Gulag Night, Archived: Trevor Loudon & James Simpson on George Soros & Doreen Hannes on Food Takeover; Thursday 10pm-M ET

This program was very important.  It included critical information we have not heard in mass media.  We offer it happily but somberly.

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Gulag Night

Trevor Loudon & Doreen Hannes join Gulag Bound agent of the resistance, Tallulah Starr and your host and instigator, Arlen Williams.

1. Glenn Beck blew George Soros’ “nice liberal philanthropist” cover, showing him as the “Puppet Master” in a global movement for the destruction of our Sovereign, free, and prosperous America. But is he acting as a maverick on the world stage? If not, who else is actually pulling the strings? His strings? Trevor Loudon helps us put Soros into Marxofascist perspective.

Trevor Loudon:

  • leading tracker of the global Marxist movement
  • the man who outed Barack Obama’s Czar, Van Jones as a self-described Communist
  • cited numerous times by Glenn Beck
  • administrates New Zeal blog and KeyWiki, Marxist enemy research repository
  • frequent contributor to Gulag Bound

Soon joining the conversation is James Simpson, Gulag Bound contributor and author of “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis,” which in September, 2008, opened the eyes of many Internet readers including yours truly, about the Cloward-Piven modus operandi of Marxists behind the election of the current occupant of the White House.

2. Doreen Hannes tells us what is happening in this Soft War against Americans, to our agriculture and food. Why does the (federal? make that national) government want to control our vital resources? Are they succeeding with SB-510 & SB-787, this week? (If you have not done so already, call your U.S. Senators, today!) What does this have to do with U.N. Agenda 21 & Nazi inspired Codex Alimentarius?

Doreen Hannes:

War Council: Join the Bound for this intel analysis in the Soft War waged upon us, by treasonous Americans and other global Marxists. Our weapon is the truth.  Please help us get it out and send this page to your compatriots.

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