FEMA Camps: Seeking Contractors and Personnel to Staff and Confine

Update: Our compatriot journalist and commentator, Sher Zieve was a guest on The Roth Show, with Laurie Roth, to discuss this crisis, archived at 7pm ET, Monday 12/12. She did an excellent job of explaining and putting it all into context: therothshow.com/demos/recent/hour2Dec1211.mp3

Also, see: Defense Authorization’s Unconstitutional Aggression upon Citizens; TruNews Radio Notes,” December 6.

Caution: this is an exercise in ongoing Citizen research and journalism. Consider yourself inside the News Office. With some reports, verity is assured, with others, further corroboration or refutation must be done. Consider yourself also in the War Room. Suppositions and suspicions must also be considered and plans, preparations, and executions thereof made.

The following December 7th report from SHTFplan.com, concerns a federal Request for Information (RFI) seeking contractors to fulfill positions for the maintenance of U.S. populations at FEMA camps (those which Jesse Ventura and others have shown, complete with steel fencing capped with razor wire tilted inward, toward the camps’ intended occupants, ostensibly to keep them inside). Apparently, the RFI response from large scale government contractor, KBR (formerly, Kellog Brown & Root) subsidiary of  Halliburton, has become public.

We suggest considering the following matters (and I may add more to this entry) as the KBR story is read, shown below them:

1. The roles in this RFI and KBR’s response are complimentary to those core United States Army National Guard, Internment Specialist roles for which our federal government advertised in April of this year. The timing would seem “right” for such KBR roles to be established in support of them.

click to enlarge

Notice the duty of “Counseling individual prisoners for rehabilitation.” Is that the point of imprisoning authentic terrorists and enemy combatants? Rehabilitation? To what? That would be news.

Who decides what the difference is, between rehabilitation and re-education? Just asking now.

2. Obama’s policy of assassination of suspected terrorists, even if American Citizens is apparently being coupled with powers of indefinite detention for the same, by the new Defense Authorization Bill, though an attempt to make it even more expansive has been voted down. See, “Defense Authorization’s Unconstitutional Aggression upon Citizens; TruNews Radio Notes,”  December 6, 2011, for more on this.

3. Is it inconceivable, for even a corrupt, neo-Marxist led instrument of controlling globalist elites who have historically supported Communist and Fascist regimes, to intern U.S. Citizens en masse in concentration camps? Keep in mind, the liaisons of one Barack Obama with not only authoritarian and totalitarian regimes abroad, but the apparently close friendship of the likes of American communist terrorist, William Charles (Bill) Ayers. Larry Grathwohl, undercover agent of the FBI who infiltrated Ayers’ Weather Underground of the early 1970’s has testified his people were considering the execution of up to twenty-five million Americans in their revolutionary conjectures, then settled with the idea that a large percentage of them could be placed in concentration camps, for re-education, communist-style, or else….

This article and net-radio interview with Mr. Grathwohl, one of the first I ever did, spell it out. (Disclosure: despite the blog of the time, “Investigating Obama” being assailed with apparent code pointing to a Russian “.ru” site which effectuates the harassment of malware alerts, I know of no one whose computer has been affected and I still frequently visit, clicking through the chaff.) The article and interview: “Jim Simpson on Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn: ‘Guilty as Hell, Free as a Bird’ (for now) + Larry Grathwohl Interview,” March 22, 2009.

4. But how could such people psychologically intimidate the highly armed and often patriotic American population, in order to accomplish such a travesty? Discussed more and more frequently are the possibilities of intentionally induced disasters and false flag attacks, allegedly by patriots against which the Department of Homeland Security systematically trains law enforcement personnel as being “suspected terrorists.” For the consideration of that possibility, I was provoked to write this on March 20th of 2009: “Our next ‘Generated Crisis’ — by the Soros/Obama/Pelosi Insurrection?

Also, there is barely any excuse at this point, not to be aware of the likelihood of imminent economic crisis or collapse, intentional in the minds of many, and that would be a crisis too good to waste, for those who wish to take advantage, cause social turmoil, and seize further power.

5. Who in the U.S. Military could ever be counted on, to carry out such orders? Consider the personal testimony of a source I personally know and trust, attached to the top of Terresa Monroe-Hamilton’s article, “Feds and Rumors of Feds…

I’ve seen the survey given to Marines in 29 Palms, CA, about 52 questions long, with last 5 questions asking their opinion to submitting to UN foreign leadership within US and firing upon US citizens who refuse to turn-in their weapons. This was about 20 years ago.

The 12/7/2011 report in SHTFplan.com:

Detainment Camps Going Live: FEMA Seeking Subcontractors to Provide “Temporary Camp Services” In All 50 States
Mac Slavo
December 7th, 2011
Comments (341)

For the better part of two decades FEMA detention camps were believed to be a figment of tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. As more information over the years has been made available through alternative news researchers like Alex Jones in his full length documentary Police State 4 and former governor Jesse Venutra’s FEMA camp exposé, it is becoming increasingly clear that the government has been taking steps for quite some time to ensure a rapid and effective response in the event of a national disaster or U.S. military deployment on American soil.

As many of our readers know, the U.S. Senate recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which, it has been argued, authorizes the establishment of domestic war zones and the subsequent detention of those who are suspected of engaging in terrorist-related activity – including, arguably, U.S. citizens. What you may not know, however, is that just days after the passage of the act reports are surfacing that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, is requisitioning private contractors to provide services for government, defense & infrastructure pertaining specifically to FEMA activities with respect to emergency services.

At first glance, this may seem like no big deal. Why shouldn’t the government prepare for emergencies?

However, a review of an email made available through Info Wars from Kellogg, Brown & Root Services (KBR), a subsidiary of mega government contractor Haliburton, notes that the contracting opportunities available through the government and KBR are specifically for “temporary camp services and facilities.”

Key Excerpts from the email and Project Overview:

-Kellogg, Brown and Root Services (KBR) is seeking subscontractors on a national basis to provide temporary camp services and facilities as part of its current and future emergency services contracts for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and state/local government agencies.

The continental US will be broken up into five regions – Services will be required in each State within each region.

-Establish services listed below within 72 hours for initial set-up and respond within 24 hours for incremental services. This is a CONTINGENCY PROJECT and it should be stressed that lead times will be short with critical requirements due to the nature of emergency responses. Subcontractors must be flexible and able to handle multiple, shifting priorities in an emergency environment.  Supply lines needed must be short but not necessarily pre-positioned.

-The personnel on site to be covered by these services will depend on the size and scope of the recovery effort, but for estimating purposes the camp will range in size from 301 to 2,000 persons for up to 30 days in length.

The full RFI from KBR is available for your perusal via SHTFplan and details, among other things, the host of services that are required for temporary camp facilities:

  • Catering Services
  • Temporary Fencing and Barricades
  • Hand Washing Stations
  • Laundry Services
  • Medical Services
  • Office Trailers / Administration Areas
  • Potable Water
  • Power Generation, Fuel Delivery / Supply and Electrical Distribution
  • Refuse Collection
  • Shower and Toilet
  • Tentage, Flooring, Electrical & HVAC
  • Waste Water Removal

For all intents and purposes, FEMA / DHS is now activating camps across the nation – in all 50 states – and ramping them up for detainment if and when the need arises.

Security, while not mentioned in the KBR release, is an issue addressed previously under guidance of the U.S. military. In an August 2009 report we highlighted that the Army is Hiring for Internment/Resettlement Specialists, in which we noted:

It seems that the US Government is preparing for a high volume of military prisoners. We suspect these will not be foreign nationals, as we either kill them or detain them outside of the USA. So, one must conclude that these corrections, interment and resettlement specialists will be supervising US citizens. The military is calling them internment camps or resettlement camps. Back in World War II they were called by a different name.

Additionally, we have learned over the last couple of years that FEMA has  requisitioned manufacturers for 140 Million Packets of Food, Blankets, and Body Bags, while the U.S. military is Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’ which includes training for over 20,000 US military personnel for contingencies that may include riots and/or mass detentions.

While mainstream media will not report this, and most of the population will either ignore it or chalk it off as being once again blown out of proportion by the alternative news sphere, the evidence is right in front of us – it is overwhelming and very compelling.

Our government is, without a doubt, preparing for an event(s) that will likely result in the mass detentions of tens of thousands of individuals across the entire United States.

Hat tip Revere’s Ride, John Rolls

As our colleague Sher Zieve has related, in 2009, on the eve of the 111th Congress and the Obama Administration, criminal Congressman, Alcee Hastings introduced HR 645, the National Emergency Centers Act, for establishing FEMA emergency centers on military bases throughout the country. It was treated like a rabid squirrel, received no other sponsors, and did not pass its committee. Executive Orders and internal covert operations having become what they are, it was likely regarded as unnecessary.

There is more that could be added, including the present subjugation in process of America’s intelligence services to globalist councils. (link-1, link-2)

Reader, be encouraged to click the links you find here, and in the “Category” and “Tag” links below at this article in Gualg Bound (especially “Militarism vs the People” and ” Failed State Strategy: America“) and those you find on the subsequent pages. By the end of that, you will have read an informative booklet or book, the pages of which continue to be written. Once completed, perhaps it could be called, The Great World Tragedy in America.

Be encouraged that the one of whom it is testified, “In the beginning” and at the end of this Earth’s book has further plans for it and especially for His Own in it – we would pray for America and put ourselves on the line for it.

Will we not?

Permission granted to repost this article with backlink to it’s location in GulagBound.com.

h/t: yes, Revere’s Ride, John Rolls, also Lyle Rapacki

Mr. Rapacki’s own words of introduction, emailed:


The below information is not new by a long shot.  I first reported on aspects of this in the late 1980’s when there were no clear signs or even hints of such a diabolical scheme as detaining American citizens.  I paid the price for such reporting, and it was costly!  The foundations were being laid ever so carefully and quietly even after George Bush the Senior announced to a Joint-Session of Congress about the New-World Order.  Bush, Sr. was president at the time, and very much a master-mind in the Shadow Government that had been created decades before.  America had just concluded 8-wonderful years under the guidance of Ronald Reagan, years where America prospered in every respect, and garnered respect world-wide.  Our renewed power as the light on the hill could not stand, could not remain if there was to be a New-World Order.  The time had come to announce a paradigm shift the likes the world had never seen.  Today, you can sit back and look at the results of the “change,” and it will continue until America is but only a shell of what she has always been and was meant to be.  Make no mistake, the work of those in the shadows to bring about a New-World Order is in high gear and moving along just fine, even with a slight delay or two, and detour or two.

The information below was sent to me under this date by a conventional law enforcement intelligence officer who has been researching this subject-matter.

I am forwarding the below information along to you for your own research.  Unlike the late 1980’s, you will locate much information.  The trouble you will encounter is not information but the need to ward off denial, fear, denial, awe and sickness to your stomach, and denial.

Best wishes for your research,



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