Massive Video Evidence of False-Flag Instigation of Capitol Rampage, January 6; Too Bad for the Cabal

The “special operations” war rages, over the Capitol break-in (let-in?) on January 6.

Brave souls such as Trump impeachment defense attorney Michael van der Veen and Sen. Ron Johnson have suffered media attacks by the globalist and Democratic Party cabal, for referring to its carefully planned and organized, false-flag instigation of watered down mayhem as being staged by Antifa.

Hereafter, “globalist and Democratic Party cabal” is shortened to Cabal and its attempts of a new, American Reign of Terror, to ROT. The “progressive” Cabal, not nearly as subtle as it once was, has hammered its stake by attempting to bring about the ROT necessary to turn America 2021 into Russia’s 1917, or Germany’s 1933. After the severe setback of President Trump’s first term, they are in a rush to re-usurp power as desperate as it is fraudulent.

It is necessary for the Cabal and its ROT to call the break-in/let-in a red-alert “insurrection,” as if a witch doctor under a buffalo head were about to displace the federal government of the United States of America. The ploy of January 6 must, in turn, set the stage for an ongoing and permanent quashing of America’s patriots, all under the noses of God and His whole world of discerners.

Here is ROT-Twitter, sent all aflame after van der Veen dropped “Antifa.”

States Twitter, “Dozens of those arrested have proven connections to far-right movements, according to NPR.” They do not refer, per se, to the actual instigators, nor the violent actors, nor to what they claim a “far-right movement,” to be. (The FBI-released data shows those who are organization affiliated to be about 16%, according to the Wall Street Journal. That seems near to what mere chaos would afford.)

And now, Pseudopresident Biden’s State of the Union address is being postponed due to a threat of “blowing up the Capitol,” according to the new, acting chief of Capitol Police. This may be quite a convenient excuse for the deteriorated man, which could furnish a delay till he steps down.

Looks like it is time to reintroduce the video evidence and testimony alternately alleging and confessing to this staged, false-flag, Cabal instigated operation. It’s true intentions? To immediately demolish any real Congressional vetting of the phony Biden-Harris election, to provide a basis for Trump Impeachment II (to keep him from returning with help from our military, oops, I wrote that) and to furnish a narrative for the further manipulation of both popular opinion and governmental action. All this in turn, to label America’s plurality of patriotic Trump supporters as gasoline-soaked domestic terrorists ready to blow-up the country at the toss of a lit conspiracy theory.

Imagine you are a radical organizer, one of a collection of them. You are commissioned to stage a false-flag event on January 6 at the Capitol, in order to depict Trump supporters as staging what is to be labeled an attempted “insurrection” against Congress. (Never mind that Trump supporters are sensible people, who, if we saw we needed to heed the Declaration’s mandate to regain our free America from the clutches of despotism, would consider how to actually do that.)

You might make sure you had your Antifa-style core instigating the break-in, dressed and acting as violent Trump supporters and by that time, you also found any actually violent militants to take with you, who could plausibly be labeled “right-wing.” You would also pay those who could play the part. You would caution all to never display nor utter the word, “Antifa.” Many would be used to that, since it is common Marxist practice to hide reality and themselves within an overabundance of overlapping-to-interchangeable labels and terms. Mockingbird media is to take it up from there, to make the lack of the use of “Antifa” the basis for labeling claims of the use of such anarcho-socialists to false-flag the rampage as “FALSE.”

In a second valence, you would recruit excitable people of any stripe, who might be provoked to attack, vandalize, or at least act rowdily. And beyond that, you would try to bring as many other Trump supporters as feasible into the Capitol building, once they saw others entering. And! You would make sure it were videoed at numerous locations and angles.

Sure seems what happened — and it ended with the actual Trump supporters touring the Capitol within its rope lines. Such insurrection.

Most of the following videos were featured in our Globe & Malevolence, two days after the fact. Fresh news for mockingbird media watchers, let the viewing feast begin.

The eyewitness of Antifa false-flag huddling and initiation:

A montage by Millennial Millie, of numerous eyewitnesses identifying the instigators as Antifa; this includes the fellow showing phone video evidence of four short-busses escorted by police to the site of the Capitol. These busses, he states, were filled with Antifa militants. Have authorities substantiated that claim? (How many honest authorities are there to be found in Washington, D.C.?)

As for the question of whether or not some of the Capitol and D.C. police were in on this, since that is not the purpose of this article, we’ll let that thread dangle.

The man who confessed that day, to being one of the paid, organized, false-flag instigators:

The young man who bragged about it (language caveat):

So far, we have an immediate confessor and an immediate braggart. How many might this represent, who weren’t quite dicey enough to distribute personal videos?

Then of course, there is John Sullivan, the TV commercial actor, also Black Lives Matter cum Antifa-ish agent, who was accompanied in the Capitol by videographer Jade Sacker, both of them paid a year’s wages for their… reportage (language caveat). Sullivan was apparently the one who filmed and some have alleged, tactically set up the police shooting of Trump supporter, Ashli Babbit, in the only known death by violence, that day. (The identity of the plainclothes Capitol Policeman and shooter remains withheld.)

Sullivan and Sacker on CNN, interviewed by Anderson Cooper. Notice Sullivan’s um… um… difficult tip-toeing at the start, when it comes to the context of his chosen term, “the protestors” with whom he collaborated. Notice how he depicts his fellow? protestors as saying to the Capitol Police, “We’re not trying to hurt… you.” Nice framing, John.

“We did it!” Sacker and Sullivan celebrating the vandalism and violence (hardly the unattached documentarist Sullivan has since claimed to be).

Sullivan’s brother, James Sullivan, in the highly edited interview, “He was going in there to document it, but he also was part of the Antifa groups.”

There were many videographers at this Capitol event, very odd for a commando operation. (It’s a detriment to covert operations, don’t you know.) In this video excerpt of a fine Victory Channel, “Flashpoint” broadcast, whatever the policeman was doing, notice for a couple minutes that not only did a videographer appear at the very front of the crowd, but there was another cameraman behind the officer, the one who made this video — and who, one might think, would tend to be trusted by him. Now that’s odd, too. Was he another cop? Another “protester?” Some congressional staffer? A hired pro?

Here is a break-in, through a window. The poster of the video notes that these men had large cans of pepper spray, but that actual Trump supporters had gone through security screenings. Note the many video cameras. Also, the artificial sounding shout, “Kill! Kill!” Also, the employee-like, not fervent, attitudes shown on their faces.

This is a video from an earlier time, in which a young man says he and others are routinely paid by the Cabal’s “higher-ups” to be in “the resistance,” to “sow the division” for revolution and ROT (and who refers to using Twitter to troll President Trump).

We return you to “Flashpoint” for a few more seconds, to show the strange-but-true news item from an apparently pre-tipped (or pre-instructed) NPR journalist, who reported “Trump Supporters Storm U.S. Capitol, Clash With Police” — at 9:33 AM — although it hadn’t happened for hours, yet.

As of this publication, that one is still there, at

Can’t they do better than this? Such a tangled ROT to weave, by those who practiced to deceive. Maybe they didn’t get enough practice, the execution of mass conspiracy is complicated.


  1. If Biden isn’t going to present his SOTUA because of a fear of terrorism, then he is not just negotiating with terrorists, he is totally capitulating to them.

  2. “IGNORED BY MEDIA AND FBI: Antifa-BLM Activists Are Posting Photos and Bragging Online About Storming US Capitol on Jan. 6” via @gatewaypundit

  3. “UPDATE: BLM-Antifa Organizer John Sullivan, Who Was Arrested After Storming US Capitol, Bashing Windows Is Writing a Book, Being Paid for Video as Trump Supporters Rot in Jail” via @gatewaypundit

  4. Although I agree with the overall presentation and conclusion, I would note: there was no need, nor even an attempt to be “subtle”, as the public was repeatedly apprised of the post election narrative [from spring 2020?] that the count wasn’t going to be settled until weeks after the election, whereupon Pres. Trump and his supporters would dispute the ultimate outcome (as also repeatedly foretold), and might very well march on the Capitol.

    Whereupon Pres. Trump encouraged attendance to an event that was ripe for the mischief and political theater that will continue to be used for years to come: conflating a manufactured incursion* with a violent insurrection without benefit of coordination or firearms but with selfies with Capitol Police (who in numerous instances appeared exceptionally cordial for people under attack).
    * arguably, with the assistance of members of the Congress, e.g., disallowing POTUSes prior request for National Guard to be in attendance – for one.

    It is most unfortunate the President and his supporters moseyed into such predicable trap.

    “There were many videographers at this Capitol event, very odd for a commando operation. (It’s a detriment to covert operations, don’t you know.)”

    • Thank you for the comments. Keep in mind that as he states, Trump asked for 10,000 National Guard (a request that was not accepted by Pelosi and McConnell) then asked the people to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

  5. Another Dem Narrative Goes up in Flames – Ex-Capitol Police Chief Sund Says He Had Intel Antifa Was Part of the January 6 Attack (VIDEO)

  6. Does it sound far fetched that the overthrow of Trump was an operation of the corrupt FBI, CIA and the CCP working together?
    The news for us all is that there are no white hats in the FBI or the CIA and neither organization works for the American people.

  7. I’m commenting late here — just found this site. The 6 January events were a great triumph for the Left, no matter what caused them. Here’s what we must do: we must organize community defense groups in every town and city, made up of people who can steward demonstrations. This takes a bit of training, and the right gear, but if we had had 10 000 stewards in Washington, making a ring around the demonstrators, they could have dealt with provocateurs or mis-guided enthusiasts. We will need this in the future — we’re playing by Big Boys’ Rules now and the enemy won’t hesitate to try to entrap us. In France, demonstrations called by national organizations (like the trade unions) have groups called ‘service d’ordre’. That’s what we need. Such organized groups could also defend our rallies and demonstrations from AntiFa rioters.


  1. […] Massive Video Evidence of False-Flag Instigation of Capitol Rampage […]

  2. […] Massive Video Evidence of False-Flag Instigation of Capitol Rampage […]

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