Fraud Watch – Twitter Censors Opposition to Obama from ‘Trending’ Reports: #AttackWatch

If for some sane reason, you don’t know what  “AttackWatch” is all about, we humbly submit an entry called, at the time of this update, “Fine! Updated with Hitler, The #AttackWatch!! Commercial + Black & Red Reruns.”

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Twitter Hides #AttackWatch Trending – PROOF

by Doo Doo Econ
Doo Doo Economics Blog

While laughing at President Obama’s epoch fail on Twitter via the hash tag #attackwatch the site suddenly crashed for about an hour.  Twitter is not known for reliability, but what followed deserves a massive outcry.

When the site returned, #attackwatch was hidden from the trending topics. Twitter gurus @GulagBound and @ArlenWilliams helped piece together the evidence.

At the time of authoring the following were trending on Twitter:


Below are the current (constantly updating) statistics for worldwide tweets (click to enlarge):

Stats for #AttackWatch

Stats for #Glenn Rice

Stats for #fastfoodaddiction

Stats for #womenlawviolation

It is clear that Twitter has affected their trending report in order to protect the Orwellian administration. Twitter is protecting a government “thought crime” tool designed to divide the American people. By protecting this tool Twitter has gone too far. Twitter is no better than Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa calling Americans SOBs.  Obama has jumped the shark with his attack campaign and Twitter has followed up with a shark jump of their own.


Gulag Note – The censoring of such data with political effect is gravely serious business in an American republic now very reliant upon the Internet and social media for access to knowledge with freedom of speech. This instance follows numerous prior complaints from conservatives, about Twitter’s selective and apparently politically biased display of trending topics. It would be a shame for the only solution to become increased government regulation.

Along with, a tool set used to monitor trending words and phrases in Twitter is For learning more about the use of hashtags in Twitter, we suggest Google: track hashtagsTallulah Star of contributed to this report. – AW (i.e., Arlen Williams, not Attack Watch)

Doo Doo Econ is an entrepreneur interested in science, politics, technology, and economics.

He holds a B.S. in Business Finance, specializing in Investments from Indiana University and is a talented professional computer scientist. His small consulting company in San Diego focuses on small business development and growth through innovation and technology.

D.D.E. has created, designed and programmed some of the most profitable and innovative websites of the last two decades. Ultimately, he is an inventor who dedicates my life to the pursuit of truth and value.


  1. Sorry, but I can’t follow your proof. Can you clarify? Also I wonder if you realize that you have the fastfoodaddiction chart shown twice.

    • The “womenlawviolation” chart has been put in its place now, thanks.

      The writer could have repeated the tallies in his text, but one appreciates that, granted his profession, he likely thought that would not be an economical use of efforts. ;->

  2. The proof is in the numbers. Attackwatch got .05% of hashtags, while fastfoodaddiction got .02%. Yet fastfoodaddiction is listed on twitter trends, and attackwatch isn’t. Pretty simple.

  3. Trending topics are not chosen by % of tweets. It’s much more complex than that. Don’t any of you actually use Twitter, or have ever read their trending topics page or any of the regular blog posts that explain how it works? You’re supposed to be spreading information, not ignorance.

    • Feel free, Dave, to enlighten us, since you are accusing us. How is it that consistently, conservative oriented topics and terms are overlooked, even when they exceed others by two or three times?

      And from your examination, what does Twitter, Inc. purport the word “trending” means?

      Complex, is it? Hm.

  4. You busted them. Bull****er should be their name, not Twitter.

  5. I noticed this too. I actually tweeted a stream of “turning myself in to #AttackWatch” tweets for about 20 minutes. Probably sent about 12-15 Tweets. In the middle of all this, I was monitoring the AttackWatch hashtag via

    ONE of the tweets showed up in a hashtag search. ONE.

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