Gulag Night: Eco-Fascism in America; Guests: William Kay & Mark Musser


Gulag Night – Monday, May 9, 10pm ET to Midnight

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The hard core fascism behind the Green movement in America and the world

Trace its corrupt development to the present Soft War on American Sovereignties.

In our first interview with Mark Musser, he related the European, Nazi side.  Today, we will further discuss the American side, including Wisconsin’s own Aldo Leopold.



Mark Musser, who documented the beginnings of the green movement in NAZI and pre-NAZI Germany, in his book Nazi Oaks, on his site, on the Web including Gulag Bound (articles: “NAZI Political Biology: The Hotwiring of Power Politics, Naturalism, Environmentalism & Racism” and ” Radical Muslims, Environmentalists, and the Green Jihad” – first Gulag Night interview, 4/4/2011, here)

William Kay, of the site, Environmentalism is Fascism (

Join the Bound, Arlen Williams, Tallulah Starr, CJ in TX, and Janet Smiles — perhaps others — this Gulag Night.

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