Former SEAL Ben Smith on Obama Admin vs. Veterans: They’re using us – want us to do something (video)


The Obamunists have been engaged in psyops warfare against our military veterans for years now. It may have even began with the DHS under Bush. Why? (Don’t you know why?)

Video, “Former Navy Seal Ben Smith’s Warning to America! and Oath Keepers at World War II Memorial

“This can be absolutely planned and it’s a conversation topic. They want us to do something. They either want to diminish our voice, or our significance, or draw contact….”

“It’s like a cold civil war out there, for which way the country wants to go…. They’re using us.”

Please make sure you see the entire video and listen to the awake, aware, and alerted Ben Smith. And personally, I suggest:

And I suggest the Gulag category, “Neo-Marxism Planned Mayhem,” including our recent articles on this queer but tactical abuse of our treasured military veterans.

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