China’s Secret Pandemic Plan: Murder 200 Million Americans by Biowarfare

Jim Simpson for Congress

In light of the coronavirus crisis, author, columnist and national security expert J.R. Nyquist recently republished a secret speech given by Chinese general Chi Haotian somewhere around 2002 — the exact date isn’t known — to senior members of the Chinese Communist Party. In the speech, Chi describes how China’s population growth cannot be contained within the borders of China. This, and nationalistic themes eerily reminiscent of Hitler, is used to justify China’s intended takeover of America, where Americans will be given a choice: leave or die.

I suggest you read the entire speech. Then read it again. The current SARS virus, COVID-19, was a bioweapon, manufactured in Wuhan’s Biosafety Level 4 laboratory. Recall that the original SARS epidemic also came from China. This is not a coincidence.

In a January Netflix documentary titled “Pandemic,” Dr Dennis Carroll, director of the Emerging Threats Unit at the US Agency for International Development, warned: “While we can’t predict where the next influenza pandemic is going to come from, there are certain places that need particular attention – and China is one of those. It’s the place where we have seen the emergence of virtually all of the deadly influenza viruses over the last half-century.”

While Dr. Carroll did not mention bioweapons explicitly, why else should he be so worried about China specifically? What follows suggests the answer. I have chosen a few choice excerpts from the speech itself, which detail both the Chinese plans and their justifications.

What you should understand is that none of this is in the least surprising to anyone familiar with Communist strategies and tactics. Communism is the greatest evil ever unleashed on mankind. We have been anesthetized to that fact by endless propaganda, lies and sheer ignorance promulgated in Western media, Hollywood, our educational institutions and culture. This has been aided and abetted by the human mind’s unwillingness to believe that anyone (except maybe Hitler), could be so systematically evil, helped with a large dose of political and economic self-interest enjoyed by those who have chosen to interact and trade with the Chinese.

Haotian starts by optimistically reporting an online survey of young Chinese they had conducted. The survey revealed that over 80 percent would willingly “shoot at women, children and prisoners of war,” thus removing the worry that the up-and-coming generation might not have the stomach for mass murder. He explains that their rationale for conducting the survey was to discover, “If China’s global development will necessitate massive deaths in enemy countries, will our people endorse that scenario? Will they be for or against it?”

Excerpt 1. Discusses the problem of targeting America, or any nation, for colonization by masses of the Chinese population:

To resolve the issue of America we must be able to transcend conventions and restrictions. In history, when a country defeated another country or occupied another country, it could not kill all the people in the conquered land because back then you could not kill people effectively with sabers or long spears, or even with rifles or machine guns. Therefore, it was impossible to gain a stretch of land without keeping the people on that land. However, if we conquered America in this fashion, we would not be able to make many people migrate there.

Excerpt 2. Discusses the means by which America can be safely depopulated, “cleaned up,” to make room for the Chinese:

Conventional weapons such as fighters, canons, missiles and battleships won’t do; neither will highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons… Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio-weapons have been invented one after another. Of course, we have not been idle, in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind. We are capable of achieving our purpose of “cleaning up” America all of a sudden… Biological weapons are unprecedented in their ruthlessness, but if the Americans do not die then the Chinese have to die.

These are not idle plans. Remember, Haotian is making recommendations to the top officials of the Chinese Communist Party.

COVID-19, Image by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ (NIAID), Rocky Mountains Laboratories (RML), via [GB]

Excerpt 3. Describes how they must prepare if they are to be successful in the planned use of bioweapons in an offensive attack:

We must prepare ourselves for two scenarios. If our biological weapons succeed in the surprise attack, the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses at a minimum in the fight against the United States. If, however, the attack fails and triggers a nuclear retaliation from the United States, China would perhaps suffer a catastrophe in which more than half of its population would perish. That is why we need to be ready with air defense systems for our big and medium-sized cities…

It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century in which the CCP leads the world… (Emphasis added.)

Gen. Haotian concludes:

[A]s long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.

Marxism pointed out that violence is the midwife for the birth of China’s century. As war approaches, I am full of hope for our next generation.

Some believe the COVID-19 outbreak was deliberate. While they shut down travel within China, the Communists allowed air travel to continue, thereby deliberately contaminating the world with the virus, killing over 200,000 to date and shattering the world economy.

A lot could be said for this theory. It may have been a distraction to take the world’s eyes off Hong Kong, where the Communists are now suppressing the pro-freedom protesters and completing their takeover. Also, President Trump is the first ever president to actually stand up to the Communist Chinese. What better way to derail his efforts and poison his reelection prospects than by inflicting this national emergency?

It may have been so. I continue to believe this was an erroneously leaked bioweapon. First, we learned of the leak from a brave Chinese researcher who later died of COVID-19. Then the Chinese Communists moved into CYA overdrive, shutting everything down and pointing fingers at the U.S. — classic Communist face-saving actions. A deliberate release would have been better hidden and the virus would have been more virulent, as this secret plan makes clear will be their intention.

Either way, Communist China is working on bioweapons and the secret speech makes clear that they do intend to use them against us at some point in a massive surprise attack. So this pandemic may actually be our savior, in that it has alerted us to all the issues we have with China, many of which we were unaware, and now, hopefully, the widespread dissemination of this speech, will underscore just how dangerous this regime is to the United States and the world.

Currently running for Congress (R) in Maryland’s CD-2, James M. Simpson is an economist, author and investigative journalist. His latest book is “The Red Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America.” Follow Jim on Twitter and Facebook.

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