The Other Rick Perry Gaffe

Accuracy in Media One of the best questions in the GOP debate was offered by Jim Cramer, the hyper CNBC host, near the end of the event. Interestingly, it came from a viewer. Unfortunately, the Republicans with a chance to answer it had no answer. “I’m going to be quoting Joanne Kornbly (ph),” Cramer said. “She e-mails us. She says, ‘Our stock market has turned into a casino with high- frequency … [Read more...]

Serfing the Downgrade

NoisyRoom So, Friday night, in an obviously timed event, S&P downgrades the US credit rating from AAA to AA+ with a negative outlook despite the White House crying foul over some bogus math error. This is a move that should have been done long ago as the US' credit rating in all reality should actually be 'junk.' I don't believe Moody's and Fitch will follow suit. At least not yet - they are in bed with this … [Read more...]