The Most Powerful Video Ad of the 2010 Election Season

This is the high-impact political ad, of 2010.

Video, October 20, 2010, “Chinese Professor,” by Citizens Against Government Waste

Political pollster, Frank Luntz showed this to his focus group and it drew the highest marks of all, the highest this observer has ever seen.  Republicans in his audience took the famous Luntz dial pads and scored it 95 percent favorable — and Democrats reached the 70’s — Democrats.

That is because it goes to the heart of what is disturbing American Citizens about Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid (George Soros, Maurice Strong) and the mega-subterfuge of the overall ‘transnational progressive” conspiracy.

It is not about the money, at heart.  It is about the willful destruction of the nation so many have died to preserve.  America is in their way and as Soros has stated, driving America and Western Civilization into a devastating economic crisis is the “culmination of my life’s work.”

Do you wish to pass this along to those you know, who should be voting?

By the way, this is the graphic that appeared for this item, on the front page of the Gulag (click twice to enlarge):

Originally posted November 1, 2010 @ 5:46am CT


  1. Hi Arlen,

    I re-viewed this a couple of times. Coming world events may be in the making even sooner than 2030 A.D. This, however is an eye opener with impact.

    Please after voting for candidates that have a conviction to these truths, and want to rein in spending as well as reduce the National Debt…then read John Hagee’s latest “Can America Survive”, very incisive in which he indicates that we are the ‘Terminal Generation’.

  2. Thank you, Mark. I look forward to checking out brother Hagee’s book.

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