‘Rule Titled ‘Martial Law’ to be Issued by Rules Committee for New Debt Bill’

What in blazes is this, now?

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Note to Congress’ Republicans as well as Democrats:

Don’t mess with us one inch further.

Don’t do one more stupid thing, infringing upon the natural rights of the Sovereign People you serve, nor violating the Constitution you are sworn to uphold and protect and the terms of which you so egregiously and constantly violate.

Don’t plan for martial law.

Don’t prepare for it.

Don’t even discuss it in your furtive meetings.

If you become aggressive, that is what the Second Amendment and the “duty” charged us in the Declaration of Independence, are about.


We need to find out why that irresponsible and inflammatory title was issued to this legislation.  Is it just a nickname for their internal rule?  Whatever it was, the use of that term must be condemned.

To verify that government should never use that phrase unless there are very extraordinary conditions, which threaten the freedom of the people — and never as a part of such a threat, we recommend, “A Primer on ‘Martial Law,'” by constitutional scholar, Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.

h/t: Noisy Room

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