Coronavirus and the Horrors of Democrat Control

Mary and I live in a tiny town in West Virginia. Our grocery shopping options are 26 miles away in Maryland and 45 miles away in Virginia. Maryland stores refused to allow us to enter because we did not have masks. We drove to Virginia. It was refreshing seeing Virginians free to wear masks or not. I noticed that the majority of shoppers wearing masks were young people. Do they believe fake news media more than we older Americans?

Stopping for gas, the gas-pump TV monitor showed the propaganda commercial we see plastered all over TV. “Stay home. Stay Alive.” With fake news media promoting their lie 24/7 that going outside means death, it is not surprising that many Americans remain willing to surrender their constitutional freedoms to Democrat/RINO, anti-Trump, and anti-American scammers.

106-year-old woman recovered from COVID-19.  Zhang Guangfen, 103-year-old, recovered.  A 100-year-old Chinese man recovered. A 102-year-old Pennsylvania man recovered. Bill Lapschies, a 104-year-old veteran, recovered. Keith Watson, 101 years old, recovered. Seventeen of the oldest people in the world recovered from COVID-19.  My 60-something-year-old in-law recovered. In January, after returning home from California, my wife Mary is convinced she had COVID-19. Ninety-eight percent of people who catch the virus recover. Fake news media gleefully reports deaths while ignoring the high recovery numbers.

Every day we are seeing more studies that confirm that COVID-19 is not deadlier than the flu. Numerous health experts say social distancing is not the correct solution. The total shutdown of America was not necessary.

Meanwhile, Democrat and RINO governors continue to decree absurd overreaching restrictions to supposedly “protect us.” The Raleigh N.C. police declared “protesting is a non-essential activity” and arrested a woman. Michigan gov. Gretchen Whitmer decreed, “All public gatherings of any size are prohibited.” Bam! There goes our foundational right to “peaceably assemble.”

In some states, residents are not allowed to visit friends or relatives. People with more than one home are banned from traveling between them. Big box stores cannot sell carpet, seeds, U.S. flags, and paint. A paddle-boarder out on the water far from anyone was arrested at Malibu Beach. In California, police gave $1,000 tickets to people watching the sunset in their cars. In various states, the freedom to worship God in your car in parking lots is banned.

A threat by the city of Los Angeles scared the crap out of me, as it should every American. The city will cut off water and power of those who do not comply with its outrageous restrictions. Wow! Are we no longer living in America?

The U.S. Constitution is a sacred document that has protected our freedoms since our founding. It is intolerable that governors can decree it null and void by simply saying they are doing it for our good. As my late momma would say, “Help us, Lord Jesus!”

Recently in my tiny West Virginia town, we enjoyed a beautiful sunny day. Two moms walked side by side pushing their babies in strollers. I heard laughter and yells from kids at the schoolyard playing games and basketball. Six motorcyclists had lunch beside the main road through town. People were thrilled to be outside interacting.

Governors insisting on keeping Americans in cages is unsustainable. But the greater question is why are Democrat governors so hellbent on doing it? Clearly, the lockdown is no longer about protecting us from COVID-19. They relish having total control of every aspect of our lives. Let us not forget that HillaryCare would have denied healthcare to gun owners.

Ponder what your life would be like if Democrats gained control of the White House, the House, and the Senate. Kiss all your constitutional freedoms good-bye.

I repeatedly find myself asking, “What is wrong with Democrats and the American left?” Why is everything they want harmful to American citizens? Why is their thinking so dramatically different from that of average Americans? I realize they have globalist and progressive agendas. But still, why are they obsessed with killing as many American babies as possible even after they are born?

Democrats and the American left claim to be advocates for LGBTQ. Why do they praise Islam which advocates killing homosexuals and despise Christianity which courts them with love?

Fake news media and Democrats scared America into a total shutdown. Then, Democrats in Congress refused to sign on to coronavirus relief checks for suffering Americans unless they were allowed to include funding for their pet projects unrelated to the shutdown or virus.

Why have Democrats used the coronavirus to release felons who are harming citizens? Twenty-six million and counting Americans have lost their jobs due to the shutdown. Why are Democrats pushing for illegal aliens to be allowed to enter our country to take jobs?

Do you see a pattern? Folks, I could go on and on with things Democrats want which harm Americans. Again, I ask. What is wrong with these people?

I am extremely grateful that Americans are rising up across our great nation, demanding the return of our freedoms. God is on our side. Please join the rebellion.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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  1. WHY do democrats hate our country so? Why do they hate prosperity? Why do they hate the American people so? In their head-long race to the extreme left in their quest for complete and total one-party power over all of us and every aspect of our lives, they have become UNFIT to govern at any level; local, state or federal. Democrats are now lost souls, beyond any redemption. Don’t even bother praying for them. They are not worth the effort, and since most of them are atheists or agnostics, they would not appreciate your prayers anyway. Pray for the safety and well-being of our nation and our people instead, and kick democrats to the curb where they belong and should remain until they somehow, miraculously, if ever, regain their senses and return to the fold as AMERICANS.

  2. The left wing Democrats and the fake right wing Republicans are the Tribe of deceit, death and destruction and their Freemason minions. They have been rewarded greatly over their lifetime for their service to the Masters hiding behind the curtain unknown by face or name. They are the bearded wonders of desolation and death for the past 100 years controlling the government not only of the USA but slowly gaining control of every nation. Thru their acts of bribery, blackmail and threats they manage to gain the agreement of those not in agreement. When that doesn’t work, they simply kill the party and start working on their replacement.
    These sinister snakes are not to be reasoned with as you cannot reason with a snake. Only when the masses will see the horrors that the SNAKES have created will they rise up against them but by then it will be too late. I fear only by seeing for yourself will you want to rise up against these communist Bolsheviks who reemerged in full force for their world domination agenda but it will be too late. Don’t wait. Research history now and read what the “Jewish Bolsheviks” did to the Russian and Ukrainian peoples! I include this link as only the tip of the hell they caused.

    • Why corrupt the effort by pointing out the ethnicity of some, not all of the Bolsheviks? And by the way, the Chinese Communists were hardly Jewish. Nor were the Nazis. Nor Pol Pot’s Cambodians, Castro’s Cubans, Albanians, current Venezuelans, etc.

      I have allowed this comment for only two reasons:
      1. to point out the actual historical truth, aside from the foolish racism involved in attacking those of God’s Abrahamic blessing
      2. to point out that foolishness

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