Marxist President’s Military Exercises in These U.S. Cities; Yours One?

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Military-VehicleAll these unprecedented military exercises in our urban areas, are they even legal?*

Someone like you and me, a concerned (sovereign) citizen of the USA, took the bull by the horns to collect and collate the published accounts of them.

They are so pervasive that it looks less and less like training exercises for the purpose of letting our military become familiar with operating in urban areas overseas. It has begun, by the signature of the behaviors themselves, to seem more and more like exercises for the following purposes.


  1. Make actual military operations within the United States seem more “normal” to our own, patriotically motivated military personnel.
  2. Record the names of those in military or police services, or in other government positions, who question this behavior, or who are noted to have qualms, or object vs. those who are gung-ho for it. Perform profiling and psychographic studies, based upon this information.
  3. Familiarize our military of the ins and outs of operations specific to each “urban zone” city in our nation.
  4. Condition American citizens of all kinds to the “new normal” of our military operating for the sake of authoritarian government, against our people (especially patriot activists) who may be labeled “suspected terrorists” – by fiat, without our 4th and 14th Amendment rights, of protection against unreasonable search and seizure, of habeas corpus, and due process overall (see NDAA 2012 and 2013 and these reports in Gulag Bound: A, which includes a report of Obama administration indoctrination of the traits of a suspected terrorist, plus B and C, and in one of numerous examples, in NetworkWorld, Eric Holder’s FBI brochure propagating their traits of a suspected terrorist: D).
  5. Prepare for massive firearm confiscations and the resultant resistance from the patriotic Americans, ready, willing, and able to obey the mandate of the Declaration of Independence and the purpose of the 2nd Amendment: to if necessary, “throw off” government which has become “despotism,” by means of free, “well regulated militias.”
  6. Provoke our freely armed patriots who heed the stern mandate of our Declaration and Constitution as referred in #5, to be engaged in free, well-regulated militias (and/or, whatever few kooks are really out there) into taking action which could become, in turn, actionable by national or nationalized, anti-American forces (see Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.).
  7. Could this be, too? To do #6 as a pretext for further false-flag attacks, which would give Obamunist/NWO led forces pretext for martial law. (We have written about false-flag ploys, hypothetically, here.)
  8. Test for repercussions and blow-back in general, right down to this article (see #2).

And to confirm just how it looks, those military exercises are, in at least some cases, being made jointly with police forces. It would be silly to think that even the Obamunist DHS would try to send our police overseas. They (our government) do purport something of a reason for some of this. They say it is for disaster preparation, nuclear war, for example – even as they target as “suspected terrorists”  those “preppers” who prepare for disasters.  “Go figure.”

So now, We the People have to do just that: go to the information and figure out what it means, together.

Here is the list in Facebook, compiled by my new friend, Nanette White, who publishes Michigan’s News & Views. Below it, we re-publish the Gary Franchi interview with Dr. Jim Garrow, of January 23rd, which attests to key military officers being asked whether or not they will fire on U.S. Citizens who refuse to give up their firearms.

What do you think about all this? So far there’s Harrisburg, Houston, Minneapolis, L.A., Miami, Chicago, Boston, Long Branch, Laredo, Galveston, Scottsdale, Worcester, Denver, St. Paul, Portsmouth, and St. Louis.

Did I miss any?

U.S. Military, Miami Police Staged An Urban Training Exercise With Diving Blackhawks & Machine Gun Fire:
“Gun control advocates say deadly assault weapons have no business being on the streets of America.
But, apparently, those same people who would restrict you of your ability to defend yourself have no objections to fully loaded military gunships flying over American population centers…”
(CBS) Black Hawks Used In Military Training Exercise In Miami:
(ABC) Machine Gun Fire From Black Hawk Helicopters Flying Over Miami Fl:
So Why Have Military Helicopters Been Flying Over Miami? We Explain, Plus See the Videos:

Federal law enforcement practice helicopter maneuvers at Capitol:

Minneapolis Residents Catch Footage of Black Hawks Conducting Urban Training Exercise:
Urban Defense Blackhawks in downtown Minneapolis!:
Military Black Helicopters “training” in Minneapolis – Mon. Aug. 27th:
Black Helicopters fly around Minneapolis Federal Reserve:
(CBS) Downtown Mpls. Becomes Black Hawk Helicopter Training Zone:

St. Paul:
Black Hawk Helicopters over Saint Paul, MN:

Black Hawk Helicopters in Downtown Denver:
(ABC) Blackhawk Flyovers Whip Up Concern, Curiosity:

Army to use old jail in Galveston for training exercises today:

Military exercises in Worcester a surprise to residents, including the local police?
“…On Thursday, August 2, 2012 there was a military exercise in downtown Worcester, MA, the second largest city in New England after Boston. Chris Robarge, ACLU of Massachusetts field organizer for central Massachusetts, lives in Worcester and witnessed what he describes as a terrifying raid…”
Army Helicopters Flying over Worcester:
Live military exercise in downtown Worcester:

Another Massive Military ‘Training Drill’ Involving Helicopters Spotted in Houston, Texas — Watch the Raw Footage:
(ABC w/ additional footage) Army Training Drill Scares Residents in South Houston Shooting Blanks No Warning – School goes on lock-down:
City counsel meeting – the mayor wasn’t even informed of this drill:

Los Angeles:
LAPD And Special Forces Conduct Military Maneuvers In The Skies Above Downtown LA:
(ABC) Special Forces and L.A.P.D. Urban Terror Training downtown Los Angeles CA (Jan 25, 2012):
REAL VIDEO : Black Hawk Helicopters in the skys of LA- Jan 2012:
Buzzed by Black Hawks:

I’m not sure if this is connected, but this is from Alameda County in CA. They call it “Urban Shield”: (2011) and (2012)

U.S. Military to perform helicopter exercises along border (Laredo):

Blackhawk Choppers Buzz Chicago Skyscrapers:
Special Forces Black Hawk Helicopters at Street Level in Chicago, IL:
Black Hawk helicopters doing a Chicago river fly by April 16, 2012:
Urban Warfare Drill Chicago 2012 Blackhawk helicopters:
Fox News:
Drone Spotted in Chicago Suburbs:
Why Were Low-Flying Military Choppers Darting Between Chicago Skyscrapers?:

Military Training Exercises to Take Place In and Around Boston:
LOW Flying Military Choppers & Planes Over Boston For URBAN Warfare Training:
Low Flying Military Helicopters Over Boston Buzz Buildings During Training Exercise:
Boston to host “Urban Shield” training operations this weekend:
Military helicopters training downtown Boston:
Urban Shield Boston 2011, Part 1-4:

St. Louis:
US Military to Run Urban Exercises in North St. Louis – Residents Hope It Will Cut Down on Crime:
‘Makes Very Little Sense’: Why Are [Armored Vehicles] Rolling Down Residential Roads for Training in St. Louis?:
(NBC) Military Police Training to Drive Tanks in St Louis:

New Jersey:
Army Conducts Training Exercises in Long Branch Monday Night :
Army Training in Long Branch:
Military Training Rattles Monmouth Residents:

(No Blackhawks here) Mock Disaster Training Exercise in Scioto County:

Military Air-Evac Helicopters Practice Atop Scottsdale Hospital:
Military helicopters practice approaches to Scottsdale hospital:

‘We Have Never Seen Anything Like This Before’: Beck & the Military Weigh in on Army’s Public Training Exercises:

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens? [GB: shown below]:
“World-renowned educator and human rights activist Jim Garrow says that the source, man regarded as “one of America’s foremost military heroes,” told him that President Obama is using a new litmus test for “determining who will stay and who must go” among top-ranked military leaders. That test is whether they will fire on US citizens or not. Garrow says that his source made the disclosure in order to “sound the alarm” over the administration’s plans…”

Report: Washington Didn’t Even Tell Marine Gen. He Was Being Replaced:

Gen. Stanley McChrystal (forced to retire): I Never Thought I’d Be Accused of ‘Disloyalty or Disrespect’:

Petraeus resigns after affair with biographer turned up in FBI probe, Fox News confirms:

Gen. James Cartwright, maverick who ‘jolted the system,’ is honored at Marine Barracks
“…Cartwright had a reputation for his analytical prowess, but also for his independent streak. A willingness to challenge the conventional wisdom inside the Pentagon earned him critics, some of whom waged a concerted campaign to lobby President Obama to bypass him as chairman of the Joint Chiefs…”

SEAL Team Four commander in Afghanistan ‘commits suicide’: Married father is found shot dead:

Liberal think tank says President can use military to push progressive agenda:

President Obama: Troops ‘fighting on my behalf’:

* This is a must see, you’ll be stunned. Please share: Subversion And The Demoralizing And Dismantling Of Our Military:

Nanette also listed this:

I found this on [Pittsburgh] PA, but it looks to be more normal to me.. no blackhawks, etc.

Bubble-SoapAnd I will add a related, goose-bumping item that just bubbled up, as I have been preparing this article:

“Exposed: Obama’s Ploy to Disarm Veterans Obama’s Deputized Doctors to Label Veterans Mentally Unfit to Own a Gun,” January 31, at

The world has become one monstrous economic bubble bath right now. At any moment the super-corrupt, global central banking system has any number of means of setting off a bubble-breaking chain reaction that would potentially throw the United States of America and much of the world into chaos. It is labeled “mutually assured economic destruction,” by the intelligentsia of the elite.

History in the 20th Century and at least as far back as the Illuminist-seminal French Revolution has shown us that Marxists/fascists (including the likes of front man, George Soros) need massive “disruption,” as Frances Fox Piven calls it, in order to foment their revolutions. Marxism is not called “conflict theory” in vain and the hungrier, more desperate, and more embittered their manipulated revolutionary “proletariat,” the better. And to borrow a phrase from Hillary Clinton, “what difference [would] it make,” whether the ensuing martial law is feigned to be on the side of the rioters, as it is in a classic Marxist revolution, or those seeking security from them, as it might be seen in a more fascistic revolution? Either way, the end result is the same: the iron-fisted grip of collectivist authoritarianism.

The reader may need to take a deep breath for more reasons than one. A long question is coming, next.

Without this being quite a complete “big picture” list…

…it all points in what direction, from where we have been for 237 years?


After reading Barack Hussein Obama Sr’s published criticism of the Kenyan president of his time, who was socialistic, for not being Marxist enough, I would not mince words. His father (if that is his father) was a Communist too. Thank you to Michael Savage for the graphic.

State control is the goal and as is demonstrated in China and Russia, the statist corporatism which was the heart of the 20th Century’s fascism is now the neo in neo-Marxism. Whether one calls it Marxofascism, or globalist crony capitalism, or the “New World Order” as communist collaborator, John Kerry did in his Secretary of State confirmation hearings, or as Barack Obama referred in his second inaugural, a bridge from the Declaration principle (of popular sovereignty and subservient government) into collectivism there is only one direction to go, from freedom.

And now, what direction does Nanette’s list indicate?

Are we asking our members of Congress this question? – and our local sheriffs?

And any family and friends in our military and law enforcement services – are we asking them if they are Oath Keepers?

The same with veterans, are we asking them if they know about Veteran Defenders of America, for instance?

And are we informing our neighbors, individually, or organizationally?

And how about that Second Amendment and its first six words?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

More about that, soon.

One last thought before the video – is this part of the reason for the out-of-the-blue announcement of women now being readied for combat situations? Are the Obamunists preparing to prop up America’s own young ladies to be among those facing or aggressing upon our very citizens? Just think of the ramifications, there. Consider the warped mentality of this regime.


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Rev. William Owens, Jr.

* This is not a rhetorical question. If you have information as to the legality or illegality of any of these exercises (e.g.)  please reply in comments or to

Arlen Williams is editor and publisher of, formerly of See the categories and tags under this article in Gulag Bound, for more.


  1. Keep in mind please, that I named this Webzine “Gulag Bound” after I saw what was going on in my nation. It’s hardly about back-filling for an “image” created by the title, according to a “narrative.” It’s not like I knew about the facts shown and linked above before they existed….

  2. “On Friday, a district court in California issued a notice of default on Barack Hussein Obama for the president’s lack of response to a plaintiff’s birther allegations. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California ruled that Obama had until Jan. 25, 2013 to respond to allegations that he had submitted fake IDs and forged documents in order to run for political office.”

  3. “Homeland Security Prepares for Civil War,” Jack Swint, 8/21/2012

  4. Michael Nunnally @Sir_Templar says

    Great Blog Arlen…. 2013 is the year they are planning to bring this all to a head, Watch carefully to all events going on with this government. All policies have been pre-assembled long ago, that why no congressman seems to know their own bills, They aren’t writing them, now they are being written by the President of the US either by EO or passed down for vote, but NO DISCLOSURE. The complete reverse of the roles of 3 major branches of government. The Constitution has been turned upside down and WHY in the HELL isn’t CONGRESS raising hell to find out why.

  5. Doctor warns: Obama taking over psychiatry
    Exclusive: Dr. Lee Hieb explains dangerous weapon in hands of state

  6. Been watching Homeland Security for a few years and noticed they have been multiplying.
    Not a paranoid fool like this Site wants
    Obama is not a commie
    He is quite the Commander in Chief
    Libya first Syria next
    I am worried about our civil rights
    The squashing of the OCCUPY SAN FRANCISCO is unconstitutional
    The fear of rioting like Europe is the reason for much of the BS militarism in cities
    PLUS the FEMA HIPPIE SUMMER CAMPS in the desert are there for a reason

    • Tim, thanks, the NWO is a hydra and a shape shifter, as this article alludes, and Obama, raised , nurtured, and developed hard Marxist, wears the hat fitting his company and occasion. (I hope you are not saying that Marxism is not militaristic.)

  7. Excellent work .. don’t stop. I tweet about all this and more daily at

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  10. Great and sober coverage! When I read an article with which I agree in every principle, every tenet, and every word, it makes me worried that one of the two of us may be unnecessary! So I’ll keep reading your articles, looking for some reason for there being two of us who think exactly alike.

    Arlen Williams, I hereby invite you to offer strategy or angles of approach at the ALIPAC Barack Obama Constitutional ineligibility thread: click on my nick above.

  11. This was in 2013 and old news!!!!!!


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