“Agenda” Showing In Sydney Australia – Don’t Miss It!!!

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New Zeal

For my Aussie mates.

The Sydney Traditionalist Forum is showing “Agenda: Grinding America Down” at Sydney University on April 8th.

“Agenda,” made by first time film maker Curtis Bowers, is a classic of its kind. It’s a must see for anyone trying to understand the deliberate cultural degradation of the West.

Yours truly features in the DVD on several occasions by the way!


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  1. Thank you to Gulag Bound for the promotional mention of this event.

    As the poster above appears to be blurry and difficult to read, we suggest that visitors go to our website for all pertinent details, and to RSVP. In summary:

    Date: 8 April 2013
    Time: 6:30pm for 7:00pm start
    Location: Sydney University
    RSVP direct to StydneyTrads at our contact page by providing your name and postal details (for the ticket).

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