Gulag Night: Teri O’Brien, Mark Musser, Green & NAZI Ecofascism

Gulag Night

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America’s Conservative Warrior Princess (and real, live, professional broadcaster) Teri O’Brien graces the Gulag for the first few minutes. Teri reports on the search for the historical Obama and lately, Wisconsin’s Marxist unionist onslaught — also, tomorrow’s Wisconsin State Supreme Court election, of national attention, between sitting Justice David Prosser (incumbent, actual American) and the not to be stood,  JoAnne Kloppenburg (Madison neo-Marxist in bed with union racketeer bosses).  See The Teri O’Brien Show (link) and (link) for more.   Thanks in advance, Teri, for exuding truth and beauty.

For the bulk of our program, Mark Musser will discuss the disturbing similarities between Green Movement Environmentalism and the NAZI philosophy of, yes, Adolf Hitler — from apparently healthy conservationism right down to eugenics and population reduction. Also, the philosophical underpinnings they share. Mark is the author of Nazi Oaks (link) and has just published “NAZI Political Biology: The Hotwiring of Power Politics, Naturalism, Environmentalism & Racism” in Gulag Bound (link).


We will also update last week’s subject: George Soros’ new Bretton Woods Conference for globalist control of the world’s banks.  Read more about that in Big Government: “George Soros’ New Plan for Global Financial Regulation” by yours truly.

…a little light Monday night listening as usual — feel free to call in and keep us awake at night, too.

Host: Arlen Williams; Co-Host: Tallulah Starr; Gulag Panelist: CJ in TX; Broadcast assistance graciously provided by Janet Smiles.

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