Vice President of Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt: Obama’s Brother is a Muslim Brotherhood Leader

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

The following news story is very interesting, not the least because it reveals something about our Muslim leader Barack Hussein Obama, but because the source of the story does not originate from any group of domestic, anti-Obama, Islamophobes. It comes directly from Tahani al-Gebali, Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt. It was reposted on Jihad Watch. The story was written by Raymond Ibrahim. Wikipedia has his bio here. Raymond Ibrahim is an American research librarian, translator, author and columnist. His focus is Arabic history and language, and current events. He is the author of two books, Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians (Regnery, 2013) and The Al Qaeda Reader (Doubleday, 2007). Ibrahim was previously an Arab language specialist for the Near East section of the Library of Congress, and the associate director of the Middle East Forum. He is currently a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Obama’s brother: Muslim Brotherhood leader?

Speaking yesterday on Bitna al-Kibir, a live TV show, Tahani al-Gebali, Vice President of the Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt, said the time was nearing when all the conspiracies against Egypt would be exposed—conspiracies explaining why the Obama administration is so vehemently supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood, whose terrorism has, among other atrocities, caused the destruction of some 80 Christian churches in less than one week.

Al-Gebali referred to “documents and proofs” which Egypt’s intelligence agencies possess and how “the time for them to come out into the open has come.” In the course of her discussion on how these documents record massive financial exchanges between international bodies and the Muslim Brotherhood, she said: “Obama’s brother is one of the architects of investment for the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.”


Malik and Barack Obama. Image from Drudge Report

Here the confused host stopped her, asking her to repeat what she just said, which she did, with complete confidence, adding “If the matter requires it, then we must inform our people”—apparently a reference to Obama’s support for the Brotherhood against the state of Egypt, which is causing the latter to call all bets off, that is, causing Egyptian officials to spill the beans as to the true nature of the relationship between the U.S., the Brotherhood, and Egypt.

She did not mention which of the U.S president’s brother’s she was referring to, but earlier it was revealed that Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, was running an African nonprofit closely linked to the Brotherhood as well as the genocidal terrorist of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir.

Posted by Raymond on August 20, 2013 9:42 AM

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Obama’s brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood
Report says Malik directs radical Islamic movement’s investments

Jerome R. Corsi

NEW YORK – President Obama’s half-brother in Kenya could cause the White House more headaches over new evidence linking him to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and establishing that controversial IRS supervisor Lois Lerner signed his tax-exempt approval letter.

Malik Obama’s oversight of the Muslim Brotherhood’s international investments is one reason for the Obama administration’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to an Egyptian report citing the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, Tehani al-Gebali

In a news report on Egyptian television of a Gebali speech, translated by researcher Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian Liberation Organization operative, Gebali said she would like “to inform the American people that their president’s brother Obama is one of the architects of the major investments of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

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  1. I cannot believe it! Our kenyan born marxist muslim president lied to us? No wonder the Egyptians smartened up, they were being screwed by obammy big time. Nothing, and I mean nothing, surprises me any more, I tell everyone I know, turn the idiot box off, there is nothing but propaganda and indoctrination being peddled on the tv. I thank God for sites such as these, without which, we the people would be totally blind. I’m kind of curious, how much longer are Caucasians going to tolerate this blatant racist government and media?

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