Deep Christian Persecution in America on the 2020 Ballot, Democrat Side

URGENT: The twisted “Equality Act” is on the ballot with Harris-Biden and Democrats at large

For Christians and those seeking truth

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This is some of the bad stuff, the stuff we don’t want to hear about. It is the heartbreaking eventuality if the momentum of the vehicle in which we ride takes us down the wrong side of the fork in the road.

Some know the name of a Kentucky Assemblies of God pastor named Dana Coverstone. Earlier this year, he burst onto the scene in a brief video now seen by millions in America and worldwide. telling us of dreams he had, prophesying 2020’s pandemic, the burning buildings and street violence, and then, a warning of the violent globalist insurrection apparently to occur beginning this November, if a President Donald Trump is no longer anywhere to be found. I’ll present that in another day or two, yet before what is supposed to be Election Day, Tuesday the 3rd.

This video however, one he gave only days later, was viewed by only a relative few. It happened to come under my nose just Wednesday night. In it, Pastor Coverstone refers to a potential future for the church in America, again given him by what seems to be the intention of God. I’ll only briefly describe it below, preferring you hear it directly, over its twenty minutes.

His dream is of a future in which those who fail to cling to truths conveyed in the Bible become demonically inspired accusers of those who have been their own churchmates and where Bible adhering pastors and teachers are brought before courts. That is very startling, to say the least. Why, it’s thoroughly un-American, much more like the travesties of Communist and Fascist countries, isn’t all that anachronistic?

Yet, one can see, we live in a time in which such divisions have been occurring and getting worse for decades.

Just this Thursday, Charismatic Christian prophet and pastor Jeremiah C. Johnson issued his own eighteen minute video which puts circumstantial meat on the bones of this Coverstone dream. Pastor Johnson warns us of the campaign promise just uttered by Vice President Joe Biden, that within the first hundred days of his presidency, he would wish to sign what is called The Equality Act.” The essence of this bill, passed already in the Democrat-led House, would force Christian churches and Christian run businesses not to discriminate in decisions or polity of speech and practice, regarding sexual perversion and those trapped by its various manifestations.

The picture becomes much clearer, at least for those who already know we are in the decisive stage of a gradualist neo-Marxist revolution. Such tyranny has already been attempted, six years ago this month in Houston for example.

Please click and listen. In Facebook where it was first released it is entitled, “Urgent Prophetic Alert: A Torpedo is Coming.” You may need only the first ten minutes or so.

Christian, I suggest treating the second video as a virtual interpretation of the dream described in the first. God judges rebellion. I join with many prophetically gifted and/or discerning servants of the Lord who tell us He will begin to engage in such earthly judgments presently, if He hasn’t already. Granted Americans’ rights to life, liberty, and property are given us by God, voting Democrat is sin, it is a transgression, it is a shovel-full of iniquity that God shall punish, among the unrepentant.

I also suggest you share this watchman’s warning, high alert, to family and friends. Even if some have voted already, in numerous states they can change their votes — up to this coming Tuesday.


  1. Ummm…NO, they can’t change their votes, and should not be voting till NOV 3RD according to the Constitution. Don’t know why so many think otherwise, but this is NOT allowed ANYWHERE. Even in the word of GOD, nobody got to change their mind after a vote for leading the people as a king. So who changed this? YOU DID. Sorry, not buying the “change your mind till voting day” comment, nor will I listen to it. Only a true man of God knows who to vote for, and will not “change their mind later” cause he will be as one who walks in shifting sands according to scriptures. Unbelievable how you twist things like this. Furthermore, EVERYONE needs to do their research before going to the polls. What bills they have, etc. Going in blindly, is only asking for more trouble.

  2. I’m a Christian.

    We must cast down this evil before it consumes us.

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