Cloture Vote on S-510 Food Takeover Act; S-787 Water Takeover Act also in Lame Duck Congress; Contact Senators Now

BREAKING: Senate votes cloture on S 510 – must now be voted on in 60 days

Reported at the People’s Voice

By a vote of 74 to 25, at noon today, the U.S. Senate voted for cloture on S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, which means it must now be voted on in the full Senate within 60 days. All amendments to the controversial food control bill must be completed by that time.

One of S 510’s supporters, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, opposed cloture because modifications to the bill do not reflect its original intent, he said on C-SPAN. Chambliss fully supports giving the FDA more power over the US food supply, but is unhappy with the Manager’s Amendment submitted in August.

He objects to the small farm exclusion on the grounds that the $500,000 annual gross revenue limit is an arbitrary number that is too quickly reached by small farms. He called for numerous amendments to the bill as it appears today.

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UPDATE, Gulag Editor: Doreen Hannes relates the vote for S-510, the food control act is scheduled for today, Wednesday, 11/17/2010.

There is still time to call and email your United States Senator about this.  Please do so, this very moment.  You may find them, here.  Or, shared telephone: (202) 224-3121.

Doreen Hannes and leading international researcher of the global Marxist/fascist movement, Trevor Loudon will join us on Gulag Night, tomorrow, Thursday, 11/18; time: 10pm-Midnight ET; at Gulag Media.  Doreen will focus on these invasive national and globalist controls of Americans’ vital resources and Trevor will discuss how George Soros, “Puppet Master,” fits into the larger picture.

G u l a g    B o u n d

From Henry Lamb, notice via email:

(11/15/2010, 8:51pm CT)  Congress will convene November 15 to try to force into law all the things they didn’t get done during the regular session. No one knows for sure just which bills will be on Nancy and Harry’s agenda.  It’s Harry’s agenda that is most important because the Senate – with 60 votes required to stop debate – offers the best opportunity to stop a bill.

image from blog: Food Freedom

S-510 – Food Safety Modernization Act – is one of the bills that must be stopped.  Doreen Hannes has been following this bill for several organizations during its entire existence. Here’s some of her reasons why the bill must be stopped.  Doreen says:

“In a nutshell, S510 is effectively NAIS (National Animal Identification System)  for everything. It is a tremendous amount of additional enforcement (fines and penalties, license revocations, further license requirements, control over processes and harvest) which are definite issues with the bill as it currently exists. However, not unlike the “Health Care” bill, they will have to pass this to see what it actually does.

“Here’s why….In S 510, the FDA is instructed to follow all international agreements. One of the issues with international ‘guidelines and standards’ is “Good Agricultural Practices”. Well those are not necessarily good. Most GAP certifying bodies have checklists about 25 pages long for growers to follow. They all require traceability (i.e., NAIS) they also require auditing, verifying and certifying the processes used to produce a consumable product for human or animal feed. Every step in GAP costs the grower of food money and a good deal of paperwork. What happens if you’re better at growing food than filing forms? You will be penalized (i.e., more money). Sec 420 is exceptionally dangerous in my eyes. It subjects all farms that ‘produce’ milk to risk assessment and management (i.e., insurance).

“The idea that exemptions will be helpful is rose-colored-glasses thinking. Exemptions can easily be taken away or modified without Congressional oversight through the regulatory process. Most farmers aren’t watching the Federal Register like hawks.

“The FDA has plenty of authority to protect the anonymous food supply already. But they don’t. Instead, they put small entities out of business through Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), also to be expanded in this bill, and heavier regulations that are not helpful to smaller economies of scale. The FDA inspects less than 1% of imported produce, has performed inspections on less than 25% of processing failties that they are authorized to inspect (in a five year period) and they ALREADY have authority over live food animals on the farm. The USDA authority is over animal disease.”

S-787 – Clean Water Restoration Act – will give the federal government jurisdiction over all water, everywhere, as well as jurisdiction over all activity that affects water wherever it may be.  This would give to the federal government effective control over every square inch of land in the United States.  It too, must be stopped. (see video 3:30)

Please register your concerns to your senators early in the week.  You can reach your Senators through the switchboard at this number:

(202) 224-3121

Gulag Note: For further information about the Fabianistically named “Food Safety Modernization Act,” you may read from the Truth Farmer blog of Gulag Bound associate, Doreen Hannes: “Search: Codex Alimentarius.”  Articles from Ms. Hannes are also found at News with Views.

Doreen Hannes spoke to the Gulag’s CJ in TX and Tallulah about this in last Saturday night’s Fan the Fire, on the Patriot’s Heart Network, available for streaming now.

Also, Mr. Lamb’s work in this regard has been referenced by Rep. Ron Paul in Congress: “Henry Lamb Documents the Codex Threat to Health Freedom.”

Henry Lamb is the author of “The Rise of Global Governance,” Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.

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