Judge Napolitano : First American to Shoot Down a Drone will be an American Hero

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  1. Bloodless Coup says

    A leaked Classified Army Document proves that US Internment Camps (aka Fema Camps) are a stark reality.


  2. Americans Don’t need a Permit to shoot down Drones.

    The federal government and more specifically, the intelligence mega-plex, using the Patriot Act, NDAA, the collusion of corrupt politicians and at the unlawful
    direction of The President of the United States, has effectively declared war against The American People .

    In response to that declaration, we intend to shoot down at least One Predator Drone over open country and/or during takeoff or landing from their military
    launch facilities. It is our intention to stream the first “Gun Camera” shoot-down video, in real time, to the Internet.

    Over the past year we have perfected the combined strike package, consisting ofthe target acquisition and tracking system, the launch vehicle, the operating ECS system and the Autonomous Airborne Strike Package itself.

    We currently have the ability to reach a loitering target at an airborne velocity of up to 680 MPH and at altitudes up to 52,000 feet. This is well outside the Predator’s combined operating envelope.

    Now we need to actually build the Airborne Strike Package itself and we estimate the cost of each shoot-down at about $6000 USD … Way less than the GOV spends on a single missile of ANY kind … or even a single Drone, for that matter and we are prepared to shoot down at least one Drone over every state in the union . If that doesn’t do the trick, we will strike their Fusion Centers and C3I installations. Eventually they’ll get the idea.

    We are requesting immediate BITCOIN DONATIONS to the project Bitcoin address at:


    If you are a patriotic American and want to be a part of something bigger than all of us, Help us send a message that THEY can’t help but understand.

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