Live Blogging SUNDAY UPDATE, YET MORE OBSTRUCTION: Allen West’s Full Retabulation

We may presume that Allan West is discussing the non-results, the new and uncertified results, and the results known to be bogus, with his legal counsel and others.

We may also presume that those opposed to American principles are preparing for his next steps, as they plan their contingencies.

From approx. 12:17pm CT:

Tanya Grimsley

THEY HAVE ASKED US TO CALL GOVERNOR SCOTT’S OFFICE – CRIMINAL CHARGES NEED TO BE BROUGHT UP Supervisor of Elections and the Canvassing Board and they were directly responsible for uploading the votes and they were working hand in hand with the Staff of the St Lucie SOE – DEMAND A CAL[L] BACK!!!!

850-488-7146 – YOU CAN LEAVE A MESSAGE – Per Melinda Campanale Galiano

From approx. 12:09pm CT:


Just prior:

RECAP:#AllenWestRecount ALL VOTES COUNTED but 304, Everyone forced to leave last night when they had time to complete the process, today upload fail to Tallahassee, intentionally ran out the clock and now Florida SOS will certify Murphy as the winner on PREVIOUS vote count

Posted approx. 12:47pm CT:

Tanya Grimsley

The Right Scoop just posted this on their play by play. “UPDATE 4: Apparently there is still hope, as Florida Law allows an exemption to the deadline in case of an emergency (via Palm Beach Post update)

Florida law does allow an exemption to the deadline in an emergency and West’s attorney are expected to argue that the exemption applies.

That exemption defines emergency as “any occurrence, or threat thereof, whether accidental, natural, or caused by human beings, in war or in peace, that results or may result in substantial injury or harm to the population or substantial damage to or loss of property to the extent it will prohibit an election officer’s ability to conduct a safe and orderly election.”

Posted at Allen West Republic (Facebook, official) approx. 1:15pm CT

They said after all info was uploaded that Murphy was the winner with the new tapes after everything was all uploaded. I am listening live with Gary. They will be posting this information soon for the public. West only gained 34 and Murphy gained 274.

This ostensibly includes the mysterious 900 votes from Precinct 93.


Allen West’s opponent, Patrick Murphy declared victory due to a missed deadline. The deadline was missed due to the county election officials calling for a recess for the night, blaming the building’s alarm system. Yet, further evidence of gross fraud or technical error was discovered.

St. Lucie County officials said one memory card with election results for one (or more) precincts is failing to load.  This may cause them to scuttle this entire retabulation and simply certify the original counts, due to passing their deadline. That, of course, brings up suspicion of sabotage.

Via Facebook, “Attorneys for Allen West have been dispatched to the St. Lucie County courthouse for request an emergency hearing on the noon deadline the St. Lucie County canvassing board missed to certify results”

One new problem uncovered:

BOOTS ON THE GROUND UPDATE: HOLD ON PATRIOTS! Precinct 93 has 7…SEVEN registeted voters. When the they uploaded the chips to tabulate tbe count Precinct 93 recorder o er 900 votes!! Yes NINE HUNDRED!! Hold on & buckle up..tbe road is about to get real friggin bumpy!!!


#AllenWestRecount – A Pct had – 7 registered voters in Guatemalan community and the tally showed 900 voted!!!!! – THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL YET – The commissioner has NOT announced ANYONE the winner or the numbers yet. They are STILL behind closed doors

Here are the counts from this precinct (the counts placed here in bold are the totals):

POUND IN THIS PCT 93 ALL OVER THE WORLD WIDE WEB it needs to go viral!!!!

#AllenWestRecount –

Pct 93 Precinct/Male 2 2 0 4
Precinct/Female 1 1 1 3
Precinct/gender unknown 0 0 0 0
Grand total 3 3 1 7

Dale Davis

Precinct 93 in St. Lucie county:
Male (4) = (2) Democrat (2) Republican
Female (3) = (1) Democrat (1) Republican (1) other

There is no possible way that 900 votes could be counted from this precinct that has (7) registered voters.

Tanya Grimsley

PER GARY – They have taken over the ballot room, everyone is screaming. COUNT THE VOTE! I just advised them that Tallahassee time is an hour behind and even on election night they can’t start reporting until THAT time zone is closed out. THEY ARE NOW SCREAMING INSIDE and its getting wild!

Gary Angelo Galiano

It took one and a half hours today once they got started to do what they could’ve done last night and if it’s true the memory card failed it could’ve been fixed last night!!!!!

Gary Angelo Galiano

Still in closed doors people have calmed down a little waiting for the meeting

Allen West Republic

#AllenWestRepubic – @Gary_Galiano cannot confirm but his source is reliable Florida Secretary of State WILL certify Patrick Murphy on the LAST VOTES. ARE YOU ANGRY PATRIOTS? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?????

Comments in Facebook mirror this:

This was deliberate. They were not acting in good faith and have dirty hands. They shouldn’t get a REWARD for that!

More to come.

Original post: Friday, November 16, 8:59pm, @TallulahStarr

From Allen West Republic in Facebook:

Allen West Republic

30 minutes ago 

4132 Okeechobee Rd Fort Pierce, 2nd entrance

MORE via the Bound: 

11/16, in the the Miami Herald, from AP, “Early ballot recount ordered in Allen West race

11/16, in Allen West Republic (Facebook)

Tanya Grimsley
UPDATE: ALLEN WEST BEST ON THE GROUND: On the phone with Gary Angelo Galiano – 304 Ballots they found in a box somewhere PLUS AT LEAST another 304 more now. The public is going on, back and forth, attorneys, etc, there is still a box of over a 1000 ballots still missing they are “trying to find” EVERYONE IS SCREAMING and YELLING AND ARGUING, it is flawed and out of control. The state representative has recommended a FULL RECOUNT but the canvassing authority has to approve that. Everyone is yelling WE WANT A FULL RECOUNT!!!!!

11/17, in Western Center for Journalism, “The Allen West Recount Continues (an On The Ground Report)

11/17, in Allen West Republic:


Stuart, FL – West for Congress campaign manager Tim Edson released the following statement regarding Patrick Murphy’s lawyers’ attempt to get the 19th Circuit Court Judge to disallow the retabulation of early votes agreed to by the St. Lucie County Canvassing Board:

“In a last-ditch effort to suppress the vote, Murphy’s lawyers submitted sloppy and incomplete papers to the Court this morning to try to strong-arm the judge into preventing today’s retabulation already underway. The Murphy team’s motion is procedurally and substantively lacking. With every action attempted, Murphy demonstrates a complete lack of respect and utter disregard for the voters of St. Lucie County.

Murphy’s efforts bring to mind the dark times in our nation’s history when politicians tried to manipulate the law to suppress the votes, and we are appalled by Murphy’s apparent contempt for the voting rights of citizens to have their ballots accurately and fairly tabulated.

Murphy knows there are votes that have not been counted, but he’s taking legal action to ensure the results are certified anyway. Perhaps the Justice Department should investigate Murphy’s attempt to steal himself a seat in Congress at the expense of the voters in St. Lucie County.”

11/17, in Allen West Republic (Faceb00k)

Gary Angelo Galiano
After over 100 discrepancies proven fact that there was voter fraud and the supervisor admitting over 20 times that there was problems and after what we witnessed last night including Murphy’s attorneys they got up call to try to stop the People’s vote well we got news for them!!!

Gary Angelo Galiano
Hey my brothers and sisters right now all they’re doing is calibrating the machines there’s probably 50 at least 50 machines and it takes a while to get done. After that three people sign off on the tickertape that comes out of the machine that it’s at zero. So relax sit back have your coffee and I’ll get back to you as soon as the actual voting recount starts

John Swetland
ALLEN WEST RECOUNT UPDATE via phone call with Gary Angelo Galiano: Everything is going rather smoothly. Not a heck of a lot to report as no major issues have popped up. Looking for FRESH PATRIOTS to relieve some tired eyes around 4-5 PM!!!

John Swetland
ALLEN WEST RECOUNT UPDATE via Jaquette Brassfield: They are feeding the ballots FINALLY!!

Dale Davis
Just by the numbers:
Our winning number is 3,308
Our winning magic number is 1,907 (still a recount)
Our mandatory recount number is 1,654
254 more votes needed to kick in a three county
mandatory recount of every ballot cast.
If there is a vote swing of just 127 ballots
then we will recount the whole Congressional District 18.
(vote swing means if Murphy lost a vote, and West gained a vote
that is a two vote swing, hence double 127= 254)

So in St. Lucie County:
West……… 52,672
Murphy……. 65,567
difference….(12,895) if this number drops below 12,641
there will be a mandatory recount.
If the (12,895) drops to 9,587 Allen West is the winner, no recount.

Tanya Grimsley
QUOTING “Officials reportedly brought in boxes of ballots from St. Lucie Elections Supervisor Gertrude Walker’s office on Friday, looking for the 304 ballots that may be missing. The Palm Beach Post previously reported that an attorney for Walker said the missing ballots could be in her office.”

Gary Angelo Galiano
It’s official folks the injunction has been turned down turn down turn down!!!!!!we are home free!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tanya Grimsley


We just got word a few minutes ago that it’s going be a lot longer than we expected tonight. so put the call out we need more bodies more bodies more bodies we need more people. I’m thinking 12 to 2 o’clock a.m 4132 Okeechobee Rd Fort Pierce 2nd entrance

Tanya Grimsley approx. 9:30pm CT

Just got off the phone with Gary – UPDATE ALLEN WEST – SOMETHING ODD AND FISHY PER GARY – they are shutting the mall down at 11 (an abandoned mall) for the alarm is set automatically at that time. They counted 37k votes in 12 hours but can’t count 304 votes in 2 hours. They kept yapping about the deadline and now this. SOMETHING IS ROTTEN IN DENMARK FOLKS BE PREPARED. They want to come back at 8am and their deadline is tomorrow by NOON.

Allen West Republic, approx. 10:55pm CT

Lord, Jesus we ask for your guidance, comfort and piece of mind tonight. Let all those around this nation be filled with an understanding only you can give. I ask for you to watch over all of those wonderful patriots on their drive home tonight and may you bring them back tomorrow filled with your Holy Boldness and rejuvenated with your righteousness. We pray a for your ultimate will in all of this to be done. We will leave it at your feet as it is too big for us to carry tonight Lord. I ask all of this in your most wonderful and Holy name. Amen


Gary Angelo Galiano
We have set a precedent here in South Florida!! win or lose we know it can be done. You have us to use as your example now. Remember you have to be relentless relentless relentless you cannot stop now matter how tired you got you cannot stop!!!

11/17, earlier in the day, “Still Counting,” photo, Gary Angelo Galiano

Gary Angelo Galiano
COME ON Philadelphia Ohio Colorado get off the couch and demand recounts it works. There’s voter fraud everywhere and we are the only ones that can make it stop but you can’t do it sitting on the couch! !!! you have to be relentless pounding the table do not give up!!

Video, “Media admitting voter fraud in Allen West race


  1. Praise the Lord. We support you Col West. we are praying for the truth to come out.

  2. And Americans continue to commit suicide.

  3. Only a black politician (with Allen West’s fortitude) could have made this happen (along with all his supporters) and THANK GOD.

    In 1981 the STUPID RNC signed a Consent Decree that will NOT allow them to challenge VOTER FRAUD. Reince Prebius mentioned this but did not go into full detail of how and why it happened. I found a website that has given full details of this and tells how the DEMS knew how to use it to their advantage and did:

  4. Just for accuracy, a “retabulation” is what is being done, not a recount.. A recount will occur when the official margin is in the .05 %…

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    DHS Ready For Massive Civil Unrest, Internment Of “Dissidents”

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