago I got a call from a young man who attends the local tea party and wanted me to come and critique what they were doing. This first meeting had our state senator speak to us about the legislation that passed and failed to pass in Tennessee. I thought it was a pretty decent meeting although I ended up challenged regarding charter schools and tort reform. Sadly many have bought into the rightwing propaganda regarding both.

The second meeting had about half the people as the first meeting and someone from the audience read a one page article on California and Texas statistics resulting after tort reform. There was another gentleman that fully understood the problems with this reform which are basically socialistic, leads to higher negligence, increases the deficit and should be fought by every tea party. One officer of this group was particularly staunch on his support of tort reform, but then his father is a physician. Sadly under Obama care we will have no recourse for poor or deadly healthcare.

Also at this meeting were two women running for a state senate seat that had been vacated. Neither have the background nor experience. One is a school teacher who is convinced that charter schools are wonderful, as does Obama, and the other woman is the sister of our district’s alleged conservative representative in congress. This particular congressman took over the seat when his father died, and is training his son to take it over when he retires. This congressman also voted for the UN Goals 2000 and NAFTA.

When I spoke up that charter schools would be run by corporations with “school to work,” as well as eliminating the school board and resulting in taxation without representation, I was shouted down by more than one of the tea party officers neither of whom knows anything about what’s really behind charter schools. As well, I spent days sending articles by Charlotte Iserbyt and Jed Brown, two of the most knowledgeable and brilliant people who have exposed what has been done to American education and this young man writes me back and says, “I find this all very confusing drivel.”

What is difficult to understand in this article from Jed Brown? “Finally, the entire plan to establish this quasi-privatized education system has a brilliantly conceived marketing plan. Those pushing the New World Order agenda have implored the conservative citizens to swallow school-choice plans in the name of the founding fathers, who would roll over in their graves. The words of John Chubb and Terry Moe, of The Brookings Institute and Stanford University respectively, would have gotten them an invite to a tar and feather party — “Our guiding principle in the design of a choice system is this: public authority must be put to use in creating a system that is almost entirely beyond the reach of public authority.” (Politics, Markets and America’s Schools, 1990)

I hadn’t given up yet however, and when an article came out in a local paper about our newly elected RINO Governor Bill Haslam pushing for a national internet sales tax, I called up the young man that wanted me to critique the tea party and told him about it and sent him the article. Isn’t this right up the tea party’s alley? It’s more taxation! Haslam had stated he was going to contact the other 49 governors and have them push the congress to pass legislation taxing any and all out-of-state internet sales.

So he said since he was in charge that evening, we’d discuss it. Immediately I made 20 copies of the article and called two former congressional candidates to see if they’d attend. There were a total of five of us there that fully understand the agenda of both the right and the left and that it’s the same, just couched in different verbiage.

First we listened to the treasurer tell us that way too much money goes to social security, Medicare, and defense. Excuse me but all of us have paid into social security and Medicare and it is not an entitlement. We have paid for it! As for the military, it is the one constitutionally legal funding that should be at the top of our budget to protect American citizens.

Next we listened to another officer tell us that he visited a MoveOn.Org meeting and the people were quite nice, just deceived and it was under the guise of “knowing our enemy.” Needless to say I think all of us that care one iota about our country understand who George Soros is and what he stands for and it’s certainly not freedom. I sat there thinking, “Why are we visiting George Soros’ groups, why aren’t we picking our battles and fighting them?”

Next we heard from a rather bedraggled and bare footed lady who was to speak to us about Agenda 21, sustainability, and the latest land grabs by our federal and state governments. Granted, some people in the audience may not have fully understood this diabolical UN plan, but papers could have been handed out that also included a website for more information. Instead this woman read for over 15 minutes from papers she had with her and we didn’t discuss it afterward.

When an audience member asked when we were to discuss our governor’s new push for internet sales taxes, the young man I had called about this said, “There’s some misinformation regarding this subject matter,” and he dismissed it. We all looked at each other.

I asked him later why he had done that and he told me that he’d called our state senator and was told that Tennessee already collects internet sales tax. Obviously the young man did not understand what our senator told him. If you purchase something on the internet that is made in your state or whose company has a store or division in your state, you pay your state’s sales tax because they reside in your state. However, if you purchase something on the internet or via a catalogue phone order from another state and that store does not have a facility in your state, you do not pay sales tax. Our RINO governor wants to rectify this by making us pay each state’s tax whether they have a company in our state or not. Typical tax and spend!

The five of us walked out of the meeting shaking our heads. All of us agreed that it was a total waste of time and that it’s too late to educate…we must be on top of the issues. The meeting prior to this should have concerned the debt ceiling shenanigans and we should have had a plan of attack on the politicians. We also should have connected with the other tea parties around the country with a plan to flood D.C. with complaints. At this meeting, we should have had a discussion of our governor’s new tax plan and getting this information to the rest of the tea parties in the state and then to the tea parties throughout the country. We didn’t even discuss it because the young man didn’t understand the issue.

False Friends

Lastly, on the website of this local tea party is the link to American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) which is a spin-off of the Heritage Foundation. ALEC is a shadowy group and member of the secretive Council for National Policy founded by former grand poobah of the CNP, Paul Weyrich. (Please again see part 2 of “Saving the Republic?”) Originally it was funded to the tune of 7 million dollars by Richard Mellon Scaife who funds both sides of the aisle.

ALEC is a group that brings together state legislators and representatives of corporations to draft model bills that can then be introduced at the state level of government. An archive of ALEC documentswas recently leaked. McWorldReporter John Nichols says, “All of those pieces of legislation and those resolutions [in the documents] really err toward a goal, and that goal is the advancement of an agenda that seems to be dictated at almost every turn by multinational corporations.” This map shows their success of getting their legislative agenda in terms of bills passed on a state by state basis. Any legislator who jumps on their bandwagon is just a lamb to the slaughter, in my opinion.

Legislators in ALEC pay a minimal fee to join the group, while corporations pay much more — up to $25,000, Nichols says. The corporations make up the huge majority of members. One of their top corporations is Koch Industries. Along with the corporations, another major funder is The Church of Scientology.

ALEC’s main goal is privatization which has been done extensively to prisons, thus making corporations quite wealthy on prison labor and keeping pot sellers and smokers in for longer periods of time. ALEC is also at the head of the pack calling for a constitutional convention which would totally destroy the nation. (Link)  (Link)

On the Knoxville, Tennessee tea party’s website is of course a link to David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity. Also linked is the horrible Mt. Vernon Pledge, see part 1 of “Saving the Republic?  for those involved, including Islamist Grover Norquist. Another group listed is Contract for America which advertises for Koch’s Americans for Prosperity, Grover Norquist’s ATR, American Solutions which is communist Newt Gingrich, and the worst of the lot, if there is such a thing, is the National Taxpayers Union, founded by James Dale Davidson who has pushed a constitutional convention since the late 70s and who we fought tooth and nail in the early 80s to stop the destruction of our constitution. Davidson gives $100,000 a year towards the efforts to call a constitutional convention, which our founder James Madison warned against only a year after the original convention. Davidson also sits on the board of Newsmax with several CFR members. On the blog site, Heritage Foundry is listed as well as the anti-Semitic Republic Broadcasting Network.

My God in heaven, did anyone do any research before linking to these groups? They need to know that “a false friend is more dangerous than an open enemy.”


If this doesn’t frustrate all of us that are weeping over our losses, I don’t know what will. I recently read an article by fellow writer and retired SEAL, Jim O’Neill entitled, “It’s Time to Reboot America.” Give it a gander because I believe Jim has once again hit the nail on the head. As Claire Wolfe said, “We’re at that awkward stage where it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

I also do not want my good readers to think that all tea parties are fully infested with change agents, infiltrators, or power hungry know-nothing leaders as so many in our part of Tennessee seem to be. One tea party leader who communicates with me is from Tea-MAC in Elkhart County, Indiana, and here’s what he says,

Yeah, we know about the infiltrators and have been on guard. We are in the crosshairs of the enemies of the nation because of our effectiveness. You are right and it is very, very, worrisome and we are actually developing a very effective way of discovery and elimination in our groups. We’ve been dialing our little fingers off and e-mailing our little computers dry to Boehner, Cantor, McCarty and our own reps. Most Hoosier tea parties I know are urging their members to do so. And the opposition knows it and that’s why they’ve decided to infiltrate. And they are using the Saul Alinsky method against us. We don’t care, it’s full bore ahead.

George Miller keeps me informed as well from the Ventura County, California Tea Party. They have an excellent website and try to keep people informed with up-to-date information on what our congress criminals are up to and how to fight it.

There are another half dozen large Tea Parties that encouraged me to write this article in the hope that other groups would understand that the enemy comes in both left and right propaganda as false friends of freedom.

May the Lord open the eyes of those who love America and give them discernment for without it I’m afraid we’re lost. Pray without ceasing fellow patriots, for our Heavenly Father is our only hope.  May He have mercy on our nation.  “And having done all to Stand!”

Kelleigh Nelson has been a sentinel researching the Christian right and operations designed to co-opt it, since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. E-Mail:

See Kelleigh Nelson’s Phony Rightwing Series, on certain GOP presidential candidates.

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  1. This is a critically important expose’ and I hope it gets wide circulation.

    (Personally, I’m more positive about tort limitation, as long as that is only what it is.)

  2. Ditto congrats on expose. Tort limitation – the problem is the statists are only willing to implement it under a staterun health system, thus protecting themselves like the public schools are protected from litigation. They weren’t willing to allow “tort reform” under the private system we used to operate, where it would have helped to hold down cost escalation.

    • This sounds like something from info wars. All I know is we all must be alert and get informed with the people you plan to vote for. Get educated and informed.

      • I would never use any documentation from Infowars, so please don’t think my research has anything to do with them.

      • Arlen Williams says

        Dee, I suggest you search for the following names within Gulag Bound:

        Alex Jones
        Webster Tarpley
        Wayne Madsen

        And for someone who is a true American hero, search for this name in Gulag Bound:

        Norman Dodd

        It should be helpful. Some know more than others about such subject matter, or there would be no need for our site, thank you.

  3. Besides the usual Oprah Winfrey and George Soros, guess who is NOW endorsing Barack Obama for another 4 years in the White House?

  4. Thank you for this article. This is what I have been preaching to those who will listen in the true tea party movement. Many of our local “patriot” groups have been co opted by the “patriot” legislators who espouse local control and less federal intrusion. However, they LOVE charters, trigger options, etc.

    When I challenge their thinking, I am told “I don’t know how to talk to legislators”, “how dare I criticize a conservative Republican”, etc. We are beginning to use a new label on the blog for these legislators, “progressive conservatives”. These are the legislators that espouse ALEC templates, more federal control of the schools under the guise of “choice”, and begin to utilize Alinsky-style tactics of discourse when they don’t want answer questions. (I was told I didn’t want to help poor inner-city kids because I don’t go along with our Republican MO legislature’s idea of school choice that coincidentally coincides with Arne Duncan’s idea of school choice).

    Thanks again for your timely article. We will spread it far and wide.

  5. Here is a video of a future Democratic voter. Maxine Waters would be proud of this kid and his parents!

  6. My take is that the Tea Party is really a construct of the Koch Bros. & Rupert Murdoch – a new platform for the hard religious right [which I believe] believes, quite pathetically, that a man named Barack Obama is the “anti-Christ”.

    On a more secular reflection, they get emotional at the thought that the government could shut down during routine debt ceiling raises; at the thought that we could get rid of civil service and have restaurants inspect themselves; start a War with Iran.

    I do not like many of their “leaders” (politically speaking): Rand paul obviously wants to delete 1964 civil rights legislation so a retailer can disallow customers based upon race. Palin’s gaffes are too much – we all do gaffes but someone who wants to live at 1600 should know that Africa is not a country; I also don’t like her telling Librarians which books to remove. I don’t like their guest speakers saying we need to go back to voting criteria including what a power that be considers political-historical literacy.

    I’m bothered that a huge banner depicting Barack Obama as a man from “the jungle” was posted for even one minute!

    Finally, I believe that there’s an element in the locals that wants to “option out” of the 50 states.

  7. The Establishment Right is indeed riddled with pro-eugenicists and Masonic influences, but that said, I still think Kincaid’s efforts to depict everyone who’s worried about the dollar or who doesn’t support the installation of the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Damascus as a ‘Russian dupe’ is dangerous. Sooner or later if the elites get cornered they’ll turn the fake Right loose on the libertarians, gun lovers and goldbugs, accusing all of their leaders of being foreign plants. Besides that Kincaid and his imitators don’t make a hell of a lot of logical sense either.

    Utimately labelling true Patriots as foreign dupes and traitors is the ultimate Alinsky tactic.

  8. Actually “The Tea Party movement got its start when CNBC’s Rick Santelli went on a rant against government efforts to protect Americans from home foreclosures and called for “tea parties” as a means to protest against government intervention in the economy.” is not totally correct.

    Santelli was talking about the libertarian movement started by young people in 2007 who tossed boxes of tea into the water and held a rally in Boston. That is why Rick mentioned having a tea party at Lake Michigan. The 2009 people who came along after that were GOP PACS. They were formed to collect money on the backs of the movement, support GOP candidates and water down our agenda.

  9. Hmmm, you know, Kelleigh is my friend but I think she’s wrong on this history.

    None of those people pictured had anything to do with the tea party that started in 2007…. but the article says it was started in 2009 by Norquist. They all tried to make money from it however, in 2009.

    No one even knew who Norquist/Koch/Armey or anyone else pictured here was in 2007, or any of the others for that matter.


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