Mitch McConnell’s Bloody Obamacare/Debt-Ceiling Pork – GRETA UPDATE

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We’re grateful to the Lord for Jim Hoft after his blood infection stemming from knee surgery. (Hospitals and clinics can be dangerous, even before Obamacare.) May the prayers continue – for Jim and for the safety and health of all patriot activists and true-to-America journalists.

He’s back at Since everything in this post on the Obamacare-and-debt-ceiling corruption of Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is either an excerpt or of excerpt length, as a one-off, we’ll blockquote the entire thing. It’s another chapter, if Peter Schweizer does a sequel to Throw Them All Out.

And to learn about McConnell’s reformist challenger in Kentucky’s 5/20/2014 Republican Primary, see Susan Knowles’ “Who is Matt Bevin and Why Should You Care? (Hints: Senate, Kentucky).”

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McConnell-Reid Deal Includes $2 Billion Earmark for Kentucky Project…

This really happened.
The US Senate tonight just passed a bill that includes a $2 billion earmark for a Kentucky project.
No wonder Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) pushed the bill.
Yahoo reported:

Most experts agree that there were no real winners in the government shutdown debate. And many political forecasters say the brunt of fallout from the debate over the shutdown and the debt ceiling is likely to hurt Republican lawmakers.

However, the nation’s leading Republican senator came out of the deal far from empty handed. That’s because it’s been reported that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell secured language in the new government funding bill that includes nearly $3 billion for a dam project in his home state of Kentucky.

According to reports, a provision in the funding bill includes $2.918 billion in funding to the Army Corps of Engineers to install locks as part of the Olmsted Dam and Lock Authority Project on the Ohio River.

A recent investigation by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch found that the project has run millions of dollars over budget and should have been completed “years ago.” The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimates that the project will not be fully complete until 2024.

McConnell’s spokesman dodged a question about the funding provision when asked by local radio affiliate WFPL.

“Senators (Diane) Feinstein and (Lamar) Alexander, the chair and ranking member of the energy and water subcommittee, worked on the issue and can help you,” spokesman Robert Steurer told the station.

This looks really bad, Mitch — Really, really bad.



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