Archived Radio: Gulag Authors Post Election Special

You can still “tune in” to our Gulag Media special:

The Election for Tea Partiers & Constitutionalists:
What Happened & What Happens Now?

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Date / Time: 11/4/2010 10pm-Midnight Eastern Time
Call-in Number: (310) 807-5060

The election itself: Voter fraud?  Voter extortion?  Where?
And besides that where do the Citizens stand in the Soft War against America – awake and aware?

The future: What now?  In Congress and the States?  With the People?

Join the Gulag Bound, as we seek answers. dissidents include:

Anita MonCrief, James Simpson, Jim O’Neill, CJ from Texas, Ann “Babe” Huggett, Tallulah Starr, and Janet Smiles

Special Guest: Aaron Proctor, Philadelphia Libertarian Examiner

Host: Arlen Williams

How can the new Congress contend with Obama?  How can it contend with itself?

The GOP may have a new majority, but Tea Party Constitutionalists are a tiny minority in Congress.

We the People have only begun to fight the forces constraining American Sovereignties and freedoms — but those constraints wrap around us like a barbwire.

What can we do to free America to be America?

We are Gulag Bound

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