Is My Bow Too Big? How I Went From Saturday Night Live to the Tea Party

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Review by: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot


Victoria Jackson

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What a wonderful, wonderful book. When i was a child, i belonged to a monthly book club, reading Nancy Drew, and other books suitable for a young girl. i couldn’t put them down, and would feel genuine sadness when the final chapter came to a close.

That’s the same feeling i had reading “Is my bow too big?”

Victoria has shared her life story in a way that lifts us, reminds us what’s at stake and most of all, that we walk each day only by His grace and mercy, I recommend that you read it — whether you are a believer or not. This Is Victoria’s “mission field”, no doubt about it. And she brings you to it with candor and humor. Thanks for sharing yourself with us, Victoria. You are salt and light, of which He must be very pleased.

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