U.S. 2nd Fleet Is Back Due To Project 20870

Political Vanguard No one pays much attention to Russian activities in the Arctic except the Pentagon. There is a new battlefront happening there and so far the Russians are winning. With little media coverage, Congress has put $717 billion in play and it is assigned to China, Russia and Turkey operations. As it relates to Russia and the Arctic, there is this big barge moving at about 4 knots and we just … [Read more...]

China is Buying America with and without CFIUS

Founders Code Statistics found here. When China is not buying America, they are busy in other parts of the globe buying places like Europe. That is how China is expanding, including stealing intelligence, espionage and hacking. The parts of Britain not owned by Russia are being gobbled up by China. Russia has a long plan and China has a long plan, not too sure about the United States, Britain or other … [Read more...]

Putin Denies Military Operations Against Ukraine, Proof Emerges

Founders Code The Ambassador predicted liberation of Mariupol in 2014, the plan was in place, was anyone listening? Liberation? That is how Moscow packaged it? And the Active Measures/propaganda continues. Related reading: Ukraine Fortifies Its Airwaves Against Russian TV Broadcasts Breaking: Russian Officers and Militants Identified as Perpetrators of the January 2015 Mariupol Artillery … [Read more...]

Did the Trump Operation Hire Black Cube for Dirty Ops?

Founders Code The allegations are that certain former Obama officials were part of a discredit operation by Donald Trump. Hmm, perhaps... but who has been fully discredited that anyone seems to know or care about? ‘Dirty Ops’? The Observer did not name any Trump officials or the private Israeli intelligence firm said to be involved in the plot, which was allegedly hatched when “Trump’s team contacted … [Read more...]

Secretly, John Kerry Traveling to Save the Iran Deal

Founders Code DIPLOMACY WORKS is John Kerry’s operation. In February he spoke at the Munich Security Conference. While declaring he is a great friend of Israel and that Iran does present threats, Kerry declares we did not concede anything with regard to the missile components inside the agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Who are some of the ‘experts’ that collaborate on policy at … [Read more...]

Adding Another 25 Cents to the Price of Gas at the Pump

Founders Code Sigh….would that revenue be applied to pay off U.S. debt? Nah… Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, who called raising gas taxes a ‘horrible idea,’ says Trump is considering a hike Raising the federal gas tax is one of several options President Donald Trump is considering to pay for infrastructure spending, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said. The president proposed an increase of 25 … [Read more...]

China and Russia Using Same Aggressive Military Playbook

Founders Code So, we cannot deny that Russia has been quite aggressive against the United States and our allies and that it goes beyond the conflict in Syria and hacking. Russian spy ships cruise our coastlines, Russian fighter jets buzz our aircraft and Russian mercenaries from the Wagner Group attack our forces. Russia also encroaches on other countries and successfully annexes them such as Crimea and the … [Read more...]

From the APP Store, Notifica ICE Raids

Founders Code Ah yes, those pesky apps found on iTunes and Google Play, funded by George Soros. This app helps illegal immigrants avoid federal immigration authorities. The group behind this scheme is United We Dream and guess what? That organization receives taxpayer funding. Uh huh… Notifica is a project of United We Dream United We Dream is the largest immigrant youth-led network in the country. With … [Read more...]

The Monies and Deals that Flowed Into Iran, People Swap

Founders Code 1. Why does France want to keep the Iran nuclear deal? “French exports to Iran for the first 11 months of 2017 rose 120% to €1.29 billion ($1.6 billion) and imports grew 80 % to €2.16 billion,” Celestin-Urbain said.“The short-term priority was to keep trade simple and complete a scheme this year to offer euro-denominated credits to Iranian buyers of French goods,” he said, a move that would … [Read more...]

Remembering Some Facts on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Founders Code There are at least two side deals, which Susan Rice admitted to. One dealing with the IAEA and the other of the PMD’s (possible military dimension) sites with particular emphasis on Parchin and Fordow. Fordow is protected by the Russian-made, S-300 advanced air defense system at the Fordow underground uranium enrichment facility. So, what is going on now? Europe Works to Save the … [Read more...]

Col. Kang Defects from North Korea, Manhunt Underway

Founders Code Mr. Kang is likely under protection of the West and has offered key intelligence that has aided the United States, Japan and South Korea in the talks with the Kim regime. One of North Korea’s most senior intelligence officials, who played a major role in building Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program, has disappeared and is believed to have defectedto France or Britain, according to sources. … [Read more...]

El Chapo Charged On His Drug Empire, But What About Murder?

Founders Code Remember when Sean Penn decided he could befriend El Chapo Guzman and successfully plotted to interview him? Was Sean Penn ever debriefed by DEA or other law enforcement officials for more intelligence gathering on El Chapo? In fact, this case is so dangerous that the jurors are to be sequestered and protected by U.S. marshals. Related reading: 2009 Indictment from Illinois Related … [Read more...]

Approval Process for Cyberwarfare Challenged

Founders Code Cyber is a real battlefield ad yet it gets almost zero ink in the media. The reason is due in part to exposing vulnerabilities, forced ransoms and stolen data. Just a couple of years ago: Chet Nagle, a former CIA agent and current vice president of M-CAM, penned an article in the Daily Caller, stating, “At FBI headquarters in July, the head of FBI counterintelligence, Randall Coleman, said … [Read more...]

7 States Suing Over DACA, Know the Details

Founders Code There are countless lawsuits already and here comes another. Several DACA cases have been ruled against by liberal judges. Now Texas has joined other states. TX v USA Re DACA Complaint 050118 by Kaitlyn on Scribd Perhaps those judges have not read all the real details of DACA. DACA is a request for consideration, it is NOT an automatic approval and it is temporary. See the … [Read more...]

FBI: C’mon Director Wray Explain This

Founders Code Findings of Misconduct by an FBI Special Agent for Contacting Witnesses for an Improper Purpose, Divulging Law Enforcement Sensitive Information to Unauthorized Individuals, Providing Misleading Testimony, Providing False Information to the OIG, Mishandling Classified Information, and Misusing Government Devices and his Position, all sounds like a common condition within the FBI, right? … [Read more...]

How Israel Obtained The Iran Nuclear Documents

Founders Code Note, Israel was told about the documents and the warehouse, likely by the MEK. The MEK and the Mossad often perform joint operations. For context on the MEK operations: The MEK’s Role Was Critical in Preventing Iran From Obtaining a Nuclear Bomb The MEK has been instrumental in exposing Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Relying on a vast network inside Iran, MEK revelations of the weapons … [Read more...]

Meet Kevin Thurm and Here Comes the Clinton Foundation, Again

Founders Code The last we heard from Hillary, she was whining that no one liked her. Before that, she was still finding excuses for her loss in the quest for the White House. All through that we continued to hear about corruption and fraud in all things Clinton including the foundation(s). Sidebar: Read about the Foundation ah weirdness in Columbia. Well….she is back…and Kevin is leading the charge. But … [Read more...]

Take Honduras as an Example

Founders Code The caravan, the caravan... There is a crisis going on at the California border check point where an estimated 200 migrants are attempting to gain entry into the United States by using all tactics stressing our resources and laws. So, the big question is if these people are desperate to leave their home countries out of fear, crime and corruption, then why have they not visited our … [Read more...]

Secret Missile Strike in Syria, Bibi’s Message to Iran?

Founders Code Now we understand the visits to the Trump White House from foreign leaders. The timing of the Netanyahu speech, hours after a suspected Israeli strike that likely used bunker-busters capable of hitting Iran’s nuclear facilities, after Secretary Mike Pompeo’s visit and days before Trump’s May deadline is certainly interesting. When Secretary Mattis spoke to Congress last week regarding … [Read more...]

North Korea Shuts Down Nuclear Site Because it Collapsed

Founders Code And not because of some talks going on with South Korea. Much has been televised and written with regard to the talks going on with North Korea, the nuclear and missile program, normalizing relations with the South and introducing a peace agreement. Further, as we learned Mike Pompeo, the CIA Director met with the North Korean regime over Easter in an effort to determine some real truths and to … [Read more...]

The DNC Sues, Counter Suits in the Making

Founders Code Tom Perez, Chairman of the Democrat National Committee has filed a lawsuit against 15 entities/people including John Does (which could be 10 or more people). The question is who is funding this lawsuit as the DNC is at least $6.1 million in debt. Oh wait, the DNC is also fundraising off this lawsuit…okay…moving on. The DNC has also requested a jury trial. Lawsuits require something called … [Read more...]

Lesley Stahl vs. Betsy DeVos on Education

Founders Code US Parents Involved in Education, USPIE, explains more details about the Federal government in public education. Common Core is still alive in many states, while in others, it just has a different name. Furthermore, not only is the Federal government at the state level working on regulating homeschooling, there is the whole matter of zero privacy for students. This is a terrifying … [Read more...]

End Of The Castro Era, Yet Communism Prevails Under New Leader

Founders Code In February of 2013, the 600 members of the National Assembly of People’s Power and the 1600 provincial government representatives voted for Miguel Diaz Canal to be vice president. As of April 2018, Miguel Diaz Canal will reign supreme over Cuba as Raul Castro steps down. While the Cuban military runs most of the operations in Cuba including all tourism, it is predicted under Miguel Diaz Canal, … [Read more...]

Yes, Secretary Mattis, there IS a Land Bridge

Founders Code Hezbollah, the Iranian militias and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps operates in select regions across the globe with wild abandon. January 2018, in a question and answer session: Q: On Iran’s role in Iraq and Syria, do you believe that a land bridge exists between Iran and Syria through Iraq? And, if so, are you concerned about it? Is there anything the United States can do about … [Read more...]

What is the Syria Strategy from the West?

Founders Code In the days ahead, it appears that Russia and the rogue friends they keep will respond to the West likely by an obscure cyber war. Take personal caution with your financial activity. The other warning pertains to news reports indicating specific assassination attempts made to look like suicide. While we heard about the poison assassination attempt in Salisbury, England of Skripal and his daughter, … [Read more...]

Russia’s Response to the West, Cyber War

Founders Code The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the United Kingdom’s (UK) National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) released a joint Technical Alert (TA) about malicious cyber activity carried out by the Russian Government. The U.S. Government refers to malicious cyber activity by the Russian government as GRIZZLY STEPPE. NCCIC encourages users and … [Read more...]

Lessons for America, Courtesy of Russian Troll and Bots Operations

Political Vanguard Every political campaign in history has performed or been a victim of opposition research where items emerge that were both true and untrue. Opposition research has assumed new and global platforms where hostile and objectionable stories are planted in planned human form, automated form and in artificial form. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg found himself on The Hill for two days before … [Read more...]

The Denise Simon Experience – 04/12/18

The Denise Simon Experience Hosted by DENISE SIMON, the Senior Research / Intelligence Analyst for Foreign and Domestic Policy for numerous flag officers and intelligence organizations. THIS WEEK'S GUESTS: Major Scott Huesing, USMC / Rachel Bovard / Brian Tarling / Linda Wall BROADCAST WORLDWIDE: THURSDAYS: 9:00PM (eastern) on: WJHC - Talk 107.5FM WDDQ - Talk 92.1FM WLBB - News Talk 1330AM And on … [Read more...]

Iran’s Nuclear Program, Deviations from JCPOA

Founders Code Primer: from a former Pentagon official: The Iran nuclear agreement, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), all but guaranteed a nuclear Iran no later than 2030, necessitating U.S. withdrawal at some point to prevent a critical threat to American national security interests. But there was no urgency for Washington to do so. What was pressing, following the Iran-Russia … [Read more...]

Russia Blames the White Helmets for the Chemical Attacks

Founders Code Really Moscow? Exactly how much aid and assistance have Russian forces provided to the dying innocent Syrians? None. Who are the White Helmets? Then there are those that believe Assad and Putin when they say they had nothing to do with the chemical attacks….hummm. What is the real issue here? Diplomatic relationships... Exactly how many rebel groups have barrel bombs, helicopters and full … [Read more...]