‘Constitutional World Federation’ eh? James O’Keefe Stings Entrepreneurial Marxists at #OWS

Brother can you spare a billion?

Thank you, Common American Journal

Caution, of course: foul neo-Marxist language

Posing as Banker, James O’Keefe Finds Anti-Capitalist Protesters Looking for Some Venture Capital at #OccupyWallStreet


10/11/2011Independent filmmaker James O’Keefe dressed as a Wall Street Banker and spoke with anti-capitalist protesters at “Occupy Wall Street.” Some of the protesters were doing some seriously high-end pan handling.

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  1. What a bunch of leaches. I heard an interview on Monday and a good many of these people have no clue to why they are doing this. No big surprise that the anti-American ACORN is one of the organizations behind this and the communist Union as well.

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