How Obamacare and the Welfare State are Immoral, in 6 Minutes

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Hat tip to @PolitiJim for passing this video along.  It becomes tempting to write an essay here, on Godly aid vs. Pharisaical coercion and control, which Jesus cursed, in Matthew 23. There are many Scriptural references and lessons to cite. But, to keep it short and not distract from the video, here is just one more, of Jesus Himself again, speaking to his disciples about ministry as He assigned it: “Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8b, NKJV)



I appreciate this graphic too, but “capitalism” is a loaded, Marxian term. It is better to champion free enterprise or economic freedom. Free enterprise is people thriving by making and doing things. Government is people suffering being made to do things.

Bandying about “capitalism,” Marxists blame economic freedom for the very problems of Rothschild-style financial collusion and Rockefeller-style market capture of which these Marxofascist conspirators themselves are guilty. That is not free enterprise, just the opposite. It is strategic corruption and subversion (and John D. Rockefeller almost went to jail over it, but alas, not quite).

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  1. Victims of public education are indoctrinated in collectivism and are taught a false morality.

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