Alyssa Milano Shows How the NWO Uses Sex to Sell War


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Paul Joseph Watson at delivers a fine analysis of this propaganda ploy, by Hollywood’s tendrils of the “New World Order” complex pushing U.S. military aggression into Syria.

Then, he alludes to attestations of Syria’s rebels, that they were transporting nerve gas and that there may have been an “accident” in the process, causing the large scale deaths which in turn, have so conveniently become pretext for the Obama regime.

Without dredging up the details at this moment, we would remind of the blatant influence campaign the Obama administration has waged with those in the arts, to get them to take part in government and progressive propaganda. Call what has been reported about that an ice berg’s tip.

Alyssa Milano ‘Sex Tape’ Promotes Attack on Syria

PR stunt regurgitates Obama’s “red line” propaganda

Actress Alyssa Milano has created a fake ‘sex tape’ which serves to propagandize for an attack on Syria.

The PR stunt, designed to “inform” people about the situation in Syria, merely regurgitates the official narrative about Assad being behind last month’s chemical weapons attack which violated Barack Obama’s “red line” (continues)

In addition to James Simpson’s article on the subject, Gulag Bound will probably feature more about the varying evidences and testimonies regarding that chemical weapons attack. One may also wish to see, from October of last year: “Chemical Weapons Spurred Benghazi Raid; Sending to Turkey? If so, why?

We don’t mean to label the NWO a monolithic entity. Complex indeed, that complex striving for global control by the 1% of 1% of 1% seems to be quite fractious over Syria.


  1. Alyssa Milano–has long been a whore; I wasn’t aware she was an Obama whore too!

  2. This is spooky that is running so close to reality. I must have missed where they got all this information on plans for NWO. And the kinds of things I’ve thought for a very long time. Have been told I had active imagination on conspiracy thinking. Don’t know who this woman is. A brain washed Obamaite.

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