Gulag Night Archived: Communist Takeovers in Process, Venezuela & Honduras, Obama Aided

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Gulag Night – Thursday night at 9pm ET,,, 6pm PT – play it here, now:

Options for listening

  1. Click here for this program’s Gulag Media page with live chat
  2. Dial 310/807-5060 (when it netcasts)

Learn the unreported truth of:

– Hugo Chavez’ Totalitarian Crackdown in Venezuela

– Barack Obama’s Anti-Constitutional Aid of Communism in Honduras

– The very significant roles of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Belarus, and yes, Russia — plus FARC & Mexican Drug Lords

Ulf Erlingsson


Ulf Erlingsson writes for the rule of law, human rights and liberal democracy; against corruption, coup d’états, and oppression at

He tweets at

Ulf Erlingsson’s articles in Gulag Bound:

Gen. Angel Vivas

Potential Special Guest:

Gen. Angel Vivas, who professes to be a prominent leader of the Venezuelan Resistance, and who will try to find the time after, ostensibly, meeting with supporters of freedom.

See statement from General Vivas here



Hosts: Arlen Williams & Tallulah Starr

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