Today America Wins or Dies (Simpson)

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James SimpsonToday America Wins or Dies

We have all felt it. The slow decline. The inevitable disappointment. It seems like we can’t win anymore.

Why? Because we are not allowed to. It is not politically correct. The president himself said that he was “worried about using the term ‘victory’” in Afghanistan. We shouldn’t be thinking of the war on terror in terms of victory. What then? There is no middle ground – you win or you lose. So subconsciously we prepare our minds for defeat. And that mindset sees catastrophic expression on the battlefield, where unarmed Americans are shot by their Afghan “allies;” where pointless patrols cause pointless deaths.

Everywhere we hear this refrain. And everywhere we see it with our eyes, most egregiously recently in Benghazi, Libya. It should have never even started, because we had no business being there in the first place. Once it did however… (continues)


  1. So many people worked so very hard to bring the truth to people,because the MSM won’t. Now we get another four years of an illegal muslim terrorist president, thousands of regulations. My God, the Dems have been getting billions from the Saudi’s. et. al. and no one cares. This is the most incredibly discouraging night I have had in a very long time. Most ‘friends’ won’t talk to me because I insist Obama is a commie. Then we get to watch the Wookie spend billions Vacations while she insults reasonable people. It is just too much, really. I Just despise the GOP. They are just all excited to start pushing Jeb Bush next but there won’t be a country left by then.

    • Hang in there annie. This is surreal isn’t it? I don’t know what “friends” there are if it escapes the grasp of most individuals of the self-agrandizing nature of this imported communist anti-American kenyan Malocom X protege wannabe fraud at this point. You would think it would be apparent wouldn’t you? And to think that the media’s (Bernstein and Woodward’s) claim to fame was esposing Richard Nixon’s crime which essentially amounted to spying on democrats.

  2. I was just wondering how Barry’s boy, JZ, is doing with that Satanic clothing line of his at the local retailers, or wherever?

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