‘Obama is Betraying America!’ Dick Morris on 4 UN Treaties

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Video, “Obama is Betraying America! Dick Morris TV: Lunch ALERT!” 2/1/2012

Caption by dickmorrisreports:

As his Administration enters its last year, he is about to sign four treaties which surrender our sovereignty, enact gun control, cede the power to go to war to the U.N., and tell us how to raise our children

Ban Ki-moon, U.N. Secretary General

It is of our core thesis at Gulag Bound that the American Sovereignties are being warred against, within and without our borders, in large part by globalist, bankster complex -backed politicos and those who manipulate and influence them.

If national sovereignty is forsaken, America’s Declaration of Independence, our national charter, is abandoned and our nation is lost; it becomes a colony again in a world where all nations are mere colonies and authoritarian kleptocrats rule the globe.

We suggest further reading and learning, about all of these UN insurgencies.

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  1. Dick Morris gave $500,000 of his personal money to Obama’s uncle in Kenya in 2008 to help him win the election in Kenya. Who in the hell would ever trust this back stabbing communist in the first place.This guy has always been lower than Whale Poop.

  2. Dick Morris is correct about the treaties. These have been in the works for some time and Soros’ hand and money is too. Attend to the message.


  4. Thanks for the tips about Morris/Kenya

    Even if you believe Morris is correct, but don’t feed into his network. He’s just trying to boost his credibility and pick up your email address. Work through more trusted channels.

  5. To Dick Morris:

    No s*** Sherlock! Where did you get your first clue?

    Millions of patriots have been shouting treason from their roof tops for the past three years now dumb ass!

  6. We could get rid of Obama easily if only Congress would launch an investigation into Obama’s forged birth certificate and stolen Social Security Number.

    Joe Arpaio what the hell are you waiting for?

    Blow the whistle on Obama now!

  7. Obama could be “easily” gotten rid of by exposing his birth in Kenyan, forged Hawaii BC and bogus SS number.

    Problem is no matter how much evidence is available that Obama is a total fraud and a criminal, there is nothing that can be done with the evidence that will harm Obama in any way.

    The regime owns Congress, the courts and almost all of the media.

    • The fact that Obama was subpoenaed to appear before Judge Michael Malihi to show that he is eligible to be on the GA ballot, and refused, and the Judge ruled that it’s ok because of some obscure and pointless ruling from Indiana, he allowed Obama to be on the ballot. So, that means we have no more rule of law, the Constitution is shredded, and lawlessness will rule. Better lock and load people, they’ll be coming after all of us.
      One more note on the birth certificate…it lists Obama’s father as being from Kenya, and Kenya didn’t become Kenya until 1971. It was a British colony. And the name of the hospital was wrong because there were two hospitals one a children’s and one a maternity and they didn’t merge and become the Kapiolani Maternity until 1965. FOUR YEARS AFTER he was supposedly born there. There is so much corruption associated with this man and this regime, I am stunned by it all. We have NO HELP in Washington…none. I guess we just rollover and let the New World Order take over? Welcome the anti-christ, he’s standing outside the door…..DO NOT TAKE THE MICROCHIP!!! Sad demise to a great nation…it was a good idea…

  8. Obama is the icon, the crux is the progressive/ruling class that want us under the thumb of the UN. They want us back as a subordinate to the rest of the world.
    This whole thing sounds like many in power are not adhering to the oath of office they were sworn to uphold, “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”.

  9. DoD Sec. Panetta: American Citizens can be Executed without Due Process by Obama’s Order Alone


  10. seems to me that Obama will be rounded up for a couple of these international crimes.. Hillary as well.. how do they get out of being prosecuted??

  11. Obama has to go by any means necesarry and tried for treaso. UPon conviction he should be hung by the neck until dead as prescribed by law.

  12. Dick Morris is the only one that is right most of the time. You can’t trust Karl Rove or Ann Colter. He is spot on 100% correct about the UN Treaties. Obama will try to screw us over as much as he can between now and Dec 2012 because he knows he’s a lame duck President. Dick Morris has the best inside information.

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