Warning! Progressives’ NPV Plan for White House Control, 2012 & Permanently

By Jacquerie
Wake Up America

National Popular Vote manifesto, 2004

While the lamestream media holds public attention on GOP candidate rivalries, a “progressive” strategy is underway to eliminate the role of the states in electing a U.S. President. By transferring electoral votes to a “national popular vote” this “Compact”  would  usurp the role of the states as safeguarded by our Constitution. In doing so, it could also neutralize Obama’s critics — totally.

This may be the most vital – and time sensitive – expose WAM has ever uncovered and shared! And it’s happening now, under the radar, with the general public in the dark. This “ultimate vote fraud” is intentionally  complicated to keep it obscure until it’s too late to stop it.

This complete expose on the “National Popular Vote Compact” won’t be found elsewhere. Because of the complexity and urgency of this issue. read it through completely. See who is behind this scheme and what its intended consequences are.

Then spread the word  in your blogs, forums and forward to all your contacts now. There is still time to block the NPVC sufficient states passage – only if we act now!

All of US urgently need to contact our State Assemblymen, State Senators and Governors to vehemently oppose this covert measure! See below the real facts of this manipulation of the Constitution and American electorate. See Your State Status and action needed  in last column.

Plan for 2012 (& Permanent) White House control by progressives happening now

Called the “National Popular Vote Compact” this movement has been in the works nationwide – without public attention – on a state-by-state level since at least 2008.

Like other surreptitious actions against the U.S. Constitution, the NPVC “movement” has several promotional websites claiming to represent “true democracy.”

The NPVC is a bill now moving state-by-state to make the popular vote winner President by bypassing normal requirements to amend the Constitution. Tts outcome would ensure the Presidency would be declared by giving all the required 270 Electoral Votes needed for a “winner” to the candidate who wins the largest number of popular votes nationally – no matter how small the win margin and no difference how many states voted to oppose him. Here’s how it works:

  • Once enough states have passed the NPVC bill into law to reach the requisite 270 Electoral Votes (by totaling the EV’s of those states which pass this bill) the NPVC goes into immediate effect in the next – and all subsequent – Presidential elections. It doesn’t matter how strongly other states oppose this. We’d all have to go along, if even a minority of states pass it! • Currently, this bill has passed enough state houses to reach more than 160 EV’s – so they are well over half way to their goal right now.
  • According to most up-to-date information this National Popular Vote Pact has already passed 1 of the 2 required chambers in more than 30 other states- without public attention.
  • If their magic number of 270 EV totaling states is reached, it won’t matter how the rest of the states vote on this; nor whether other states never take up the bill; not even if other states vehemently object and oppose this action. It would be the Law of the Land!

This sneaky scheme to upend Constitutional rights and protections of all states and their residents in selecting the nation’s leader is underway as an explicit attempt to defeat the careful Constitutional amendment process with no public knowledge, no voter input, no public referendums and no input from states which object to this measure. All NPVC takes is a portion of current state houses to make it law for all of us – always!

Why would progressives want to switch to a National Popular Vote POTUS?

Do the math: The electoral vote system protects voting rights by giving every individual state a number of electoral votes representing the level of population. In this way, all states in the Union have a proportionate and representative say in who becomes President. It doesn’t matter if the state has more land mass than populace, or if more of the people live in rural areas, etc.

Here is what would happen with an NPVC that hands all the needed 270 Electoral Votes to the national popular vote winner: Those states with larger populations – especially those with heavily populated big cities will pick the President. Period. The politically savvy know that big city voters trend “Democratic” – and that controlling big city vote results (by buying votes, duplicating votes, “fixing” vote count machines on a large scale basis – these are all “Democratic” party specialties!

Take Illinois as a case in point. No matter the notorious corruption in politics there. Year after year, all the suburban and rural vote populations together can’t get their voices heard to change who runs the state. Why not? Because the votes of the city of Chicago always outnumber the total combined votes in the entire rest of the state. Is that what we want to happen to the White House?

The state houses of Illinois, California, New York and New Jersey – with their large combined Electoral Votes – are among those that have already passed the NPVC into law. A list of states which have passed this treacherous law is given below. Do you think the voters in those states (of which you may be one) have an idea this has happened? Of course not – as with all Progressive take-over tactics, this one is being arranged as quietly and quickly as possible, before the actual voters there even find out!

So, if you’ve wondered why Obama isn’t more worried about his “re-election” – despite growing public dissatisfaction – now you know. Just pass the NPVC in a handful more states. Then, put the usual paid workers out in the precincts with lies and pockets full of bribes for votes; send out more union propaganda enflaming and threatening union members into support; continue using state paid staff to bring in the votes of the infirm and institutionalized; doctor up more absentee vote records; alter the vote totals of machines in key areas. And voila – Obama gets even the tiniest combined margin of the “popular” vote (by hook or crook) – and he stays in office!   

If this NPVC vote scam gets enough states to go along, the rest of US are doomed to non-elect but appoint Obama again – by the magic 270 with claims that its all very constitutional!   Akin to ObamaCare, if this National Popular Vote Compact is passed – no matter how wrong and corrupt – it would take massive funding and endless delays to drag through the courts in hopes of any reversal.

An NPVC success in its remaining targeted states would mean: states that have been trending GOP and don’t support NPVC won’t matter; states with large land expanses sprinkled with Conservative voters and rural farmers won’t matter; suburbanites who pay the taxes that support city entitlements won’t matter; the original fair and balanced Electoral College system won’t matter. After all, they tell US: this is just one of those parts of that old Constitution that’s not really fair and needs to be updated!

Here is a summary of why the National Popular Vote Presidency is a really bad idea.

Who is behind the National Popular Vote Compact?
George Soros – and that’s not all 

If you have any doubt left about the purpose of this Constitutional reversal in favor of a Presidency by national popular vote, consider these facts and check out these references:

Summary: George Soros favorite game is taking over the politics (and governments) of countries. If you’re not familiar with hisbio, you should be. See here his role in the bogus movement toward a popular vote. Soros son, Jonathan, propaganized “It’s’ time to junk the electoral college” all the way back in 2008. We know by know how their ilk uses long-term, heavily financed astro-turf “reform” movements – under cover of nice-sounding names, multiple websites and distorted messages to increase their public appeal. Here’s what the National Popular Vote movement wants you to believe. Their operatives began moving this Plan through state assemblies even before 2008 election. See an actual chart of the scope of Soros spiderweb of behind-the-scenes influence here.

What’s their game: Take the 2012 election – and those that follow – by the cheapest, most expedient means. Save time and money by focusing “electioneering efforts” (including illegitimate ones) in major population areas to make those vote totals overwhelm the votes of the rest of US.  This makes it easy for Obama to continue ignoring increased public resistance – if half the states and nearly half the voters just won’t count anymore anyway. Most of US are by now familiar with the bombardment of attempts to subvert our government under cover of populist propaganda to appear “more truly democratic.” See below those behind this clever manipulation of the law – to pass a “newer and better” way to choose a President without the proper Constitutional amendment.(And somebody tell them our founding fathers formed a Republic, not a democracy!)

Meet the Men behind this “Compact”:  Vikram Amar & Akhil Reed Amar

The National Public Vote Compact bill, promoted nationwide, came from this source in 2001. Since then, the same bill based on their strategy has been filed in states nationwide!

Vikram Amar

Digging into the background of the National Public Vote Compact – as a means to radically and permanently shift the basis of the Presidency, here’s what we found: highly credentialed attorneys (and brothers) who devised this “state bill” compact, as a strategy to get around the normal requirements for constitutional amendment – and, instead, undermine the Electoral College by bypassing both Congress and the voters! V. Amar is the author of hundreds of legal articles and several books. Although his age is included in a wiki-bio, Vikram’s country of origin is not mentioned. His articles cover topics like this:”Should Christian groups on state campuses by allowed to restrict their membership to Christians.” Many articles are aimed at using the legal system against the Constitution. Here’s two books he’s written: “Processes of Constitutional Decisionmaking” and The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction

Akhil Reed Amar

Akhil Amar has also “recently proposed that every American should be required to undergo a DNA test so that a national DNA database can be created.” Together this pair has made many other monstrous “legalese” proposals including how an “Instant Run Off System” could “remedy the flaws” in America’s voting system; term-limiting Supreme Court Justices and improving the Presidential line of succession in the event of “election terrorism.” By no strange coincidence, the brainstormer of this end-run to trick the public and the Constitution by a minority of favorable state lawmakers, Vikram, also keeps busy writing frequent legal articles in defense of the constitutionality of ObamaCare! Need we wonder who is financing this scribe?

Vital & Urgent: See your state status & contact state officials!

Conclusion: WAM has done the math and citizen action is urgent to stop this Compact! States where it has already passed add up to 171 Electoral Votes of the 270 required. 81 more Electoral Votes are at stake in states where NPV has passed 1 of the 2 needed chambers. Additionally, States where NPV is listed as currently active legislation hold more than 100 EV.  There are under 100 total (electoral vote bearing states) more for this to be our law nationally – and there are way more than enough states with this in process to meet that end goal before 2012 Election!!!

Shockingly, numerous Republican state officials have fallen for the popular vote strategy. Enough GOP have supported it, for NPV.com to brag this is a “bi-partisan” measure (along with bogus polls claiming how We the People want this!) Banners of progressive newspaper editorial endorsements are topped (of course) by the New York Times. Some GOP have co-sponsored this in their state. More have even voted for its passage! Whether these are ill-informed, popularity-seeking, bribed or just too dumb to do the math we can’t say. What we know is this probably means no more Republican presidents ever – and Obama back in 2012, if only by the tiniest of margins!

Evidently, it’s going to take all of US to contact our own state assemblyman, state senator and governor to inform them of how destructive (and “progressive”) this national vote compact really is.

 (contact info link here)


LIST OF STATUS State-by-State HERE: There is currently no single site online that has real-time, complete, and accurate status on this outrageous measure. So save this info:


AR, CT, DE, MI, NV, NM, NC, OR, VT (& according to NPV site CO has now passed it in both  chambers and sent it to the Governor for signing.)

Also, legislation is currently filed but not yet voted in favor in these states:

AK  now in Committee

AL filed in the Senate this year

AZ introduced in the Senate by a Republican!

FL bill now active in both chambers

GA bill introduced in both chambers

IN introduced in the assembly

KY introduced in the House

LA passed House Committee and introduced in the Senate

MO introduced in the House

MS introduced in both chambers

MT introduced in the Senate

ND introduced in the House

NH introduced in the House

OK passed Senate Committee and introduced in the House

SD introduced in the Senate

TX introduced in both chambers

UT introduced in Senate and House

VA introduced in Senate

WARNING: Also listed as current and active legislation in these states:



If you want further information on Preserving the Electoral College, the Heritage Foundation is sponsoring an Event on this issue on Friday afternoon, October 28.  See details here.

Please share this information with others who may not yet be informed. You deserve credit for helping this turn of events through your interest and actions on behalf of reform!

WAM Strategist Wake Up America Movement

Your comments, research, feedback or questions are welcome.
Contact Wake Up America Movement at: wamtoday@wamaction.info

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  1. “Kohler” is a troll that has visited our previous thread(s) about progressives’ attempts to overturn our American republic’s election safeguards.

    We don’t know if he is paid to do that, or if so, who is funding him, but we can guess.

    His comments are specifically not welcome here at Gulag Bound. (Tokyro Rose wouldn’t be, either.)

    [Later edit]: That is a notice about someone who’s comments we had deleted.

    • I don’t see a “troll” here, but I do see some very disturbing information! Tell me what isn’t true about this post? Something about what is stated rub you the wrong way? It sure does me! You think there isn’t an attempt to overturn our election process by the “Progressives”? Pay attention! The Liberals and Progressives don’t want us to be able to use the Constitution, so therefor they can control our lives. This kind of action might just lead to the next Civil War, and it would not be very Civil!

      • You are right Jim this would lead Civil War. not just a civil war. It well be hell to pay for this crimes. George Soros and his son should be gone and take back where they came from. I do any thing if this comes to our country. God bless America. I have pass this to alot of my fellow men and women. Now its time to stop all this bull crap. thanks…

  2. I’ve said it before “popularism” is the means of “democracy” per the Communist Manifesto endorsement of “democratic parties” to achieve a socialist order worldwide.

    We bought into this before, the 17th Amendment which destroyed the check and balance of State republics on equal footing with the national government.

    The NEA’s existence since 1857, 9 years after the Communist Manifesto, to manipulate and coordinate a “uniformity” of education in a nation where each state varies, is a perfect example of how far back this mis-education by “educational program” has been going on and programming us, blinding us through selling knowledge in relation to convenience and simplicity.

    • You are correct. This has been going on for decades, very well organized= an entire generation of young people indoctrinated in Marxist garbage,nihilism,psycho drugs used to control children,ignorant of civics,geography,math,history and docile “slaves” to serve the Marxist One World government. Dr Paul is the only honest candidate and he will be prevented from getting into the WH by Communist Jews like Soros. As a matter of fact, Marxist,atheistic Zionist Jews are behind America’s decline, and control the media,communications, and their cadres are embedded in the government and the lobbyists control the Congress and Senate. Treasonous behavior is not punished and without a major initiative from patriots that adhere to the Founders admonitions and warnings about the fragility of freedom and how easily it is lost, we need to take back our country NOW.

  3. I knew I’ve seen something related to this recently and here it is. OWS’s Plans For a National Convention That Could Change The Face of America (to add to that ‘fundamental transformation’ I suppose) http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-10-14/wall_street/30278436_1_election-day-congressional-districts-executive-committee

  4. I’m not quite sure yet as to how this might play into this article…I have’t got time to read it all until this afternoon, but our state has already got 4 counties that are threatening not to hold republic primaries because “they can’t afford them” and expect the GOP to pay for the entire process. But, one of the counties has enough money to be planning a revamp along mainstreet that will cost millions of dollars to have, what I would refer to as, a social area with a UGLY animal sculpture! Now, I don’t quite understand how that can happen and why the money isn’t reappropriated to cover costs involved in the opportunity of giving EVERYONE their fair vote!

  5. The problem is that we are NOT following the Constitution now. Nowhere does it call for political party control, campaigning for years, campaign promises, billion dollar beauty contests, even direct election by the people.

    The political parties hijacked the original Electoral College system early on. Nobody understands the ingenious system that the Framers designed to select a President for the United States.

    People do not understand the purpose and benefits of the original Electoral College system. People do not understand that the Constitution established a complex constitutional representative republic–NOT a democracy!

    Constitutional government was destroyed by party politics. The first branch to fall was the Executive Branch with the hastily ratified 12th Amendment. Everybody knows that the Senate (state government representation) fell with the 17th Amendment.

    The best kept secret in American politics today is that the STATE legislatures still have constitutional authority to “take back” control of presidential elections, but they would rather let the political parties run the whole show. State legislators also got elected by political parties so it would be political suicide to even suggest to take it back.

    The IRONY is that so many of the states are crying “nullification”, “10 th Amendment”, “state rights” and “state sovereignty” and yet are jumping inline to turn their state over to democracy “direct popular vote”–National Popular Vote!

    The correct application of the Electoral College could be one step in the direction of returning to Federalism “shared powers” and “checks and balances”. Everything now is already consolidation (total D.C. national control) and democracy!

    If anyone would like to understand the secret of the original Electoral College see: “The Evolution and Destruction of the Original Electoral College”.

    • Thank you, Carolyn.

      I have added a note and link above, about this previous article in Gulag Bound, by Sen. Bob Smith, partly on this subject.

      “Leapfrogging the Constitution,“ October 10, 2011

    • I’ve tried this before but when I hit “Post Comment” it returned “Unable toi access page.” I hope this doesn’t appear twice.

      Well said, Carolyn Alder. However, I wanted to point out a worst case: The 17th Amendment, purporting to deprive the States of their suffrage in the Senate and turning it over to the popular vote like another House of Representatives, was never ratified, and its implementation was and is currently a fraud ujpon the States. Article V of the U.S. Constitution provides and requires “Provided, … that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

      Utah and Delaware each withheld their Consent to being deprived of their Suffrage in the Senate by voting to reject the proposed 17th Amendment. Eight other States withheld their Consent to being deprived of their Suffrage in the Senate by taking no action at all on the proposed 17th Amendment.

      Thus the proposed 17th Amendment was not ratified. Thus no Senators have been Constitutionally chosen since April 8th, 1913. Thus no Constitutional Senate has existed since April 8th, 1913. Thus no Constitutional Congress has existed since April 8th, 1913. Thus no laws have been Constitutionally passed since April 8th, 1913. Thus we have had an unconstitutional, illegal, occupation government since April 8th, 1913, and no State, and no Citizen, may be lawfully bound to obey it.

  6. Question: What state is HA? Are you referring to Hawaii which is HI ?


  7. Look at the 2010 governor race in Illinois. Only 3 counties (Cook, Alexander, and St. Claire) of the 102 counties wanted Quinn, but he won anyway.

  8. As I have stated before. There is a war coming and its going to be on our own turf. I do absolutely plan to fight with those who stand for our country’s Constitution and Rights. I am willing to die fighting for my country against all who want to destroy our foundations. I am a disabled veteran and will not sit back and
    allow my country to be changed by the few. The few who want change will get a grave mark so help me God.

  9. Elizabeth A. Myers says

    Our Muslim and Socialist President should be impeached before he does any more damage to our country.

  10. oh yes – god forbid that the majority of Americans can pick their leader. We have to continue weighting things so that uninformed, racist, christianist morons get an unequal say in the process. bleh.

    • For Warbler … ignorance of the possibilities inherent in a “populace-based” (Popular) voting system is the epitome of shallow thinking, race baiting, religious intolerant scabs. I suppose your attitude would be the same if you were on the short end of the stick?

  11. I did not see PA in any list.

  12. The penalty for treason is DEATH!!!! Amar and Amar are TRAITORS to the US!!! They deserve the DEATH PENALTY!!! Have we gone insane in allowing this to get to this level??!!!!!

  13. AMENDMENT 17 ….. The Senate of the United State shall be composed of tow Sanators from each state, elected by the people thefore, for six years and each Senator shall have one vote. The election to each State shall have the qualification requisite for electors of the mumerous branch of the state legislatures. When vacancies happen in the representation of any State in the Senate, the executive authority of such State shall issue writs of election to fill such vacancies. Provided. That the legislature of any State may empower the executive thereof to make temporary appointments untill the people fill the Vacancies by election as the legislature my direct. This amendment shall not be so constured as to effect the election or term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the Constitution, God bless our America. Lets fight for this, Keep your guns and wepons on your side.

  14. I just want all of you to know God bless our beautiful country. I well stand tall where ever I go. I can still fight like a Ranger. I well defend the constitution of the United State of America. George watch out I’m coming for you, you bastard. God well send him to hell for ever.

    • Amen, to that Phil. In my 60 years in this country, I have seen the changes. They happened slowly at first, but they are getting bolder by the day. I’m affraid your right, the war is coming, anf for my kids and grandkids, I will fight back. God Bless America, unlike Oblamo, I mean it

  15. Actually, as much as I hate to say it, this issue is alive and well. I am going to check my state and see if it indeed became law since I’m from CO. BUT – I AM AWARE, that the issue was up for vote in half a dozen states out here in the west. I only heard about the issue once and I assumed it was dead after that. This is nothing short of friggin MOB RULE… However, it would most certainly lead to Civil War. Unfortunately, that is exactly what BOTH Reps and Dems want… obviously…



  17. Arkansas has already passed this law.


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