South American Marxist Mayhem: Venezuela 2014

by Marcos Dutra


Génesis Carmona, shot in the head for protesting for freedom in Venezuela (photo source unknown)


Venezuela-2014-02-protestsSince February the 12th, the Day of the Youth, a holiday in Venezuela, the country has been in chaos. Hundreds of thousands of students were followed in the next days by millions of peaceful protesters who demand an end to the dictatorial reign of Marxist terror, betrayal of the country to Cuba and total escalation of violence and corruption in Venezuela, in the largest demonstrations in the history of the country.

Unfortunately, these demonstrators were received by random rifle and even machine gun shots. Thugs from the government, with Cuban agents among them, just arrive in motorcycles and start shooting at the crowds. In Youtube, we can see soldiers shooting at random cars, apartment buildings and even the people who are filming with their phones, in situations that remind us of Syria and Libya. Meanwhile, Russian made Sukhoi jet fighters fly low over the crowds, in order to terrify people.

The mains thugs are the hundreds-of-thousands-strong popular militias of the government, much like Soviet squads with Russian rifles in their hands (Chavez bought billions of dollars in guns from Russia) free to instill terror in the adversaries of the regime. The government talks about 6 or 7 dead, but the reality must be much, much worse. The students under arrest are being tortured with electricity and forced to perform oral sex with the guards. Heart breaking pictures and movies are shared everyday in the internet. video regarding Génesis Carmona

Many sources say there are 60,000 Cubas in the country, in every area of the government, working as “consultants”. Most are simply political agents with training in terrorism. Now there are reports and pictures of Cuban soldiers arriving en masse to Venezuela, including the elite troops “Avispas Negras,” specialized in assassination and political sabotage.

Maduro tried to shut down Twitter and even the link shortner in order to prevent dissemination of news. He also shut down a TV channel and expelled CNN reporters from the country. Now he is shutting down internet and electricity selectively in several cities that are harboring protests. People are still in the streets.

Why people don’t like Maduro

Maduro used to be a bus driver with little expression before being sent to Cuba. There he was trained in political sabotage and strategies for unions mobilization. This thug gained the confidence of Chavez and eventually was appointed to be his successor, in a close (2000 votes of difference) election that was marked by more than 1000 cases of documented frauds and complete monopoly of communication by the government. Now it has been revealed that Maduro may not even be Venezuelan, but was born in Colombia, in Ocaña, a city near the border.

Venezuela has the second largest oil reserves in the world and used to be the main exporter of oil to the US. Chavez and his minion have destroyed this fabulously rich country. Official inflation is 56%, but real one is probably much higher. 28% of basic staples are missing from the market shelves, including chicken, sugar and even toilet paper, which had to be imported in a hurry and became a source of jokes. Maduro even ordered the invasion of the factory. Since there are no dollars to import parts and raw materials, factories such as Toyota and GM have closed doors. Recently, we have seen people in line, like in Soviet times, being stamped with a queue number in the arm in order to buy food.


Mark of the beast: citizens being stamped in order to buy rationed food in Venezuela

Violence in Venezuela is one of the highest in the world, and more severe than in regions at war. Some sources talk about 30,000 murdered each year, or a whopping 100 dead by 100K inhabitants. In the US, allegedly a violent country, this number is 4.7. People despair, because more than 90% of these murders are never solved. Maduro`s answer is to blame the soap operas for the escalation. This kind of psychotic behavior is common to him, a man who says he talked to the soul of Chavez in a little bird and saw his face on a wall in a subway construction site.

Last November, Maduro became a de-facto dictator by assuming power to rule by decrees. He has complete control over the press, since he keeps a tight rein on paper and only approves the purchase of printing paper for political allies. The only opposition TV network, Globovision, was forced into bankruptcy and sold.

To add a surreal touch to the situation, Chavez two daughters are still living like princesses in the Presidential Palace, throwing parties and lounging at the pool.


Cuban communist newspaper, Granma, headline translated:
Without Venezuelan oil the revolution will fail. Maduro is our man in Caracas…

Cuba behind it all

Lula, the former president of Brazil, is right now in Cuba, discussing the Venezuelan problem with his boss Castro. His party is very afraid that Brazil might follow the example with demonstrations during the World Cup in June. He and Fidel are the main responsible for the plan that brought almost all South America to Marxism, through the alliance of communist political parties and terrorist organization called Forum de São Paulo, created in 1990 to fill the void left by the fall of the USSR. The plan has been a total success: with the exception of Colombia, Paraguay, Panama and the Guiana, all Latin America is now, in varied levels, on the hands of the Marxists.

Fidel has said in the official newspaper of the Cuban Communist Party, Granma , that without Venezuelan oil the Revolution (in the continent) would fail, and that Maduro was his man in Caracas. One country is helping the other, and Brazil, the richer brother, is spending the most. Dilma from Brazil has just given a new harbor to Cuba (Porto Mariel), to the cost of US$ 1 BI and built a refinery to Chavez which he never paid. Meanwhile, Brazilian infrastructure is falling apart. On the other hand, Chavez has given money to the election of Kirchner in Argentina. And so it goes. Sovereignty is gone.

Venezuela is the trial ground for the takeover. The Workers party in Brazil has started exactly the same strategy used in Caracas, by importing thousands of makeshift Cuban doctors (with the education of nurses) mixed with political agents from Havana`s secret service, breaking all the laws in Brazil. These doctors receive only 10% of the wages paid directly to Castro and many have already defected, even though their families stayed in Cuba as hostages . Also, most of the countries in the region have military agreements with China and Russia. A former aid to a Congressman in Brazil has spoken about the use of Mariel Port to bring military equipment and foreign personal from China and Russia.


At the Forum of Sao Paulo, L to R: Evo Morales (Brazil), Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Brazil), Raul Castro (Cuba), Michelle Bachelet (Chile), missing are Cristina Kitchner (Argentina) and Jose Mujica (Uruguay)


Last January, these marxist countries got together for the Celac meeting (Summit Conference of the Latin America States), which exclude the USA and Canada. It is amazing that the US has just forgotten about a continent just south of the border, which is ganging up together with US haters Russia and China to implement a Marxist revolution, while America is spending trillions in the other side of the world in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The explanation is that Latin America is being prepared to be one of the ten regions in the coming New World Order. Cuba, a bloody dictatorship which has murdered more than 100K people, has been protected for 60 years so far. The Bay of Pigs invasion was a hoax. Castro was as safe as if he were in Rothschild`s guestroom.

Unfortunately, in contrast with the moderate integration of the European Union or NAFTA, the integration of Latin America is being done under the red flag of Marxism, so the continent will remain poor and underdeveloped forever. People in the region will not accept this lightly, and much blood will flow. Citizens in Venezuela and the neighbor countries just want a future to their kids, away from the boots of Cuban soldiers. It is not much to ask for.


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