How Energy is Being Used to Enslave Us: Technocracy

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Witholding energy is a tool set for coersion and control. Perhaps this is why the Technocrats are so intent on preventing cheap, abundant, national energy flowing via pipelines and American drilling.

Video, “Technocracy – Patrick Wood


And is this not why Barack Obama promised us that under his policy energy prices would “necessarily skyrocket?” Technocracy has never died; it has always been taught in the elite universities. Obama was just being a good little Harvard regurgitator.

Video, “Change power behavior,” including the “prices will necessarily skyrocket” line


Gulag Notes:

Patrick Wood fairly juxtaposes doctrinaire Technocracy against doctrinaire Marxism. It should also be understood that those who seek to control the world will use any means and any pawns of ideological movements they can manipulate.  The coalition is always built on the upswing, then, after control is gained come the purges. For more on this linkage between global Marxism, power, gain, and control, see James Simpson’s “Conspiracy of the Lemmings: Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis; Part III.”

The powers that be have horded the lion’s share of the world’s gold within the global central bank complex. DeBeers and diamonds are another, less extensive example. They are now well on their way and fighting hard on many battlefields, for hording, pricing-up, profiteering, and controlling, by means of energy (plus healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nutrients, and even food and water). – AW

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