Obama and the US Soulless Class

Assuming they had them in the first place, our “leaders” have sold all of their souls, conscience, integrity, morality and any dignity they had to the highest bidders. What remains is a soulless class of once-human beings bent upon collecting as much illusory power and ill-gotten wealth as is possible. Practicing the old game of “He (or she as it were) wins who has the most at the end” these creatures actually seem to be grasping tightly to the ever-false beliefs that they are either immortal or actually can take it with them. Neither is true.


If by now, since the election of what would become Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama, those in power (politically and militarily) cannot perceive the intentional destruction of the United States of America by those within the White House itself, then these should surely be physically removed from their positions and replaced by those who still possess at least a streak of intelligence. There is no more government of, by, and for the people and has not been for some time.

We have reached the end of our country due largely to an uniformed and “I don’t follow politics” electorate, a group of replaced-by-Obama military, if they refuse to follow his orders to take down US citizens who still practice free will, free speech, and all of the guaranteed-to-the-citizens freedoms included in the US Constitution. Our founding Judeo-Christian principles are being quickly dissolved and replaced by the pillars of Islam (the Beast) and its attendant Quran’s orders to “kill the infidels if they don’t submit” along with other forms of paganism.

In other words, God Himself is being removed by those in the upper echelon power elite of the USA. The United States of America was founded on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. His first two stone tablet Commandments are…”I Am the Lord thy God” and ”Thou Shalt have No Other Gods before Me!” Each time Israel went away from Him, God’s correction in the form of destruction came swiftly and surely to them. However, each time another nation tried to destroy a faithful Israel destruction came equally as surely to them. God strengthens and supports those who believe on Him.

The Constitution has been replaced by de facto Executive Orders signed by Dictator Obama that order-by-order issues ObamaLaw that overrides US law. It’s illegal, of course. However, with a Congress and judicial system (including SCOTUS) willing to back him and a military leadership that either sees the UN and World Court as the final arbiter of legal disputes—not the US Constitution—or is feckless and afraid of its own shadow, we-the-people are left with the current growing (and seemingly unstoppable) tyranny. It can be stopped—or at least could have been—but, that will require a population willing to stop it.

Obama, the Democrat Party and a few RINOs have now given terrorist Iran the means—and soon the $150 Billions—by which to kill the USA and Israel with nukes. To their credit a few retired (voluntarily or removed by Obama) US military leaders (195 or so) finally sent a letter to Congress to stop the Iran deal. Likely too little…too late? The Iran deal which guarantees our own destruction appears to be a fait accompli.

Obama, parents of Bowe Bergdahl

Obama and parents of Bowe Bergdahl

Our leaders have reached an insanity level never before witnessed in human history. It is the suicidal act of an entire nation that was once the shining city on a hill that President Ronald Reagan put so eloquently years ago. That city has been destroyed from within by multiple elements including but, not limited to abortions on a scale never before known to mankind, bowing to ours and God’s enemies and snubbing our friends.

No nation has ever survived the treason which is now an every day occurrence in what was once our White House but, which Obama now calls “my house.” The soulless class is now unquestionably leading us to our own obliteration. Apparently, under the belief that they will survive. They will not. Either we rise up and physically fight it…or we die anyway. Better to die well, my friends, than to live under complete terrorist subjugation.

“For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death”
— Psalm 48:14

195 Retired Generals, Admirals Tell Congress to Reject Iran Deal
at weeklystandard.com

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