New Mexico Compound Was Training For School Shooting

Founders Code Timeline: TAOS, N.M. (AP) — The Latest on 11 children found living in a filthy, makeshift compound in New Mexico (all times local): 12:30 p.m. Prosecutors say in court documents that the father of a missing Georgia boy was training children at a New Mexico compound to commit school shootings. The documents filed Wednesday say Siraj Ibn Wahhaj (see-DAHJ’ IBN wah-HAJ’) was conducting … [Read more...]

Chinese/Russian Subs Prowling East Coast, Atlantic

Founders Code In a press gaggle today, a member of the media asked Secretary of Defense Mattis: Q:  Mr. Secretary, you stated you’re watching submarines in the North Atlantic and elsewhere.  But are Russia and China putting more submarines out to look at the United States than they have since the Cold War? SEC. MATTIS:  Yes, we always keep an eye on the — on the submarines at sea.  And I’d prefer not to … [Read more...]

Russia Posturing To Own Space, Then China?

Founders Code Right now, miles above your head, there are fleets of robotic, weaponized satellites poised to do battle as the world’s superpowers await the opening salvo in a very real cosmic chess match. When it comes to Russia, the real cause for concern surrounds a mysterious object known cryptically as 2014-28E. The object first appeared in space soon after the launch of three Russian military … [Read more...]

Iran’s Boiling Point, About To Get Worse

Founders Code For 6 days in a row, demonstrators against the Iran regime are demanding regime change. There is hardly any gas for 6,000 bus drivers in Tehran. There are curfews and people are being shot while others are being arrested. The country currency, the rial, has continued to plunge in value and food is being rationed. After passing a 90-day mark on Aug. 6, the following sanctions will snap … [Read more...]

As Facebook Continues To Stray From Being A Social Media Platform

Founders Code What the heck Facebook? Perhaps it is just time to terminate relationships with Facebook. Zuckerberg thought in his early conception and launch of Facebook it was a global means to connect people together, you know expand friendships so we can all 'like' each other worldwide. Ahem, that is hardly where he and Sheryl Sandberg have taken the company in recent years. Let’s begin … [Read more...]

Racketeering And The Bloody Streets Of Chicago

Founders Code The news reports, the headlines, and the numbers are head-shaking. It has to be difficult to listen to the police radios calling due to emergencies all over the city. The reporters are tasked with getting names, ages, locations and getting interviews and responses from law enforcement. Merely reading the article from the Chicago Tribune from a very bloody weekend in Chicago was hard to finish. … [Read more...]

U.S. is on the Offensive, Espionage and Cyber

Founders Code In the last few weeks, there was the Aspen Security Forum, a 3-day event. Then there was a DNI report. Then came 2 separate nationwide conference calls hosted by CERT, the cyber division of DHS. A remarkable White House press briefing included the heads of intelligence agencies explaining the condition of cyber/espionage and the countermeasures against Russia. Then there is the military … [Read more...]

Hey Jim Acosta, This Could be Why Media is an Enemy

Founders Code Traveling over to CNN’s Jim Acosta’s Twitter account, this is his pinned tweet: Then yesterday, he retweeted this: And he retweeted this: At the White House press briefing, Sarah Sanders called on @Acosta and he asked Sarah if she or the Trump White House would denounce that the media is an enemy of the people. She did not denounce that but went on to describe the media and … [Read more...]

Eligible Receiver 97, Red Team Being Applied Today For Cyber Hacks?

Founders Code An early classified Defense Department cybersecurity exercise named “Eligible Receiver 97” (ER97) featured a previously unpublicized series of mock terror attacks, hostage seizures and special operations raids that went well beyond pure cyber activities in order to demonstrate the potential scope of threats to U.S. national security posed by attacks in the cyber domain, according to recently … [Read more...]

Night Wolves, Putin’s Hell’s Angels

Founders Code The Slovak foreign ministry says it is “disturbing” that the Night Wolves – a Russian nationalist biker gang close to President Vladimir Putin – now have a base in Slovakia. The base has old military vehicles and lies in Dolna Krupa, a village 70km (44 miles) from the capital Bratislava. The Russian government calls it the Night Wolves’ “European headquarters”. The bikers are under US … [Read more...]

Fugitive Extradited In Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Murder

Founders Code SAN DIEGO, CA – Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes, who is charged with the first-degree murder of U.nited S.tates Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, was extradited from Mexico to the United States today, announced Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Southern District of California U.S. Attorney Adam Braverman for the Southern District of California.  He will be arraigned in U.nited S.tates District Court … [Read more...]

U.S. Prepares List of Turkey Economic Sanctions Targets

Founders Code Primer: Ankara for years has been providing support to Hamas, Iran, ISIS, al Qaeda and Libyan Jihadists, yet it’s this incredibly stupid decision to hold an American hostage that has ultimately earned Turkey its first US sanctions. U.S. Prepares List of Turkey Economic Sanctions Targets The U.S. has prepared a list of Turkish entities and individuals to target should it decide to … [Read more...]

Russia Hacks Lab Testing Poison From Britain Cases

Founders Code Kremlin Hackers Take Aim at the Swiss Lab That’s Working the Skirpal Poisoning Case The group that attacked Ukraine’s power grid is phishing a chemical-weapons lab critical to the Skripal case. A state-backed Russian hacking group has is targeting a Swiss laboratory that’s helping investigators solve the March poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter in London. Called Sandworm, the … [Read more...]

Legislation Proposed on Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate via Front Company

Founders Code Frankly, Britain has a much worse issue, but big hat tip to Senator Rubio. There are cities in America which are pockets of some nasty dark money in real estate. There needs to be some real reform to CFIUS, Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States. Crackdown on dirty money shook Miami real estate. Now, Rubio wants to take it national Washington – In a move with significant … [Read more...]

55 Remains From N. Korea, Identification Underway

Founders Code The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) stated on its Korean War website that “on several occasions in the past, [North Korean] officials have indicated they possess as many as 200 sets of remains they had recovered over the years. The commitment established within the Joint Statement between President Trump and Chairman Kim would repatriate these.” WASHINGTON — All Americans welcome the … [Read more...]

Facebook Announces Foreign Intrusion Again, 290,000 Accounts

Founders Code The details “About two weeks ago we identified the first of eight Pages and 17 profiles on Facebook, as well as seven Instagram accounts, that violate our ban on coordinated inauthentic behavior,” said Nathaniel Gleicher, the company’s head of cybersecurity policy, in blog post. Those pages and accounts have been removed. “In total, more than 290,000 accounts followed at least one of … [Read more...]

London’s Crime Is Surging And 80 Terrorists to be Released

Founders Code London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan is under fire for the growing crime rate in his city. How can the murder rate be higher than in New York? As of March, London accounted for 17 percent of all recorded crime in England and Wales in the year prior, as well as 42 percent of all recorded robberies. A third of all knife crime took place in London as well. London temporarily overtook New York in the … [Read more...]

Trump/Pompeo Mission Against Iran Regime Working

Founders Code Iran’s currency hit a new record low on Sunday, dropping past 100,000 rials to the U.S. dollar as Iranians brace for Aug. 7 when Washington is due to reimpose a first lot of economic sanctions. The rial has lost about half of its value since April because of a weak economy, financial difficulties at local banks and heavy demand for dollars among Iranians who fear the effects of … [Read more...]

DNI: Threat Report: China, Russia, Iran

Founders Code … [Read more...]

Militarizing Space; Asian Pivot and Latin America’s Failure, China Owns

Founders Code Remember just a few weeks ago when President Trump announced a new ‘space command‘? The House Armed Services Committee has a fiscal item in the 2018 NDAA for something called ‘Management and Organization of Space Programs’. The Air Force is not too happy. Redundancy maybe or no? Air Force Space Command, activated Sept. 1, 1982, is a major command with headquarters at Peterson Air Force … [Read more...]

Foreign Espionage In Silicon Valley And Presidio

Founders Code One of the more corrupt locations in the country is San Francisco. Within the Bay Area is a former military base now turned all elite real estate known as Presidio. Within Presidio is the Presidio Trust. Yikes, taxpayer dollars pay out big bonuses there. The largest federal bonus was paid to Bart Ferrell, a human resources manager, who processes the payroll for the Presidio Trust. What the … [Read more...]

Russia/China Owning The Arctic, U.S., Allies Behind

Founders Code Hat tip to Senator Sullivan of Alaska for recognizing the mission and threat of Russia so much that he brought legislative attention to Russia’s military activity in the Arctic. As a side note, this activity is not without China participating with Russia. As noted below from the NDAA 2019: Icebreakers and Arctic Policy: Senator Sullivan included a number of provisions in the FY2019 NDAA to … [Read more...]

Pages and Pages about Page in the FISA Application

Political Vanguard Who is Carter Page and why does he matter? In 2016, the Trump campaign operation named Carter Page as a policy advisor. Prior to that, Carter Page had no connection to Donald Trump other than to have voluntarily sent policy papers to his campaign – although who his initial contact within the campaign was remains a mystery. The FBI, on the other hand, certainly knew who Carter Page … [Read more...]

Putin’s Threat During the Press Conference with President Trump

Founders Code London – The Moscow lawyer said to have promised Donald Trump’s presidential campaign dirt on his Democratic opponent worked more closely with senior Russian government officials than she previously let on, according to documents reviewed by The Associated Press. Scores of emails, transcripts and legal documents paint a portrait of Natalia Veselnitskaya as a well-connected attorney who served as a … [Read more...]

Mass Graves Covered-up in Iran

Founders Code Iran: Road to be built over individual and mass graves The families of political dissidents who were forcibly disappeared and extrajudicially killed in Ahvaz, southern Iran, in the 1980s are suffering untold mental anguish and distress as the authorities are destroying the individual and mass graves of their loved ones. They are afraid of facing further persecution if they speak … [Read more...]

The U.S. had Maria Butina, The EU had Bela Kovacs

Founders Code Primer: The Jobbik Party is/was a movement for a better Hungary. It is the strongest ‘right-wing’ party in Europe. (Right-wing in Europe is not so much what it is in the United States.) Bela Kovacs is an agent of influence... those Russian agents are everywhere… Moscow’s Man in Europe’s Parliament on Trial as a Spy The espionage trial of Bela Kovacs is another milestone in the … [Read more...]

About that Time Obama Gave an Al Qaeda Affiliate Our Federal Grant Money

Founders Code There has been lots of chatter about removing the security clearance access of John Brennan and a few others. No one has asked about Hillary’s or…..Obama’s. There has been lots of chatter of impeachment, traitor and treason… but when it comes to aiding and supporting the enemy… check this out. Grant money is a gift… by the way. Story and photo, more detail here. The Middle East Forum … [Read more...]

Pompeo Put Crimea Back in the Headlines

Founders Code And rightly so. Primer: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday the United States would never recognize Russia’s annexation in 2014 of Ukraine’s Crimea. “As we did in the Welles Declaration in 1940, the United States reaffirms as policy its refusal to recognize the Kremlin’s claim of sovereignty over territory seized by force in contravention of international law … [T]he United … [Read more...]

United Front, China’s Weapon Against the West/Allies

Founders Code “United Front Work is an important magic weapon for the victory of the party’s cause.”                                      – Xi Jinping, October 2017 Related reading: A Weapon Without War: China’s United Front Strategy Senators Cruz and Rubio have been sounding the alarms on the Confucius Institution that has found homes on U.S. college campuses. They have both done the same with regard … [Read more...]

Trade: The Pain to the Farmers Just Cost Us $12 Billion

Founders Code BAILOUT Short term pain? Does that $12 billion in emergency funding come back into the Treasury at some point? Beyond farmers, will there eventually be some emergency funding for those in the energy industry or to the fisherman? China is waiting it out… but was all this thought out? Anyone remember BRICS? “The BRICS bloc – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are expected to … [Read more...]