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Jeff Nyquist is one of the few commentators today who actually sees the big picture.

Jeff Nyquist

Jeff Nyquist

Jeff explains that the Cold War never ended and that today the West is very much on the losing side.

By J.R. Nyquist

During the Cold War the stated strategic goal of Russian and Chinese Communist leaders, and the primary objective of Communist international strategy, was to neutralize the United States as a military and economic power. This, in fact, was the only way to put down capitalism in favor of universal socialism. Looking at the big picture today, what is most disturbing about Russian and Chinese behavior, is the way present-day behavior fits perfectly with the old objective. Consider Russia and China’s ongoing arms buildup, ongoing anti-American propaganda, and ongoing support for revolutionary Communist regimes in Africa and Latin America.

There is a large and growing body of evidence that — for Russia and China — the old Communist goals remain in effect, and that the Cold War did not end in 1991.

If we consider the strategic problem confronting the Communist Bloc in 1960, we may ask how they could possibly have hoped to overturn the economic and military dominance of an overwhelmingly superior United States. Such would have undoubtedly required a series of successful overt and covert actions, including massive infiltration, disinformation and deception operations. Would anyone be surprised to learn that the last half century is the history of such operations, though the West knows almost nothing about them?

The success of Russian and Chinese deception may be judged by results. First, China’s newfound industrial and financial might, accomplished at the expense of American industry by way of unfair trading practices. Through it all the Chinese Communist Party maintains control, and uses its economic position to damage the United States economy at every turn. Could this be part of a Communist strategy? And why hasn’t anyone in politics raised this as a possible danger?

Ideologically we must admit what has happened; namely, the neutralization of anti-Communists by designating them “McCarthyist. Also there is the curious disinformation lie alleging the defeat of Communism in the Cold War despite subsequent Communist victories in South Africa, Congo, Angola, Venezuela, Brazil, and Nicaragua — not to mention the United States itself, where stealth Communism advances under a variety of misleading banners.

The ongoing expansion of the Socialist Bloc cannot be purely accidental. Somebody has done it, and they have done it in concert with Moscow and/or Beijing. The fact that Lenin’s statue in Kiev Ukraine was only toppled a few days ago, begs the question: Why has there been a statue of Lenin in the heart of Ukraine’s capital city these past 22 years? Surely there must be some misunderstanding with regard to the actual political situation in Eastern Europe.

In fact, it seems quite obvious that the supposed collapse of the Soviet Union was indeed part of a game, a conscious and devious policy which has enabled secret Communist structures here in the United States to take control of the administrative branch of the federal government.

This assertion, seemingly out of step with prevailing opinion, is nonetheless obvious to a careful strategic observer. It is not obvious to the typical media consumer. But even those who are unschooled may yet acquire a degree of certainty about what is happening if they read the writings of high-level Socialist Bloc defectors.

According to high-level Czech Communist defector Maj. Gen. Jan Sejna, writing in 1982, the Soviet long range strategy always envisioned the advent of a “progressive” president in the USA whose term would coincide with an economic crisis. I also heard this plan described by American Communist activists during meetings in the early 1980s. The idea was to take over the Democratic Party through its Left Wing and elect a stealth Communist president. Given the research discoveries of Trevor Loudon, which clearly identify Obama as the creature of a Marxist milieu, there is little reason to doubt that the Communists have successfully set up a president who can further their strategy.

Russian and Chinese analysts expect the present economic crisis to worsen, and there is little doubt the Russians and Chinese are working toward the US dollar’s demise. At the same time the Left has increased domestic social spending in the United States to such an extent that military spending is now being choked off. This play is so obvious, and so in keeping with stated long-term Soviet strategy, that what we’re seeing cannot be an accident. It is something the far Left is consciously working toward.

To understand their policy it is important to remember the revolutionary ideology of the Communists. They are agents of radical change who threaten to upset the lives and well-being of countless millions of people. They fully realize that their project is likely to inspire a violent backlash. And that is why the nuclear disarmament of the United States is such an important part of Obama’s program. If he doesn’t dare order the elimination of the remaining United States arsenal he can nonetheless degrade the arsenal’s reliability through administrative strangulation. If he succeeds, he will enjoy long-range fire support from Russian or Chinese missiles.

I believe a close investigation of our strategic nuclear posture will show the alarming extent to which the Communists have already achieved their goals.

There is one further thought that everyone should keep in mind. Even the United States, with all its moral idealism in foreign policy, could not resist using nuclear weapons against enemy cities during the Second World War. Japan could not retaliate, which is what forced them to surrender. Given the fact that Russia and China are run by gangster dictatorships, nothing on earth will prevent them from bombing the United States or any other country once the American nuclear arsenal is shown to be entirely defunct. The various puppy-sized nuclear powers in the world have too few weapons, with inadequate delivery systems for penetrating Russian ABM defenses. Their deterrent value is dubious, and they will be forced to disarm if the United States collapses.

The Russian and Chinese leaders, distinct from the people they rule over, hate and fear the United States. It is the one and only country on earth capable of checking their aggression. If not for the United States, Europe would be under total Russian domination along with the Middle East. The same can be said with regard to Asia and Australia/New Zealand, which would quickly fall under Chinese Communist domination if America collapsed. Such are the strategic realities of our time.

It is therefore easy to see what kind of game is being played — strategically — both inside the United States and around the world. The fact that 110,000 Cuban agents, troops and police have infiltrated Venezuela and are used against indigenous protesters, or that Nicaragua is constructing advanced military bases for Russian use, or that President Obama shook hands with Raul Castro at the funeral of Nelson Mandela, provide data points which are but the tip of a larger strategic iceberg.

Readers may deny the truth at their own peril. And the peril is great indeed. We haven’t many years left before the enemy’s hold proves fatal. The blindness of the West is due, in part, to the success of a massive deception strategy. While this brief essay attempts to make a few general points about the true state of affairs, it seems unlikely that the deluded many have the time or inclination to question the mountain of nonsense that has been spoon-fed to them in recent decades. We can only hope that the unfolding calamity of the present will trigger that glimmer of curiosity and patriotism which has so far been absent.


  1. Thank you Trevor.

    Beware the communist leaders of Moscow and Bejing.

    Americans, beware the collectivist leaders of Washington, D.C., lower Manhattan (and San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Connecticut, etc.) even more. And they have been here generationally as long or longer then the others have been there. George Washington even warned of them in a letter.

    Beware the corporatocratic collectivist leaders through money and influence all along, out of Frankfurt, London, Bern, Brussels, etc.

    Those are the ones, immediately after our own domestic/global collectivists, to be concerned about, the most. There is the locus of the effort, and for a long time. Those are the helmsmen.

    Questions: Where did Vladimir Lenin get rescued to, when he was pulled out of Russia? In which three nations did he live, before going back? (And for extra credit, what was his Saint Petersburg cell charged to do, besides spread Marxism in Russia? What other sub-continent?)

    Question: What was Norman Dodd told, by H. Rowan Gaither of the Ford Foundation, regarding the use of communism and Communists?

    Question: What did the CIA collaborate with the the Ford Foundation to do, perhaps before, perhaps during, and surely since that time? (I’ll answer that one: make sure that the globalist collectivist movement didn’t go to Mao/Kim/Pot extremes but was more usefully and sustainably implemented.)

    America’s worst enemy is here in America and it is a global hydra.

    • And likewise, thank you Mr. Nyquist.

      I believe you both can see how these staged reformations of the USSR and PRC fit the scenario alluded to in the above comment. The entire world is being shifted to “state capitalism” beholden to the central bank cartel and cartelizers. And yes, many of them are ideological too, as their FKA-Illuminati “thought leaders” and money directors recruit, breed, indoctrinate, and influence them to be.

  2. interesting to stay on the leading edge :D

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