It’s Character not Capitalism: Gingrich on Romney’s Bain Capital, to Hannity

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Audio of today’s Hannity radio program:

Video: “On Bain Capital: It’s a Question of Character, Not Capitalism



h/t: @CSteven

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  1. Romney’s “capitalism” is to capitalism as hedgefunds are to finance.. Both contract the American economy and enablethe global corporations to MONOPOLIZE… Romneys’ “capitalism” also is the same to small business as the IMF is to emerging nations… Romney, CFR member, is on the team of the New World Order,, he has fullfilled his tasks so far,, getting Romneycare going inside America,, corporatizing, shutting out small businesses… he is now the chosen one, like McLame, to hand the presidency BACK to Obama.. the ONLY way Obama can win.

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