Rothschild Money has Directly & Chiefly Funded & Promoted George Soros

Please pardon me for being so ignorant.

I knew that one Ed R. (Edmund Leopold de Rothschild) was a primary backer of the man-made global warm-up to Marxofascism of Maurice Strong. What I did not know was that it was another Eddie R’s loot, whatever set of objectives were coupled with it, which fed George Soros’ rise to power.  Ignorant, that is, till a flitting tweet presented Arnaud de Borchgrave’s April 28th article, “Geneva Gnome’s Global Dread.” As it shows, Soros’ money man was Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

And this is how his editor’s report in the Washington Times begins.

The Gnomes of Zurich were derogatory caricatures of secretive, greedy, stiff Swiss-German bankers, pince-nez aquiver, who ruled over the land of secret numbered accounts for tax dodgers the world over. With the world’s best financial intelligence service, they knew their stuff and seldom spoke, even in retirement.

Their Geneva counterparts in French-speaking Switzerland were more sophisticated, relaxed in the company of global wheeler-dealers, and weren’t afraid to speak their minds, albeit off the record. Such was George C. Karlweis, the brain behind Banque Privee, owned by the late Baron Edmond de Rothschild. His biggest claim to fame: George Soros and the launch of his Quantum Fund in 1969.

An original $100,000 stake in Mr. Soros’ fund was worth $150 million by 1994. Between 1970 and 2000, the return was 3,365 percent. (For 10 consecutive years, it did 42.6 percent per year.) In 1992, Mr. Soros bet billions against the British pound – and broke the Bank of England (“Black Wednesday”).

So the man behind Mr. Soros’ original success is worth listening to today – unafraid to speak his mind in retirement.

Aside from Mr. Karlweis and his moralizing with New World Orderling of the pseudoconservative kind, de Borchgrave, should these Rothschild relationships not bear our interest?

Strong’s E.R. lived from 1916 to 2009.  Soros’ spanned 1929-1997.  Maybe Gyorgi was harder on his.  Now there are articles on the ‘net of varying veracity, about the Soros-Rothschild relationship, but should this rock hard fact not be common knowledge?

The Baron in an oddly grainy photo at; maybe he disliked camera lenses.

If you happen to be one to tolerate net-radio archives, you may want to know that last Gulag Night, AJ of Noisy Room, Tallulah Starr, CJ in TX, and I talked us up some central banker.  And along with a caller named Phil, we discussed the hypothesis (one wouldn’t want to call it a conspiracy theory) that by and large, the history of the global socialist/communist movement and the saga of the currency debauching central banking complex are the history of the same.  No wonder they get together and plan for global collectivism, especially this Bankster Spring.

That is not to say that every single person involved with the corruptions of central banking must intentionally be fomenting Marxism; no more than to say every Marxist is excited about finance.  But there is mounting evidence of close associations over not only decades but centuries, associations not only of people but of their intentions and one thing is certain.

Now, there is more for us to discuss, no matter how tender one must be toward the ethnic sensitivities involved.

More to write, too, but for me, after more reading — and a second apology if you are among a tiny minority who are familiar with all this, already.


  1. Great work Arlen!

  2. Soros is a NWO type, but he is against predatory lending like the ponzi housing crisis. He isn’t much against inflation though, which is also predatory. However, your contention that this is communistic is false, a John Birch mistake (on purpose). No, when the profits are privatized and the losses are socialized, as Roubini correctly says, this is fascism, not communism.

    It is an important distinction as the Birchers use this to hate Russia. While there may be reasons to distrust or be skeptical of Russia, our predatory financial system and meltdown is not one of them.

    • Arlen Williams says

      Gary, fascism is the bastard child of Marxism. They work together in the neo-Marxism of the day — especially on the upswing of revolution. I tend to use the term Marxofascism, since their disagreements are intramural.

    • Arlen Williams says

      Also, is being against predatory lending (though Clintonista policies made it vogue) a posture of a neo-Marxist or is it not? For the duplicitousness involved, see Gyorgi’s fellow neo-Marxist saboteurs, Herb and Marion Sandler, who helped to set the timing on the 2008 mortgage bomb.

  3. The Rothschild Dynasty makes money off of both sides of every war. World War I never should have happened but the Rothschild banking cartels wanted money and power plus an excuse to build a league of nations!

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